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Percy looked at us with wide eyes.'Thanks a lot Adrian' I thought.

"Well..." he said.

"Percy!" I turned to see a blonde girl and a brunette girl running up to us. "Who are they?" The blonde asked. It wasn't like she was being mean, just asking.

"Ummm...my new cabbin mates." he said.

She looked like she was trying not to laugh.

"Ohhhh, Percy's got sibblings." the brunette said.

The blonde rolled her eyes, "I'm Annabeth," she said, offering her hand, "That's Rose. Ignore her." ("Hey!")

"I'm Tori, that's Christian." I took her hand, then Christian did the same.

OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo(meanes time change)

We had been at CHB for about a month now and it was like home. We called Mom to tell her where we were and she admitted she had known the whole time.

I also got to know the people.

Percy- He's great. Him and Annabeth are great together. He's an excellent fighter. Pretty funny too :D -Posidon

Annabeth- She's brilliant. Like, rival Hermionie Granger brilliant. She is also amazing when fighting even if she prefers a dagger. -Athena

Grover- Shy but a great friend once you get to know him. Nature freak. "OH MY GODS! DONT STEP ON THAT FLOWER!" Percy and I laughed at him for a week after that. -Satyr

Adrian-Weirdo. That covers it. He's really nice though and is the maker of innapropriate jokes at the wrong times and-"IF YOU LIGHT THAT CIGARETTE (can't spell) I WILL KILL YOU!"- yeah. He has a smoking problem. He's a flirt so it's hard to tell if his flirting means anything. He also- "PUT THE VODKA DOWN!"- yeah, that too. -Dyonisis

Nico- He's my buddy! I annoy him and even if he pretends not to like it, it know he does. ("But I don't like it!" "Yes. Yes you do.") -Hades

Rose-Oh my gods that girl is a riot. She's hilarious! -Zues

Lissa-She's so sweet. She cares about everyone. Her and Christian have been going out for a weekn now. -Apollo

Emily-Also a maker of innapropriate jokes at the wrong times. She is one of my best friends. -Apollo

Clairisse- Stay away. -Ares

Drew-Bitch. -Aphro.

Dimitri-OMG have you seen that guy fight? He's a natural. Him and Rosie("Don't call me that!) make and great couple. -Hades

The Stolls-Make sure you have a hand on your pocket at all times. Other than that they're great! Hilarious! -Hermes

Eddie-He is newer than me here, arrived about two weeks ago. He learnes quick and is already starting to be a good fighter. -Hermes

Mia-Got here yesterday, not sure about her yet. -Domt know

Jill-Was traveling with Mia. -Demeter

Thalia- Met her when she came to visit. She's great. Just don't make her angry...Percy. ("She shouldn't have said that to me!" "She told you to duck faster." "...Still...")


"Tori, have you seen Percy?" Annabeth looked panicked.

"No, why?"

"OMG! He's not at camp!"

So you can see we're at the part right before we meet Jason, Piper and Leo. So do you like what Tori thinks about everyone? Did I miss anyone?