The Warrior Cat Show!

Narrator: Welcome to the Warrior Game Show… Starring: Flash!

Flash: *walking in* thank you, thank you. But I'm not alone. Please welcome my BFF, Sloefur!

Sloefur: (pale gray she-cat with darker flecks) Flash, I believe I was promised hot coco and cookies

Flash hands her the cookies and coco

Sloefur dashes away, eating.

Flash: Uh… oh yeah, we're rolling. Ok, please welcome Smokefang!

Smokefang: (black tom with amber eyes) Yo, why's sis on the ground?

Flash: Sugar educed coma

Smokefang: Shocking

Flash: *clearing her throat* welcome Rainwillow!

Rainwillow: (white she-cat) *glances at Sloefur* Sugar coma?

Smokefang: Yep

Rainwillow shakes head sadly, and goes to sit in front of the computer

Flash: Anyway, this is our last crew member! Cash!

Cash: Yo, yo!

Flash stares dreamily at the handsome brown tabby.

Sloefur: *awake* Flash, you ok?

Flash: perfect…

Rainwillow: Anyway, we are going to get famous warrior cats on our show tonight by using Cash's poof-gun! They must do what we say, with dares and truths! So stick around! *grunts* Uh, Flash?

Flash: Oh, right, right! Our first guest is that brown tabby from WindClan! Give it up for… Heathertail!

Heathertail enters.

Flash: *serious face* Now, we understand that you love Lionblaze

Heathertail: I do not!

Flash nods to Rainwillow and Smokefang. They bring in a lie detector

Flash: Let me try this again: do you love Lionblaze?

Heathertail: *crying* Yes! Yes, I do!

Smokefang: Traitor to WindClan!

Flash: *watching as Smokefang shreds Heathertail* Uh… I think I'll have to get Smokefang off Heathertail. Well, be back for more!

Five hours later…

Flash: *wrestling Smokefang to the ground* You don't need to kill Heathertail! That's my job! *sees camera* Oh, hello there. Welcome back to the Warrior Cat Show!

Rainwillow: So, Heathertail, ready to tell the truth?

Heathertail: No

Rainwillow: You shouldn't have said that. Your still in the lie detector



Crew: ^.^ Wow

Sloefur: *looking pleadingly at Flash* Please, can we order some from KFC?

Flash: I suppose… ^_^

Crew: YES!

Cash: I'll order it!

Another One Hours Later…

Flash: *gulp* Oh, yeah. Sorry for the delay. Anyway, Heathertail, which do you love more: Lionblaze or Breezepelt?

Suddenly Flash claps her hands (er, paws) and Lionblaze and Breezepelt appear from a cloud of dust

Lionblaze: What the…?

Flash: Wizard powers!

Breezepelt: Well… that's a first…

Flash: Anyway, Heathertail, choose!

Heathertail: *sweaty* uh… I choose… uh…

Lionblaze: I have a question. If she chooses one of us, what happens to us?

Smokefang: *lifting chainsaw* Oh, you'll find out… bhawahaw!

Heathertail: *still sweaty* I choose… LIONBLAZE!

Lionblaze: W-what?

Heathertail: *squealing* I love you, Lionblaze!

Flash: Well, Cash, poof them outta here!

Cash: Gladly

Heathertail: *straining against the reins that held down her paws and tail* No! Lionblaze, come back!

Random Cat From the Audience: This is jive! You hear me! You all jive!

Flash: *confused* Uh… Smokefang?

Smokefang: With pleasure

RCFTA: You all jive! ^.^


Smokefang grabs RCFTA and tosses him out the window. There is a muffled scream and the sound of a car

Sloefur: Uh… bro? You know that we're on the top of a building. Smokefang: Yes?

Sloefur: Never mind

Flash: Anyway, Heathertail. Which is better? ThunderClan or WindClan?

Heathertail: THUNDERCLAN! Its totally ThunderClan! They have such muscular and handsome cats!

Cash: Well, I'm from ThunderClan

Heathertail: *batting her eyelashes* Oh, I've noticed


Rainwillow: Our next guest will be Tawnypelt! So stick around!

Crew: *holding Flash back* Stop it! Stop it!