The True Measure of Character and Confidence

By: Sokai

Disclaimer: I, Sokai, do not claim ownership to the workings of Rainmaker Entertainment, in relation to their "Barbie" movie series (or, indeed, anything else of their creation), specifically (in this particular case), "Barbie: Princess Charm School." However, I can and DO claim to own this story and its inspired ideas FROM said movie.

Note: Meh. What can I say? When you got an itch, you gotta scratch it. And after having watched "Barbie: Princess Charm School" (Yes, a 'Barbie' movie, and yes I watched it as a twenty-seven-year-old. Me and my older sister, who's a decade older at that, always watch crap from our childhood all the time, since things back then as a kid and growing up were a thousand times better than the crap produced today. But neither of us never truly took to Barbie and all her admittedly a bit more "Like, oh, my God!"-ness around that time, by comparison to nowadays, with her more respectable messages for young kids.) it just HAD to unfortunately spark within me an avid interest to see "what's next?" after its conclusion.

And being the writer I am, I just HAD to start dreaming up an answer for it . . . and thus, here we are.

Damn it. LoL

Like I don't already have enough on my plate as it is with my other stories on here and reorganizing my book, now that my Writer's Block seems to have subsided.

Ah, well. This one I'm going to write honestly more so for myself and to satisfy the nagging 'itch' about it I've had for the last two days since I'd first watched the movie (although I'm sure that my soon to be first time niece or nephew might also enjoy this story within the future, as well =) ). Not sure if I'll complete it (although I at LEAST have the entire story outlined already, anyhow), but for now, here it is (for those of you new people possibly reading this, seeing as this is my first time contributing to THIS section, anyway).

Few things to note, however, please:

1. Seeing as Blair and Emily's adopted mom's first name never did seem to be revealed, I'm just going to call her "Ellen," after the voice actress who helped give her life. And also giving Dame Devin the first name of "Nikole," also in honor of HER voice actress (although, yes, I see that she spells it as "Nicole," instead. But I wanted to give D.D. a different spelling and also use the French pronunciation of the name, instead, seeing as she's so high and mighty and "I'm better than you ALL!" about herself. That is, she'd "of course" have a special spelling and pronunciation of her birth name, not that oh, the French are that way. That'd be like insulting myself/part of my heritage, since I'm part French, myself =p ).

2. As their kingdoms never seemed to be revealed by name (although if they had, like in the DVD extras or whatever, oh well; keeping it this way LoL), I'm naming Hadley and Isla's kingdoms "Sportania" ('Spor-tahn-ee-uh'), and "Lyricia" ('Leer-iss-ee-uh'), to make reference to each of their evident, specific talents of sports and music. If Portia's kingdom could be named "Narcissia" and Miranda's "Phila Del Phia," then I can get away with naming the girls' kingdoms cheesy crap like that, as well, damn it. LoL

3. Seeing as the movie did seem to have the good intentions when they kept stating that Dame Devin is the sister-in-law of Queen Isabella, but never really really REALLY explained how, exactly, that Delancy, her daughter/someone who came after her, would inherit the throne and not Dame Devin, herself, or even specifically expressed whatever title Delancy has prior to having almost become princess, herself (not to mention that D.D. was also evidently a lottery winner for the charm school, which only further serves to make me wonder all the more about her side of the family and its background, and how, exactly, did her brother end up becoming king, etc), I'd decided to give Delancy the title of "Viscountess," given to her by the Royal Family upon birth (and I'll get more into within the actual story, I'm quite positive), just to make her a few ranks higher than her mother within nobility, since D.D.'s a Dame and all (which I'd also decided to make that a title which had been given to her by the Royal Family, as well), and thus make me "feel better" a bit for why/how it could have been a bit more possible for her to have been overlooked and Delancy would become heir presumptive, instead.

4. Adding a bit more back story . . . well, to everyone, really, but definitely Miss Privet, which I won't bother to get into now, or else why would you bother to read this story at all, yeah? =)

5. While, to ME, at least, the relationship between Prince Nicholas and Blair seemed honestly more so friendship/good buddy based than an actual "I'm UNDENIABLY into you, no questions about it!" (although yes, I'm also sure that they found one another to be handsome/pretty, blah blah, and will probably get married in the future, since we all know that Barbie just "HAS" to have her guy, in majority of her films – Although the ones without her having a set guy in them have truly been the more enjoyable for me, indeed LoL), I suppose that I will give him a cameo or something within this tale . . . much like his role within the actual movie, really. =) Since this story's less about romance and more so about further finding one's way and all that, there's your answer as to "Why?"

6. Seeing as it's presumably on Earth (maybe, whatever LoL) and bears the same name (although difference within spelling) and similar "Oh, my God! I'm a princess?" storyline AND some types of magic, anyway, I challenge anyone reading out there to do a crossover of this movie (if you actually watched it, of course) with "Winx Club." Thrust Bloom (and the rest of her friends if you want, I don't care LoL) into Blair's world, though, and HER "Gardania," but set it within the Season 1 timeline, perhaps. Or, Hell, make it Season 1-ish, but doesn't honestly observe every last thing which has happened within it, or the other seasons. I'd been thinking of this, as well, but am far less interested/inclined to write something up, myself. And you already have your Blair/Bloom, Hadley/Aisha/Layla, and Isla/Musa parallels going for ya, as well, in addition to Prince/Kiko and the Sprites/Pixies. LoL So . . . have it, ladies and/or gents! =) Oh, and of course let me know about it/give some kinda recognition in your Author's Notes, if you please. =)

That's about it, for now, at least. 'Veterans' to my stories and my style of writing/train of thought are generally used to my various machinations, anyhow and trust them, so . . . yeah. LoL Everyone else, still try to enjoy this (hopefully short, although knowing me, probably will be a billion pages long, sadly) "sequel" (as we pretty much jump right into it, and pick up where the movie had ended)!

This chapter was created/written in September 2011.

Prologue: Saying Goodbye

It was now late evening throughout the flourishing, grand kingdom of Gardania, with a good majority of its citizens still carrying on within the various, separate festivities which had been established within celebration over not only the miraculous return of a member to the Royal Family, but also the crowning of Queen Isabella and King Reginald's long thought to be deceased daughter, Princess Sophia, as the newest ruler.

It had certainly been quite the shock, to say the least, although still a greatly joyous revelation to have witnessed, as it had continued to be broadcast on live television, during the rest of the Princess's coronation ceremony.

What had once always been foretold, for years, to be the former Heir Presumptive, Viscountess Delancy's special day, was suddenly now that of the Gardania Princess Charm School's lottery winner, Blair Willow's . . . Princess Sophia.

And what an even greater shock it had been for the entire kingdom to have also learned of the final piece to the puzzling mystery pertaining to Queen Isabella and King Reginald's tragic car accident, and of how the traditionally sound, royal vehicle could have curiously lost its control on that fateful April morning. . . .

Dame Nikole Devin.

Had no one within the kingdom both seen, and heard it for his or herself, it would have been utterly inconceivable to believe, which, in fact, many of Gardania's citizens still refused to do, even now.

King Reginald's own sister, the one who had bravely helped the kingdom gradually continue on and thrive as best as it could without either monarch, or their previously presumed lost child to no longer be there to govern over them . . . the one who had courteously campaigned to keep the doors of its centuries old charm school open, now that the Queen, who had always cherished the establishment, was no longer present to help within its teachings, as she so often enjoyed doing . . . and the one who had humbly accepted the ruling that the next succession to the throne would go to her only child, her young daughter, Viscountess Delancy.

Such a strong fall from grace for the evidently vindictive woman, to go from a once well revered and respected noblewoman, to treacherous murderess in one fell swoop. . . .

It may have been quite the striking blow to the overall kingdom to have learned of such news, but many of its citizens presently surmised that it certainly could not have been anywhere near as devastating to any of them, as it now possibly was to both The Princess, and her newly chosen Lady Royal . . . which made a lot of them wonder just how well each of them would adjust within the coming days. . . .

For now, at least, the satisfaction for the kingdom's general fancy would have to wait, as it was presently bedtime for the newly crowned princess, and indeed the rest of her fellow peers and lady royals.

With the momentarily foiled coronation and overall Gardania Princess Charm School graduation a complete success, having only just winded down a mere half an hour ago, after three full hours of non-stop celebration, Princess Sophia, or simply Blair, was now feeling completely exhausted.

And rightfully so, after the adventurous, utterly life changing day that she, as well as her two best friends, Princesses Hadley and Isla had each shared together.

True, she had set out to perhaps finally learn the truth about her mysterious past, speculating strongly that she was indeed the long lost princess of Gardania, as her pair of companions had instantly believed her to be, themselves, the very moment the three of them had come upon the portrait of the Royal Family hanging within the first floor halls of the palace just one day earlier.

But a fair amount of her still admittedly thought that it could have turned out to be one large misunderstanding, after all, and that Delancy was indeed the rightful heir to the throne, all along.

What a far cry from waiting tables this has become, Blair mused with a small smile to herself, sleepily entering her shared dorm room with Isla and Hadley, who each trailed behind her while excitedly chatting away with one another.

The trio had just finished changing out of their newly appointed royal gowns and into their bath robes to enjoy one last, luxury spa treatment before bed (which they had each taken care of for themselves, this time, as every last magical sprite assigned to each former princesses and lady royals-to-be had been graciously awarded the entire evening off), and before every student would part ways and return to each of their own kingdoms and homes the following morning.

And because of this, Blair, Hadley, and Isla - In fact, all of the girls still present within the charm school wished to squeeze in as much final bonding time as they could manage, before finally having to call it a night.

"Ohh, I still can't believe everything that's happened today actually happened!" Isla squealed within delight, before rushing forward to affectionately envelope the kindhearted blonde from behind. "That not only did it turn out that you're a princess just like me and Hadley, but the princess - Princess Sophia!"

"Yeah, and not to mention the fact that Delancy, of all people, actually helped us to get Blair to this point, as well," Hadley added with an agreeable nod and smile, slowly closing their dorm room door as the last to enter.

Blair softly giggled at the unexpected, although greatly appreciated embrace from the raven haired girl, before turning to reciprocate the gesture.

"It definitely seems pretty surreal - All of this, doesn't it? Yet . . . here we are. Here I am, as the newly crowned princess of Gardania," she breathed within a slightly entranced manner, although the broad grin beginning to then spread across her peaches and cream complexion in that moment seemed to readily snap her out of it. "And best of all, as princess, I'll now finally be able to better take care of my family, which is precisely all I'd wanted to do in the first place! Hmm . . . speaking of, where do you suppose -"

"- Blair! Open up, please! It's me, Emily! I'm here!"

Blair's previously set smile somehow managed to widen even further in that moment as the trio of princesses then suddenly listened to the greatly familiar (at least, to Blair, naturally), greatly excited voice of her baby sister jovially sound from on the other side of the recently closed dorm room door.

"Right on cue," Blair murmured with another simper, giving a wink to the both of her now, temporarily befuddled looking companions, before moving to reopen the door.

As she did so, she'd nearly gotten toppled over by the sudden, slightly unexpected force of her adopted sibling, who'd just then practically catapulted through open passageway and promptly wrapped herself tightly around the blonde's waist, as that was the highest area of Blair's body the other girl's much shorter stature could allow.

Behind Emily was a sheepishly grinning Delancy, still adorned within all her regal attire, who then curtsied courteously to her new princess within greeting.

"O-Oh! U-Um, sorry about that, Your Royal Highness, but your little sister sure can run! And with me still within my four-inch heels, it wasn't exactly an easy feat to keep up!" she remarked with a kind smile, briefly lifting up the hem of her amethyst colored, former princess gown to reveal the matching hued shoes in question.

"It's . . . okay, Delancy," Blair responded in between sharp gasps for air, as Emily still continued to keep her within her vice-like grip, "and thank you for bringing her to our room as I had asked earlier, once both she and our mom had gotten more settled in back over at the palace. But . . . where is our mom? Wasn't she supposed to come along, as well?"

At this, Emily at last released her big sister, granting her mercy, and freedom from her previously breath-taking hold.

"Oh, right! Mom told me to tell you that she sends her love and 'goodnight,' and will see you in the morning, instead," she happily explained as she gazed admirably up at her now royal sibling. She immediately waved her small hands back and forth within the air as soon as she caught sight of Blair's curious worry being effortlessly etched upon her formerly smiling face. "It's okay, though! I mean, she isn't feeling super ill suddenly, or anything like that. She just figured that since this sleepover you'd planned for tonight would most likely consist of even more partying than actual sleep, she would sit this one out . . . so to speak. But, oooh, how lucky is Mom to get to sleep at the actual palace right now?"

Blair, feeling relieved at hearing that their otherwise frequently afflicted mother was at least presently feeling at ease, gave a light chuckle at her adopted sister's traditional exuberance, before leaning forward to hug her, causing the bath towel formerly wrapped securely upon her blonde head to fall off in the process.

"Whoops! Sorry about that, Sis," she quickly apologized with another giggle, as she pulled back in order to retrieve the partially moist bathroom accessory from off of the lavender hued floor. "Anyway, if you want, I can take you back to the palace, and Delancy can show you to whichever bedroom will be yours from n -"

"- No, way! I mean, yes, way, of course! But tonight, I'm staying right here with you, within the dorm room where it all began," Emily excitedly interrupted, her voice trailing off into a dreamy sort of air as she sidestepped her sister and began to silently survey the spacious, pink bubblegum and lilac schemed room.

A continually silent Hadley gently rolled her lime colored eyes within amusement at the overall display just then, while a grinning Isla moved towards the small, pigtailed brunette.

"Well, in that case, allow me to give you the grand tour, 'M'Lady!'" she said cheerfully with a wink towards the now beaming girl at her side, quite strongly more so for having been referred to within such a manner, than the actual offer, as the life of Royalty and everything which traditionally went along with it was something which had always been quite the avid interest of Emily's, after all.

Delancy, who had been quietly standing within the still open doorway in all that time and thus, temporarily forgotten, softly then cleared her throat in order to return everyone's attention, or at least Blair's, back onto her.

"Well, then . . . seeing that everything seems to be in order here, I'll just leave you all to it and say goodnight!" she said with a small nod and smile, and was about to execute yet another curtsy towards her princess when her abruptly raised hand stopped her.

"W-Well, wait, Delancy! Wouldn't you like to join us? Like Emily just said, I doubt we'll be doing much sleeping, but you're more than welcome to stick around," Blair announced with a smile of her own, as she extended the evening gathering to her Lady Royal, as well.

In truth, while she did wish for Delancy to stay in order to partake within the other girls' private festivities, she was also hoping that it would simultaneously serve as a chance for the two of them to get to know one another better than they presently did . . . which, considering that just up until a mere day ago Delancy had appeared to loathe the very ground Blair walked on, wasn't exactly a great deal.

One moment, the two were more or less sworn enemies (at least, as far as Delancy seemed to be concerned), and the next the two were now not only bonded for life as The Princess and Lady Royal of Gardania . . . but also as unexpected cousins by blood. . . .

Blair was secretly hoping that Delancy was feeling just as eager as she now was to reforge their relationship, especially within the familial sense; however, she felt her heart admittedly sink just a bit as she then watched as the dishwater blonde slowly shook her head within denial to her previously extended invitation.

"O-Oh, well . . . thanks, Your Royal Highness, but . . . this looks to be more like a super private affair and all," she began with an awkward sort of smile, "and I'm sure that you guys probably want to do as much bonding and such as you can before having to say goodbye come tomorrow. . . . Besides! I think I'm just gonna head on over to Portia's dorm room and see what she's currently up to, myself! Between you and me, it's still a bit of a surprise to me that she actually graduated and received her crown with the rest of us. And here I was, getting ready to console her, and make her my 'Lady Royal,' while her younger brother, Fiero, would hopefully earn his crown as prince next year - When he is finally old enough to attend 'Prince Charming Academy' - and rule her in her stead! Funny how life truly can surprise you, huh? . . . . W-Well, goodnight, ladies, and good luck to you; I will see you in the morning, Your Royal Highness, and you, Miss Emily. Sleep well. . . ."

Blair, and her two closest friends watched within surprise as the once ice cold and admittedly socially uncouth girl politely closed the door to the trio's shared dorm room, before any of them could have said a word, while Emily merely looked on within honest curiosity in regards to the general conversation, as she naturally did not know who Portia, Fiero, or even who Delancy, herself, was in all honesty, really.

Pausing for a few moments, Hadley was the first to speak, having successfully snapped out of her momentary stupefaction.

". . . . If I hadn't honestly seen and been through everything I had today, I still wouldn't believe it to be at all possible that someone like Delancy could ever be capable of change . . . although she did sound a tad bit like her old, typically rude self in reference to Portia's own . . . 'capabilities,'" she remarked as she blindly reached up to free her shoulder length, brown colored locks from the thistle colored bath towel wrapped around her own head.

She, and then Isla, as well, immediately felt a bit shameful, as the pair gazed upon a now lightly pouting Blair, who had just then turned away from the door to face the rest of her companions.

"Blair? Are you okay?" Emily asked within prompt concern for her cherished sibling, before rushing forward to wrap her tiny arms around her once again, this time much more gently than the first time.

"Yeah, Sis, I am," the blonde responded with a faint smile of reassurance, although it succeeded little within doing anything of the sort.

Isla fleetingly gave a now worrisome appearing Hadley a chastising sort of glance, before moving to Blair's side, herself, and lightly rested a hand upon her robed shoulder.

". . . . Hey, we're really sorry, Blair - That is, about Hadley's previous . . . 'colorful' comment about Delancy and all. We know what she now means to you, and not just as your new Lady Royal," she softly remarked with a vague smile of her own, her naturally higher octave voice sounding even lighter in that moment.

Blair then looked up at the raven haired girl within surprise, before doing the same towards the brunette standing directly before her, and then smiled warmly at them both.

"No . . . I mean, no need to apologize about anything. Hadley was only speaking the truth, after all," she said with a shake of her still lightly moist, free flowing and sunlit colored head, before looking down at a still bothered looking Emily, and carefully continued. "And . . . yeah, it now turns out that Delancy and I are related . . . but I think that all of this, this great transition, is going to take a great deal of time for her to get used to, just like it's going to for me. . . . Besides! There isn't exactly any super rush on anything anymore, really! There's going to be plenty of time for she and I to grow better acquainted as family - Our whole lives, in fact!"

Even though she had made sure to take extra care within choosing the right words in that moment, so as not to possibly upset her young adopted family member in any way, as she openly expressed her feelings to her recently discovered biological one, Blair had unknowingly succeeded within doing so, anyhow.

Emily did not wish to have her older sister be emotionally afflicted all over again by becoming privy to this, and so she quickly tucked her head down to better hide away the recently acquired sadness which then began to shine forth upon her small face.

She truly was ecstatic for Blair, both over her having finally learned the whereabouts and fate of her birth family, and also for seeming to have effectively found her place within the proverbial sun. And because she loved her so dearly, Emily really did hope that Blair would one day form perhaps as tight a bond with her biological cousin like the one the two adopted sisters shared.

However, she would be lying if a small part of her did not also feel greatly afraid now, as well, afraid that the once simple, but treasured dynamic which had always existed within their little family wouldn't remain the same, even within such a drastically different, new setting as the Gardanian Palace . . . their new home.

Their new life.

Still, no matter how admittedly daunting, yet truly exciting the overall situation currently was or could further become within the future, Emily remained fully confident that it wasn't ever going to completely change Blair, and the person she'd always been.

Blair loved Emily and their mother fiercely, and she was positive that nothing was ever going to change that. . . .

"Now, then! I believe that someone here still owes me a royal dance, if I'm not mistaken," Emily could hear her older sister gaily announce, breaking through her amalgamated thoughts with ease.

Emily immediately gazed back up at Blair with renewed happiness and a giggle, before backing away from her a bit to properly curtsy.

"I would be delighted, Your Royal Highness! Ooh! And then afterward, you've all gotta tell me everything that's happened here this semester! The classes, the food, the wild adventure towards the end - All of it!" she gushed within her usual, rapid enthusiasm, before suddenly turning to face a now grinning Hadley. "Ooh, ooh! And then maybe later you could teach me how to bounce a soccer ball on my foot - And head - like I saw you do earlier, Hadley? That's pretty impressive to be able to do it with a crown on your head, and high heel shoes on your feet!"

Hadley, also now feeling much better, grinned a bit proudly at this, before nodding within agreement.

"Yeah, I guess I really must be an official princess, after all, huh? I'm pretty amazing, if I do say so, myself! But, all right! You got it, Kid!" she replied with an increasing smirk, tossing her towel onto her 'Princess Canopy' styled bed before turning to retrieve her white and blue colored soccer ball from off of the floor within the corner of the bedroom.

Feeling the extra charge of ongoing exhilaration, Isla quickly moved over to her own bed, also finally removing her own towel wrap from her ebony colored head, before reaching for her violet hued laptop left carefully atop her pillow.

"Well, if we're gonna do this right, then what's a party without some epic tunes? Allow me to do the honors, once again," she giggled with pride, continually feeling unabashed over revealing some of her created musical tracks to her companions at long last.

"Great! Then shall we, 'Princess Emily?'" Blair addressed her little sister with as regal a tone as she could muster, curtsying towards the shorter girl before kindly extending a hand out for her to take.

Giggling with seemingly everlasting glee, Emily nodded eagerly before calming herself a bit, as she then tried to match her sibling's majestic air, taking her hand.

"But, of course, Princess Blair!" she replied with a stiffened face as she continued to try to keep up the pretense, before the two siblings both could no longer manage within doing so any longer and immediately burst into yet another round of joyous laughter, just as Isla's upbeat, dance music began to waft into the enclosed atmosphere.

For the rest of that evening, indeed straight into the early hours of morning did all four girls dance, play, tell various stories (including that of Blair's recently discovered family history), and laughed, as they continued to simply enjoy each others' company.

And in those moments, at least, none of the three, recent charm school graduates were newly crowned princesses, now ready to go off within their separate ways and rule each of their presiding kingdoms.

They were still simply Hadley, Isla, and Blair, three young girls who would forever be bonded by the extraordinary power of friendship. . . .

- End of Prologue

(A.N. Yeah, I know: cheesy ending there. But what do you WANT from me? It's Barbie, damn it. LoL But, no, honestly, THIS particular Babs movie hadn't honestly been all that cheesy, or insufferable, for me, at least, with any talking, and/or dancing pets. I may be a kid at heart, but I can't handle that anymore, or indeed ever could, even when I was a legitimate child. LoL

I can't personally wait to write more scenes for/with Delancy, because I immediately grew attached/intrigued by that girl, which is probably the main driving force for my creative juices to write this, at all. She's yet another Azkadellia, or Castillo, or Eve for me! Yay! Ooh, ooh! Or Xena...even though we came into that show with Xena having already been reformed, but still. =)

ANYWAY, my point is, I tend to usually favor and grow quite attached to "misunderstood" or potentially redeemable characters which, of course, is the whole point, but yeah. WRITING wise, anyway, it's always a great outlet for me when/if I might do a fanfic based upon any of them.

It was cute seeing her actually willingly dancing with that "geeky" guy at the end of the movie this time, too. LoL But that was honestly cute to me just mainly because said "geeky" guy looks pretty damned identical to MY geek of a husband. LoL Except that my hubby's glasses are FAR more slender, and his hair is much shorter than that dude's...but otherwise, that'd be Gray-Ham, in a Barbie movie. LoL They even DANCE the same way LoL But of course he'll disagree about that, and that he looks like him once I make him watch the movie later on, just like he avidly denies the eight OTHER fictional characters we've come upon who also look like the "(Insert Topic Here) for Dummies" guy. LoL

If I do bother putting that cutey face guy (cuz, you gotta, since "geeks" are awesome and hot to me hehe) in this story some time later, I shall name him "Graham," in honor of my hubby-bubby. =)

Anyhow! How hilarious was Portia's character, seriously? Not hardly an original, being of the "slow-minded" nature like soooo so many other fictional characters out there, but she still continually had me out any time she opened her mouth...or didn't, and just had that glazed over expression upon her face. LoL I honestly thought that she really WOULDN'T graduate with everyone else BECAUSE of her slow wit, but hey. Miracles evidently do happen, I mean, what with Blair having also turned out to be a princess in the end, and all. LoL

Just thought I'd fleetingly create some family members for her – Portia, that is – and make mention of a younger brother, and also name HIM after a car, as well, like his sister...the correct pronunciation in her case, anyway. =)

Anywho! Prologue down, with chapter one already outlined and ready to be written! long will it take before it's actually posted? ...Not sure. LoL But hopefully soon! =) At any rate, thanks for reading and nice to meet you, new people who may have journeyed to my story! And hiya again, my regular lovelies! I know it wasn't a W.I.T.C.H. related tale this time for yooze particular guys, but I trust you still managed to enjoy it a bit...well, provided you actually saw the movie. LoL If you haven't, it isn't a super big deal, since I'll probably continue making various references to it and all – Although not as in depth as I normally do for any of my other stories, this time. =)

EITHER way, thankies to you, as well! =) )