A/N: It's been awhile since I made a Ruby/Sapphire story huh? Well, here you go. Now the HG/SS arc takes place 3 years after the Emerald arc. Ruby was 12 and Sapphire was 11 in the Emerald arc. So let's assume this is taking place before or after the HG/SS arc. So Ruby is 14 and Sapphire is 13, until the story begins. Which it is!

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Birthday Trip

Ruby and Sapphire were in a giant forest, under an old tree in the most beautiful setting the season of fall could provide.

"I couldn't think of what to get you for your birthday…" Ruby said. "So…"

Ruby gently grabbed Sapphire's hands and slowly leaned towards her face. Right before their lips touched, Ruby muttered, "Happy Birthday, Sapphire."


"SAPPHIRE! Wake up! Breakfast is ready!" Sapphire's mom yelled from the kitchen.

Sapphire opened her eyes and got up real fast. She looked around her room. There was no forest, tree, or Ruby.

"It was just a dream" Sapphire said sadly. "Er, it was more like a nightmare! Thank goodness I woke before…before" Sapphire imagined what would happen next in her dream. What she thought of made her extremely embarrassed.

"Sapphire? Are you talking to yourself again?" Sapphire's mom said, knocking on her door.

"What? No! I was dreaming, and I don't talk to myself!" Sapphire said.


Littleroot Town; Sapphire's House…September 20th

"Happy Birthday Sapphire!" Sapphire's parents sang to her, as she blew out her candles. Her cake was just as she wanted it to be. Super-Ultra-Mega-Giant-Extreme-Chocolate Cake. It was so filling; after Sapphire ate one slice she was full. She looked at the kitchen table, and saw a pile of presents from the other Dex-holders. It sure was nice to receive presents from them; despite she hadn't seen some of them for awhile.

Sapphire's mom asked if she could go get the mail. When Sapphire stepped outside, the chilly breeze of autumn hit her face. She always liked this weather though. Not too cold and the heat was gone, plus raking up leafs and jumping into them! Who doesn't love that right?

Sapphire opened the mailbox and got a little surprise. Along with all the birthday cards in the mailbox, there was a little present. Sapphire's heart stopped for a second. Did Ruby put this in here? She looked at the tag, and it was a present from…Blue.

Sapphire felt relieve and disappointment from this, but still. A present is a present. The box was decently big, even though she could hold it in the palm of her hand. It barley fit in the mailbox though.

'Wonder what this is?' Sapphire thought. She took all the birthday cards and her presents and went into her room to look at them all.

Today she was 14, same age as Ruby. She got some birthday cards with the number 14 on them, some cards that were funny, and some that were just plain generic. Green and Silver just had a card that said happy birthday. At least Green's card had some money in it, Silver just wrote, "Congratulations on not dying yet".

She also got some presents from the others. Crystal got her some pokéballs she had never seen before, but they sure looked cool. Emerald got her a blue hoodie that had a pokéball on it. 'Thoughtful for someone like him, I guess' Sapphire thought.

Red got her a certificate that allowed her to challenge him at any time; she hung it in her room immediately. Green didn't give her a present, guess he thought the money was good enough…which it basically was. Yellow gave her a sketchbook and a diary. She also included a note, 'Every girl needs to put her secret thoughts on something, right? Happy Birthday!'

Everyone gave some awesome presents to Sapphire, except Gold, who gave her "How to Tame Wild Pokémon" but instead, Pokémon was scratched out and replaced with "Wildchild". She assumed he was making fun of her. She reminded herself to kill him later.

Then she realized she never opened Blue's present. She was a little afraid to open it at first, but she found the strength to open it. The little box included earrings and a sheet of paper. The earrings were both blue gems which she assumed were actual sapphires. How clever. She just assumed that Blue didn't steal the earrings. The earrings didn't really catch her interest though, so she picked up the sheet of paper.

It was actually a page of a magazine article. The article was titled, "How to Get a Guy". Sapphire blushed at the article. She was about to throw it away; or burn it, one or the other; when she noticed something on it.

There was a sticky note attached to the article, written by Blue.

Before you throw this away, I suggest you read it. It just may help you out with you know who ;3

Sapphire knew who Blue was talking about…Ruby. Sapphire thought again of the dream she had that morning and then blushed furiously. She didn't even like Ruby…anymore. It was clear that Ruby didn't like her anymore since he claims he forgot about them confessing and always avoids the topic. They were just fine as friends.

She then realized that Ruby hadn't sent her something for her birthday, not even a birthday card. Did he forget? Sapphire never forgot his birthday! "That jerk…" she growled. "I'm going to teach for forgetting a friend's birthday."

She walked downstairs and saw the one she wanted to inflict pain upon, in her kitchen, eating her amazing cake. Another reason to kill him. Her mom noticed Sapphire first, "Oh, I hope you don't mind. I told Ruby he could have some of your cake since it seems it'll be awhile before we finish this thing"

Ruby looked at her, "You know, most girls are concerned about their weight so much that they wouldn't even touch this stuff"

Sapphire squinted her eyes at him, "Those girls can keep their celery and I'll keep my tasty food thank you very much"

"You two never change do you?" Sapphire's mom said. "Ruby? Aren't you forgetting something?"

"What? Oh yeah!" Ruby said, as he started to dig in his pocket and then he pulled something out. They were two tickets.

"Know what these are?" Ruby said waving the tickets.

Sapphire looked at the tickets. 'What are they to? A concert or something?' she thought. "Um…my birthday present?"

"Indeed, and do you know what these two tickets are for?" Ruby said.

'He remembered my birthday after all…' Sapphire thought. "I don't know…a concert?"

"Nope, not even close"

"Well what is it to then, girly boy?"

"Wow, 14 and still as immature as you as 13"

"I was 13 yesterday, it takes awhile getting to be a new age, ya know" Sapphire said crossing her arms.

"Please you get worse every year" Ruby said. Then Sapphire kicked his stomach, causing him to collapse on the kitchen floor in pain. "You also get stronger every year too…what kind of girl are you?"

"Just tell me what the tickets are for already…before I hit you again" Sapphire growled.

Ruby got up, his hand still over his stomach, "Fine, drum roll please" Ruby pointed towards Sapphire's mom. She got two spoons and tapped them against the counter, making Sapphire be confused and causing a sweatdrop.

"Dun dun da dun. Tickets to go see the greatest Pokémon coordinators meet in the grandest Pokémon Contest this year, held in Lilycove City for your viewing pleasure" Ruby said. "You may thank me now"

Sapphire didn't know what to say, she kinda just stood there for awhile. Then she got mad and grabbed Ruby's jacket. "WHAT MAKES YA THINK I WANNA GO SEE A BUNCH OF SISSYS IN A SISSY CONTEST, YOU SISSY!" Sapphire yelled in his face.

"No Sapphire, you have to go" Sapphire's mom said.

"What?" Sapphire said dropping Ruby. "You aren't making me go, are you?"

"Yes, Ruby worked hard to get those tickets"

"I did" Ruby said, getting off the ground "I worked two jobs just to afford the tickets, then I camped outside the ticket booth for 3 days just to get front-row seats"

Sapphire imagined sitting at an event such as this. She had been to contests where Ruby had been in, those were boring enough. She couldn't imagine sitting in one biggest ones of the year! Oh she could see it now…a bunch of snobby, egotistic, stuck-ups who make their poor pokémon do stupid dances and dress them up and make them stupid and silly. This would be a true nightmare.

"NO! Please Mom! I'll do anything!" Sapphire said with eyes of fear and tears.

She looked up at her mother's face hoping to receive mercy, but all she saw was her mother smirking and giggling. She looked at Ruby who was always holding in laughter. At once they both exploded with laughter and Sapphire became confused.

"What? Do you think this is funny?" Sapphire demanded of them.

"It was a joke, sweaty" Sapphire's mom said.

Sapphire processed what she had just heard. "Say what?"

"I though it would be funny if we told you that, but actually-" Ruby started before Sapphire grabbed him and put him in a headlock.

"Ah- Sapphire I…can't…breathe" Ruby said.

Sapphire couldn't hear what he said though, she was too mad at him or simply just didn't care what he had to say at this point.

"Sapphire, let give you the real present before you murder him" Sapphire's mom said.

Sapphire released her death-grip on Ruby, and Ruby was about to faint from lack of oxygen. "These…are tickets…for…the Goldenrod…Pokémon…Battle…Tournament…" Ruby said.

Sapphire stood there, she wanted to make she sure she just heard that right. "What did you just say?"

"The Goldenrod Pokémon Battle Tournament…I heard you talking about it awhile ago and I just happened to win some tickets in some weird contest to go see it. It's in a few days and I know it's not on your birthday and-" Ruby was cut-off from Sapphire. She grabbed him and began to hug him.

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU" Sapphire said as she squeezed him in a death grip. Ruby wasn't sure if Sapphire was trying to kill him or thank him. She kept thanking him, but kept on breaking his body.

She finally released him and started to dance and jump around in the kitchen. "This is gonna be awesome! Some of the best battlers in the world gather in one arena for glory and honor!" Sapphire said with her eyes ablaze.

"It's the next best thing to the Pokémon League I heard. My dad got 2nd place last year, remember?" Ruby told Sapphire.

It was true. Ruby's dad, Norman got invited to participate in the Tournament last year but barley lost in the final round. He got beat by some kid, who thought he was all that. When Sapphire watched Norman lose on T.V. last year, she wanted to beat that kid's face-in, but they were separated by regions to prevent such a beating.

"As you know, I'm not one for battling. So I thought I'd give them to you. You'd like them way more than anyone I know, so you can go with your dad or mom." Ruby said.

"AWESOME! Just plain awesome! MOM! Where's Papa? We got to go now! It starts in a few days!" Sapphire asked her mother.

Sapphire's mom looked at Sapphire sadly, "Sapphire, he can't. Papa's going to Sinnoh in 2 days. He can't go"

Sapphire looked depressed at her father's inability to come with her, "Since when was this? Whatever, you'll go with me, right?"

"I have to go with your dad"

Sapphire looked depressed again. "Oh, then what about Norman?"

"I'm sure he is very busy."

"Well can't I just go by myself then?"

"Sapphire Birch, you are NOT going all the way to Johto by yourself!"

"I've gone on journeys by myself before!"

"Not to a whole new region!"

"Well there's no one to go with!" Sapphire said.

Sapphire's mom then looked straight at Ruby. "Well then" Sapphire's mom said. 'Oh no, please don't' Ruby thought.

"Why don't you go with her, Ruby?" Sapphire's mom asked. "You're from Goldenrod City, right Ruby? It seems you're the best candidate to go with her"

"WHAT?" Sapphire yelled.

'SHE DID ANYWAY' Ruby thought.

"I'm not going to go with Girly Boy!" Sapphire complained.

"It's either that, or you don't go at all" Sapphire's mom explained.

Sapphire grumbled, "Some birthday this is…fine"

Ruby looked at her, "What?"

"Go get your clothes packed and stuff, we're leaving in 15 minutes" Sapphire told Ruby strernly.

"Whoah, whoah, whoah. What makes you think I'm going? Why do you think I gave those tickets to you? I didn't want to go!" Ruby said.

"It's not like I want to go with you either but you're my only option" Sapphire told him.

"I'm not going and nothing you can do will make me-" Ruby started to say.

Sapphire then grabbed Ruby, he then braced himself for pain but it never came. He peeked his eyes open to see Sapphire; she had the most innocent eyes that said "PWEASE GO WIT ME"

Ruby's face turned red, it was a rare occasion for Sapphire to act…cute. Ruby tried to resist her, but the Sapphire's rare but powerful cuteness broke him.

"…Fine, I'll go" Ruby said defeated, finally breaking the eye contact with Sapphire.

Sapphire's face lit up, "YES" she screamed as she dropped Ruby. "I'm going to the Pokémon Tournament in Goldenrod, yippee!"

As Ruby brushed the dirt of his jacket, a thought crossed his mind, how were they getting there? Goldenrod City was all the way in Johto!

"Wait a minute. How are we getting there?" Ruby asked Sapphire, who was now break dancing.

Sapphire stopped and thought for a minute, "Huh, didn't think of that."

"Should we use our pokémon?" Ruby suggested.

"I don't want to make them swim all the way to Johto! That's too long of a journey! They'll be exhausted." Sapphire said.

"Then how are going to get there? Magic?" Ruby asked.

"Can we do that? Do you know a magician?" Sapphire asked Ruby.

"You're an idiot"

"Hey, it was just an idea!"

"Before you two get in another fight, I may have the answer to your problem." Sapphire's mom said.

They both looked at her to see what idea she had. Sapphire's mom pulled two tickets out of her pocket.

Ruby and Sapphire looked at the tickets in confusion. "What are those for?"

"Actually, these were tickets to a cruise I was going to go on with your dad. I was planning on surprising your father but he had to go to Sinnoh this week and that's when the cruise is. It goes from Slateport to One Island in the Sevii Islands and then all the way to Olivine City in Johto, and back to Hoenn in Lilycove City. You guys will be able to get off the ship at Olivine"

Sapphire lit up with the thought of getting to go to Johto. "But wait. How will we get to Goldenrod from Olivine?" Sapphire asked.

"We walk, how else? It's almost 2 day's journey from Olivine to Goldenrod though." Ruby explained.

"Then what are you waiting for? Go get your stuff ready! Meet back here in 10 minutes!" Sapphire screamed as she threw Ruby out the door and then ran upstairs to get her stuff ready.

"What have I gotten myself into?" Ruby asked himself.


Sapphire threw random clothes in a suitcase, grabbed her pokémon, money and started to make her way out the door. But before she could leave, something caught her eye. It was the earrings that Blue gave her, on top of the magazine article.

She couldn't stop thinking about what Blue wrote; Before you throw this away, I suggest you read it. It just may help you out with you know who ;3

'St-stupid Blue. I'm not taking it with me…' Sapphire thought. The she looked back at it. She was going to be alone with Ruby…for a week. She blushed as she remembered the dream she had that morning for about the 30th time that day. She tried to walk away from it, but she walked up to it and picked up the earrings and newspaper article.

She then grabbed all of her birthday presents and shoved them into a bag, along with the earrings and magazine article. 'I'm…I'm only taking Blue's presents because I'm also taking everyone else's presents. It would be rude to leave one of their presents behind…' Sapphire thought.


"Bye Papa! Bye Mom! Have fun in Sinnoh!" Sapphire yelled as she ran off with Ruby towards the town gate. Sapphire's parents waved back at her until she was out of sight.

Professor Birch looked at his wife with a confused look, "Where are they going again?"

"Oh some Pokémon Tournament in Johto. I told her she could go so it's alright"

"I would have gone with her…"

"Oh let the girl go with her friend"

"Okay then, but what did she mean "Have fun in Sinnoh"?"

"Who knows?"

"Ah, kids these days. Never spend time with their parents" Professor Birch mumbled as he went back in the house.

Mrs. Birch pulled out her PokéGear and dialed a number. She heard it ringing until someone picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"I gave them the tickets, so far so good" Mrs. Birch grinned.

"Excellent. Phase One is complete" the voice said.

A/N: Whoah! What's going on here? Guess you have to stick around to find out, huh? *People leave* Oh who needs ya! Anyway, yes! A whole new story. This story I plan to make it have several chapters, with some "interesting" scenes in it. There'll be comedy, romance, and stupidity all around.

Aside from me rambling, it is indeed Sapphire's birthday! Happy Birthday to you, Happy blah blah, cake, blah, blah, presents, blah, aging, blah, blah, the end.