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Sapphire woke to the bright sunlight hitting her face. Her eyes opened against her will, so she tried to close them and go back to sleep. After five minutes she decided just to get up and prepare for the day. She got out of bed and stretched silently. She looked over and saw Ruby who was almost hanging off the couch; he apparently had trouble getting to sleep the previous night.

Even his hat was almost hanging off his head, she could fully see Ruby's scar. Every time Sapphire would mention the scar to Ruby, he would somehow avoid the topic or just avoid Sapphire. Looking at it now made her angry too. So she just went out on the deck to watch the sea.

When she stepped outside she was surprised to see that they had reached the Sevii Islands. They must have docked there at night when everyone was still asleep. Some passengers were already getting off the ship to go tour One Island. There really were a lot of loud noises outside so she just walked back in the room and shut the door behind her. You could still hear the noise but it was much quieter.

Sapphire thought of things she could do to pass the time, since Ruby wasn't up yet. She looked through her bag of birthday presents to see if they could provide any entertainment for her. That's when she came across Yellow's presents; a sketchbook and a diary.

Sapphire had never been a good artist, or even owned a diary for that matter. She didn't know anyone who owned a diary; either that or they just were really good at hiding it. Maybe Ruby had one, he was girly enough to own one.

Sapphire didn't know what to do though, so she picked up a pencil and started to draw something in her sketchbook. After about six minutes, she had a giant circle on the page. She felt proud of herself since the circle almost was perfect. Then she got bored again and picked up the diary. Sapphire opened the first page and after a few seconds, she began to write in it.

September 21

Alright so uhh…I got this diary on my birthday from my friend, Yellow, along with a sketchbook. I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to write in this thing…

Sapphire looked at the ceiling, thinking of things to write down in it, "Ugh, how do other girls just sit down and write in these things?"

So yesterday was my birthday, September 20. I turned 14. Right now I'm on my way to Goldenrod City in the Johto region to go see a pokémon tournament. So my neighbor, Ruby won a contest and the prize was two tickets. So he gave them to me for my birthday but I was forced to go along with Ruby so here I am, day after my birthday and stuck on a giant boat with Ruby. Not so bad I guess. Not too much has happened over the years. The first time we met…well, second time I guess, we started a bet with each other to travel all over Hoenn and we somehow got involved in saving the whole region from a huge battle from two legendary pokémon and Team Magma and Team Aqua. All in a day's work. Two years ago we went to the battle frontier and saved the world a second time. Yeah, it feels good to be a hero.

"Oh hey, I'm doing it! I'm writing in a diary. Neat" Sapphire said, realizing she was writing down anything that came to her mind. "Oh well, good for a first try I guess" Sapphire said as she put the diary back in her bag, "Guess I can write in it more later"


Ruby woke up an hour later because the captain of the ship took them off their home-bound and allowed them to wander the One Island. "But I'm warning you. Step outta line once, just once, and I'll send you back to Hoenn on a raft."

'Is that even legal?' Ruby thought. "Yes, sir"

"That includes battling, got it?"

Sapphire was about to open her mouth but Ruby grabbed her head and shut it before she could them in more trouble. "What was that for? Now we can't battle outside the ship? That's just stupid and unfair!"

"It's either that, or we don't get to go on the island, and stay locked in the room…or he stays true to his word about the raft"

Ruby and Sapphire were happy to finally get off the ship and step on the real land once again. One Island was a pretty nice site, since they were stuffed in their cabin for most of the time there on the ship. There little shops set up around the island that Ruby seemed rather interested in. "Hey Sapphire, I'm going to go check out those shops over there, what about you?"

"I'm not going to go shopping for clothes, Ruby…besides I don't have to, since you make me some almost every-" Sapphire complained.

"I'm not getting clothes for myself; I'm going to get some pokémon accessories for upcoming contests."

Sapphire blankly stared at Ruby for a second then spoke up, "I'll met you back here in an hour"

Sapphire walked up the hill and escaped site from Ruby. Ruby just shrugged and made his way over the closest shop-like tent that was closest to him.

"Why are they separating?" The shrouded figure said. The figure was watching from on top of a house near the port where the ship had docked. "No matter, this is just a minor setback. Looks like I'll have to step in earlier than planned"

The figure jumped from off the house and into the light to reveal girl with brown hair and blue eyes. She was an old friend of Ruby and Sapphire's. They probably would be surprised to she her again, that's for sure.


Sapphire continued walking around the island, there really wasn't that much there on the island. There were some shops on the bottom of the hill, some houses on the middle part of the island, and on top there was this giant building which she assumed was the pokémon center, though it was one of the biggest ones she had even seen.

There were a lot of people from the ship inside, along with some trainers getting their pokémon healed. Sapphire wanted to go see if they wanted to battle but since the captain was being unfair, she couldn't. As she kept walking around the pokémon center she noticed a giant machine. There were scientists working on it the machine since apparently it had been damaged at some point. Sapphire sat down on one the couches and shut her eyes out of complete boredom. Getting to Johto seemed to be taking forever.

"Sapphire? Is that you?" a familiar voice asked.

Sapphire didn't recognize the voice at first, but when she turned around she was surprised to see who it was.

"How've you been?" Blue asked as she grabbed Sapphire for a hug.

Sapphire hugged her back as they shared a brief moment of happiness, "Umm good I guess, wow…what are you doing here?" Sapphire asked.

"Simple, I live on the Sevvi Islands. Now why are you here? Did you come to see me?" Blue asked.

"Actually I'm on a cruise of sorts so I can get to Joh-"

"A cruise? That's totally not fair! Is it some kind of present for your birthday?"

"Yeah, but I-"

"How has it been so far?"

"It's been-"

"Have you-"

"WILL YOU LET ME TALK?" Sapphire yelled.

"Oh alright, sorry. So, explain your situation."

"Well, Ruby gave me some tickets for my birthday for a pokémon tournament in Goldenrod City all the way in Johto. Since my mom didn't want me coming all the way to Johto by myself she made me go with someone, and since no one else was available I was forced to go with Ruby"

"Oh, so you're on a cruise with Ruby? How romantic" Blue winked

"What? No, not like that. Seriously, why do you just assume we belong together? Can't you just figure out that we're just friends?" Sapphire said, blushing.

"Because it's entirely obvious, hun" Blue said. "So anything interesting happen so far?"



"Nothing at all"

"Oh come on, surely something has happened"

"Well Ruby nearly killed everyone on the ship in the first two hours of the cruise" Sapphire mentioned laughing.

"That'll do, tell tell" Blue said also laughing as she put her hand around Sapphire's shoulder.


Ruby was walking down the isles of market vendors. There were al kinds of small shops everywhere. There were stands that sold things like potions and pokéballs, while others sold things like fruits and clothing. Now this market was smaller compared to shopping centers like the ones in Goldenrod and Lilycove, but still decently well sized.

One stand had what Ruby was looking for, pokémon accessories. There were nice ones and not so nice ones. A few caught his eye like ribbons made of some fancy material and some monocle. He wasn't sure how he was going to use made it made any pokémon wearing it look quite fancy and intelligent.

There was one crown that had flames on it that looked like something Sapphire's blaziken would look nice in…if Sapphire was willing to let the girly thing anywhere near her pokémon that is. Any time Ruby bought something like that Sapphire would either stomp on it in front of him or hiding it and saying that she lost it, so it would be pointless to buy it for her, so he just got what he wanted and left the market.

Ruby had spend about twenty-ish minutes shopping some he still had some time left before he was supposed to meet Sapphire, 'Guess I'll just look around a bit' Ruby thought.

The island honestly wasn't that populated. Sure there were a lot of tourists from the cruise along with other various people like trainers and traveling merchants, but there weren't too many houses on the island so that probably meant there weren't too many residents on the island. Ruby looked up to see a mountain with some kind of creepy feeling coming from it. Ruby felt like checking it out, bu thought it might take a while and Sapphire would get angry that he "ditched" her.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" an unpleasant voice came from behind Ruby.

Ruby turned around and didn't like what he saw, "Oh crap" he muttered under his breath.

The source of the voice was that snobby guy who he and Sapphire had battled against when they first got on the ship. "Listen up" The guy pointed at Ruby, "I'm not satisfied with the conclusion of our previous battle so I demand a rematch! So go get your girlfriend and let's start!"

"She's not my girlfriend! And on another note, we're both not allowed to battle at all since the accident. So if you kindly leave us alone and go-"

"Oh whatever, come one. Just battle with me and no one will know…unless you're too scared" The guy said mockingly.

"That crap doesn't work on me since I honestly don't care about battling" Ruby said.

"You don't like battling? That must be a lie since your swampert was so powerful" The guy said.

"I said I didn't like it, I never said I was bad at it. I prefer con-"

"What if I called your girlfriend a barbaric, unattractive, manly-"

"Shut up or staple your lips together" Ruby said sharply and suddenly to the guy. Ruby actually didn't realize he told him to stop insulting Sapphire until he finished his sentence.

"Oh I'm sorry, is it offending you?"

"Actually, not too much since we both usually greet each other by insulting one another with phrases and words like the ones you said"

"Well if you aren't going to battle me…" the guy started, then he reached for one of his pokéballs and released his alakazam, "You'll be an easy target to get revenge on"

Ruby started to panic; this situation didn't look too swell. "Now hold on a minute. Can't we talk this over? Someone could get hurt"

"Yeah, it'll be you if you don't stand your ground like a man. You've got 'till the count of three to fight back…3…2…"

"Oh crap, it's the captain!" Ruby yelled pointing behind the guy.

"What? I'm not doing anything, it was-" the guy stopped dead when he realized that the captain wasn't behind him. He turned around to see Ruby running for his life down the long isles of the stands in the market.

'I can't believe that actually worked,' Ruby thought.

"I honestly can't believe I fell for something as simple as that…oh well. Guess it won't matter when both his legs are broken, let's go alakazam" the guy said, starting his run to catch up with Ruby.


"So what have you been up to lately?" Sapphire asked Blue.

"Oh you know, nothing much. Although I do have something big planned later" Blue said.

"Oh really what is it?" Sapphire asked.

"Nothing important," Blue replied. 'Oh you'll find out soon enough, Sapphire…in fact it's already begun'

"So what did you get for your birthday?" Blue asked.

"Oh well, a free battle from Red whenever I want, a sketchbook and diary from Yellow, and some money from Green"

"Those are…nice. And typical of Green to not actually give a real birthday present and just cash"

"I think it makes an alright present."

"Oh please, you know what it means when someone gives you money on your birthday? It means they're basically saying, "Here, I was too lazy to actually care about you by getting you something for your birthday so here, go buy your own stupid gift.""

"Well maybe he didn't know what get me since I'm hard to buy for"

"That's not true, Ruby gets you stuff all the time from what I hear"

"Yeah but half of that stuff he gives me I'd rather bury than put in my closet or worse; my body."

"Oh you two crack me up" Blue chuckled.

"How exactly do we do that? All we do is get mad at each other. Most people don't like us for that reason" Sapphire said.

"It's so funny the way you two bicker all the time, you two are just the cutest couple!"

The things that Blue said passed through Sapphire's mind a few times before what she realized what Blue had said, "Is it even possible to uphold one conversation that has Ruby in it without it turning something like this?"

"Like what?"

"You're not the only one who thinks Ruby and I should be together, you're one the worst by far but that's beside the point. For instance, my own mother! Honestly it's a miracle if she goes a week without mentioning how we should be together."

"Well have you actually ever considered going out with Ruby?"




Blue paused at looked into Sapphire's eyes, "Hmm…you're lying"

"What? No I'm-" Sapphire started.

"Oh please, Sapph. It's entirely obvious for multiple reasons. One is you're blushing, two is you won't make direct eye contact with me, and three is, well I know your personality all too well. Seriously hun, I know a couple girls with personalities like yours, and you know where they are now?"

"Where?" Sapphire asked

"In a relationship with the guys they liked but were too shy to say anything, but instead of shyness they used anger to combat their feelings…similar to you" Blue said

Sapphire was extremely red now, from both embarrassment and extreme anger. Sapphire wanted to grab her mouth and rip it off, 'Is this what it's like being Green? Now I don't blame him for constantly being the way he is towards Blue. He is right, she is pesky!' Sapphire thought.

"You know, I think I'm starting to understand why Green usually acts like the way he does around you." Sapphire said.

"Oh Green, don't get me started on him. He's nearly as bad as you are, you know that? I've tried to get him together with other girls, you know. But it doesn't even matter, he either scares them off or he sneaks away, it's like he wants to be alone for the rest of his life" Blue ranted.

"Maybe he just doesn't like being bothered with things like that, sort of like me" Sapphire said, pointing to herself, "Besides, why do you find it necessary to pair-up people. It's really none of your business"

"That's because I make it my business. Like I said, if it wasn't for me pushing those couples together, they wouldn't have gotten far. I'm like the cupid of the world"

"You're something all right, and cupid isn't exactly what I choose"

Blue just laughed and looked upward towards the sky. 'This one just might actually be a challenge for me' Blue thought. "By the way, what did you do with my present? Did you get it?"

"What? Oh it's with the other presents, I brought them all along" Sapphire said.

"Hmm, just to make sure you did…what did I get you?" Blue said.


"What stone?"

"They were sapphires, creative by the way."

"You know, I wish my name was a beautiful gem"

"Yeah well, it's not"

"And what else?"


"I gave you something else along with you, what is it?"

Sapphire knew what she meant and growled a little, "An article out of a magazine"

"And what was it about?" Blue said, nudging Sapphire.

"This conversation is over"

"Fine, fine. You've had enough for now"

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have to meet up with an idiot" Sapphire said as she made her way down to the docks. Blue followed close behind however, "Can I help you?"

"Hey don't be that way, I want to see Ruby. You're not jealous are you?"

Sapphire responded by whacking Blue's head, "Ow, okay geez. I'm done"


Ruby was running basically for his life down the isles of stands. He turned his head to see if the guy was following him; he was. Rather quickly actually. Ruby didn't know how he was going to get away, but if somehow got back to the ship, the guy would lay off his assault…for awhile at least.

Ruby took a random left at one of stands and a right, a left, a right, straight, left, and so on. He figured that if he just ran in random directions, he could get away from his pursuer. Big mistake. When he took another turn, he came face to face with the guy he was trying to get away from. After a few seconds of silence, the guy spoke up, "Boo."

Ruby dived through the stand next him, freaking out the person inside it selling things. He landed on the other side and kept on his sprinting. Since he had a few seconds before the guy would find him and continue the chase so Ruby took a big gulp and slid into one of the stands. Luckily, the salesperson had stepped out for awhile so the stand was empty. Ruby waited a few seconds and heard the sound of his pursuer run by. Ruby waited a few more seconds and decided that it was safe. He poked his head out to see if it was okay to come out; it was. Ruby stormed out of the stand and made his way to the docks.


"So where's Ruby?" Blue asked.

"Probably still out shopping like a women" Sapphire replied.

"You know, I bet if you showed more interest in things he liked, he would-" Blue started to say but Sapphire glared at her with evil eyes so she decided not to finish her sentence. Blue looked over towards the market and noticed someone running towards them. After Blue got a better look at who it was, she noticed that weird hat only Ruby wears.

"Hey, is that Ruby over there?" Blue asked.

Sapphire looked over and noticed that it was Ruby, "Oh yeah, you're right."

Ruby kept running towards the docks and noticed tat Sapphire was standing by the docks.

"Hey, Ruby-" Ruby kept running and grabbed Sapphire's arm.

"Runaway!" Ruby said as he dragged Sapphire along with him back on the ship.

Blue just stood there for a few seconds, "Hey, don't forget about me!" Blue yelled as she followed the two up to the ship.


Ruby let go of Sapphire and collapsed in front of the door to their room. "Why did you do that?" Sapphire asked him.

Ruby was gasping for air, but spat out what he wanted to say, "Guy…wanted to battle"

"What? That's it?" Sapphire asked.

"Would have…got kicked off…ship"

"That's a lame excuse"


"It…might be him. Quick…open the door."

"Man, you're really out of shape"


"And don't worry. I think I know who it is" Sapphire said.


Blue came around the corner and waved at Ruby and Sapphire. "Hey guys!"

"Why are you on the ship? You know what, bettar yet, how did you get on the ship? You have to flash your tickets if you want to board." Sapphire asked Blue.

"Oh Sapphire, I think you've known me long enough to realize that something as penetrable as a cruise ship is no big deal" Blue said.

"Then why are you here?" Sapphire asked.

"You seem awfully disappointed to see me"

"No I'm just…confused why you're here"

Ruby opened the door and walked slowly in the room and dropped on the couch. Ruby was out cold. "Oh hey, can I come in?" Blue asked, even though she had already let herself in the room any way.

Sapphire walked in the room and just laid down on the bed. "So when do you plan on leaving?"

"Why do you ask?" Blue asked.

"The ship will probably leave in awhile, so you don't have much time before you get carried away"

"Well, if that's the case, I guess I'll accompany you to the tournament. It'll give me something to do"

"Absolutely not! If you stay with us, we might get in more trouble and you'll just come with ways to…annoy Ruby and I" Sapphire said.

"By annoy, do you mean help you two get together?" Blue asked.

"See? You're already starting!"

"Oh come on. Sapph"


"Well then, I think that it should come to a vote. All who want me to leave, raise your hand"

Sapphire raised hers.

"Jerk…all who want me to stay and make things infinitely more interesting, raise your hand"

Blue raised her hand and grabbed Ruby's hand and raised it. "I win!"

"Hey, that's cheating! Ruby's sleeping or…unconscious or something! Not fair!"

"I never gave any rules! So, where are the snacks?" Blue said, walking in the kitchen. "Man this room is tiny!"

"…This can only end in chaos" Sapphire said as she laid her head on the pillow.

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