Okay. The last chapter! This one has some really, really long reasons in it, so I hope that doesn't bother you. I also hope you guys don't mind that I decided to do a Twilight/True Blood comparison (again). I like to do that because the stories are really quite similar, so it can be interesting to compare them. Plus, I know a lot about True Blood, so it's easy for me to write about it. But feel free to criticise me if you don't think True Blood should be compared to Twilight, or if, like my family, you're just sick of hearing me go on about it.

Reason #111 was suggested by RoseNEmmettForever, and #112 was suggested by Dragonsketcher. Thanks, guys! :) Sorry if you suggested a reason and it wasn't included; I had to try to cut down the list because it was getting too long, so I left some things out.

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111. The Cullens, particularly Edward and Alice, have no regard for Bella's feelings at all, despite the fact that they are supposed to love her. We all know that Edward tries to control every aspect of Bella's life, including her friendships and her future, but Alice is just as bad. She throws big, elaborate parties for Bella twice in the series (once for her eighteenth birthday, and once for her graduation), even though she is well aware that her so-called "friend" doesn't like that kind of thing. Also, in Breaking Dawn, several of the Cullens – Edward in particular – think it is acceptable to abort Bella's pregnancy without her consent. The only reason they don't go through with that plan is because Rosalie won't let them. Of course, Bella has no regard for anyone's feelings either, but that doesn't make it okay for her vampire family to force her into things she doesn't want to do.

112. The vampires' physiology makes no sense at all, and Stephenie's "scientific explanations" weren't much help. Stephenie sometimes describes the vampires becoming paler during moments of stress, which is ridiculous, because you do actually need to have blood for this to occur. The blood can't drain from someone's face if they haven't got any of it in the first place. Stephenie has mentioned at some point that the vampires do have circulatory systems, but I can't even begin to imagine how that works. On top of that, there are a couple of moments when we're told that Edward's breathing has sped up. Vampires are DEAD, so why would they be breathing? We never get any explanation for that. Then there's the venom, which somehow causes people to become physically perfect when they transform into vampires. It also apparently functions as some kind of alternative to semen, which must be how Bella became pregnant. Hmm… that's just a little bit strange. Another problem is that although Stephenie attempted to explain her vampires scientifically, she then labelled the werewolves as purely magical creatures that have no scientific explanation. It just seems to me that it would have been more consistent if she had described her supernatural species as either both scientific or both magical.

113. Twilight has a single idealised standard of beauty, and all other kinds of beauty are ignored. The vampires are all pale white and rock-hard, and all of the "good" vampires have exactly the same colour eyes. We are all supposed to think that this is the highest standard of beauty, but I think Stephenie Meyer is forgetting that everyone has a different idea of what beauty actually is. Personally, I don't like the way the vampires look. I find their chalky white skin and yellow eyes kind of revolting, not attractive, and I know there are plenty of people who agree with me. It would have been a lot better if the vampires had been more diverse in their appearances. And one more thing: why would anyone believe that the Cullens are adopted siblings when they all have the exact same skin and eye colour? Just asking.

114. I hate the fact that Stephenie constantly proposes that humans are helpless, stupid, and completely unable to take care of themselves. From her point of view, a human could never be the hero of a story. Uh, no; that is not true. Look at all of the things human characters in other series have done. I'm going to use True Blood as an example, since it has a lot of similarities to Twilight (sorry for people who aren't fans of the show or the books). A lot of the main characters in True Blood are either fully human or mostly human. The main character, Sookie, is part-faerie and has a few supernatural powers, but since she has trouble controlling these powers, she is just as vulnerable as a normal human. Despite this, Sookie seems to spend most of her time rescuing her vampire friends and helping them out when they get themselves into sticky situations. Another character called Tara, who is fully human, certainly knows how to defend herself. When she is kidnapped and tied up by a psychopathic vampire called Franklin, she manages to chew through the ropes. She then beats Franklin's head in with a mace, incapacitating him temporarily so that she can escape. Later on, Tara's friend Jason kills Franklin by shooting him with a wooden bullet. Jason, Sookie's fully-human brother, often helps out when other people are in trouble. For example, in one episode of the second season, Eric (an extremely powerful, 1000-year-old vampire) is being held captive by a crazed anti-vampire reverend (a human), who is planning to kill him. When things are looking pretty grim, Jason runs in and shoots Reverend Newlin in the forehead with a paintball gun, thus creating a diversion and giving Sookie a chance to rescue Eric. Yep - Jason is entirely human with no supernatural abilities whatsoever, and he saved the day with a paintball gun. If a human can do that, then I think Bella can get off her ass and take care of herself every once in a while. The fact that she doesn't do anything of use until she is transformed into a vampire pretty much says it all. Sorry for the long rant, but I thought it would be a good idea to compare the humans in Twilight to the humans in another vampire series. Of course, there are heaps of other good examples out there. Right now, I'm thinking of the human characters from Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Doctor Who. The hobbits from Lord of the Rings also come to mind; I know they aren't humans, but they are the underdogs in the story, which makes them similar to the humans in Twilight. I'm sure all of you could all think of lots more examples of characters like these going up against supernatural forces.

115. I'm going to continue on with the theme of humans vs. vampires for a minute. Stephenie honestly believes that her precious, god-like vampires are superior to us lowly humans. According to her, there is no way a weak, useless little human could ever harm a vampire. What about all of the massive weapons that have been created by the military? I absolutely refuse to believe that a Twilight vampire could survive a direct hit from a huge bomb or a missile. It is stupid and ignorant to say that humans cannot defend themselves against these vampires, when we've invented a lot of weapons that could quite easily take them out. We are the most powerful species on the planet, and I find it hard to believe that a relatively small number of sparkly supernatural creatures could defeat us, no matter how strong and fast they were. At least the Volturi seem to have realised this; why else would they want to keep their existence a secret?

116. Stephenie Meyer. Everything about her. She created Twilight, and therefore all of this comes down to her. As I've said before, I don't like to make personal attacks on authors, but in this case, I think I am justified. Every single interview I have ever seen with Stephenie leads me to believe that she is arrogant, superficial, petty, and immature, not to mention convinced that her books are superior to every other book ever written. She has continually insulted her own HUSBAND and CHILDREN by saying that she would leave them forever if Edward or Jacob turned up at her door. She refused to finish Midnight Sun,even though she had promised it to her fans, after one copy was leaked (and don't forget that Stephenie actually willingly GAVE the copy to that person). After Breaking Dawn received a whole heap of criticism, Stephenie suggested that the reason why people didn't like it was because they were just weren't intelligent enough to understand her vision (as seen in an interview in The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide). Stephenie has constructed a female protagonist who is weak, submissive, and anti-feminist, and she still has the audacity to say that her series promotes feminism and freedom of choice. Worst of all, she has presented a cruel, selfish, possessive, abusive psychopath as the perfect man. A lot of tweens and teenagers honestly believe that they should aspire to be just like Bella, abusive boyfriend included, and it is all Stephenie Meyer's fault.

I'm sorry about that last point; I know it's inappropriate to talk about authors that way, but it had to be said. So, I've given you more than 100 reasons why Twilight is one of the worst book series ever written. I hope you've enjoyed reading this list as much as I've enjoyed writing it (yes, I did enjoy it, because I absolutely love ranting about things). It started off as light entertainment, but as you've seen, there are a lot of disturbing facts about Twilight that had to be addressed. Let's forget about the sparkly disco vampires for a minute and focus on the more serious sides of things. No, wait - first, let's imagine Edward or one of the other Cullens hanging from the ceiling at a disco and sparkling majestically.

Okay, now that we've taken care of that, here's my serious conclusion. I do not expect Twilight fans to change their mind about the series just because of my angry ranting, nor do I want to ruin everyone's fun by hating on their favourite book. Still, I hope you've learned something. As I said before, this list was intended to be entertaining, but I am also deeply concerned about the effect Twilight is having on its readers. Of course not everyone is going to start believing the messages Stephenie Meyer is sending us, but some people are. There are a lot of Twilight fans out there who would be inclined to think that if a guy stalks them and tries to control their lives, it means he loves them. I mean, that's what Bella thinks, and according to most Twilight fans, Bella is a pretty good role model. Of course, her personality and her behaviour are big problems as well. I have come across other characters that are almost as selfish, nasty, rude, arrogant, dull, and weak as her, but most of them were villains.

The "romance" in this series deserves a mention, as well. According to Stephenie Meyer, Bella and Edward are more in love than any other couple EVER. I've already explained why that is not true, and I can honestly say that I have no idea why Stephenie (and the fans) can't see that there is absolutely no love in that relationship whatsoever. This is not a love story.

I'll leave it there, because I don't want to spend even more time going on and on about the many things about Twilight that make me angry. So, I'll just say thank you so much to everyone for reading this story and sending me such lovely reviews! I'm glad you enjoyed my furious ranting. Bye! xxoo