"Carrie" The Movie



The bell rang for final period. Carrie of course was the last one out and unfortunately the only one in the eerie halls. She held her few reading books in her arms pressed hard against her flat chest staring around in the cold empty area surrounding her like some scared animal.

But before she had time to make it to her next class, she was instantly attacked from behind and slammed hard into a nearby locker.

Her books dropped one after the other with an echoing thud and her back ached after being pushed hard into the cold locker behind her. She was scared and utterly terrified.

It was Chris; Chris Hargensen, the only bitch that really truly wanted Carrie to die.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Chris barked digging her pearly white nails into the cold flesh of Carrie's fragile arms that had been pinned back at her sides against the ice cold lockers. Carrie didn't understand. Thoughts were running crazily through her head like an angry swarm of wasps after being disrupted and Chris's seductive blue eyes have now become more like a steel grey they way she glared at Carrie.

"I-I didn't-was all she had time to say before Chris moved her hot hand from one of her arms and grabbed a fist full of her long straw hair.

-Bitch!" Chris cawed and jerked her arm down sending Carrie landing face forward onto the hard floor below. After what happened, Carrie knew she couldn't do anything about it. Nothing would stop all this abuse and thinking constantly about it many times, hot tears began to stream down her face and she couldn't do anything else but kiss the ground she was forced upon.

Chris stood above her with hands on her hips that showed through that little pink belly shirt that she wore and smiled devilishly upon little White who began to cry even louder.

"You-and-Billy. FUCKING BITCH!" the slutty golden blond growled before kicking her in the side one last time and bent down to her size.

"Besides Carrie, you're so disgusting no man would ever want you." She whispered into her ear and stood up and left before Carrie even had time to pull herself together.

She lay there on the floor whimpering and squealing like a pig well until she found someone else actually; at least, attempting to help her up and that one person was Sue Snell.


E/N: Just an introduction and this scenario happened few days after the story. Hope it sounds good enough: First Carrie story :D Just hope it didn't spoil too much :/