"Carrie: The Movie"


Chapter Six: You and I

"Will it still hurt?" Carrie asked so quietly it made Tommy smile and kind of snicker just because it was too cute. Tommy leaned in forward closer to her and nodded. "Unfortunately, yes. You broke your nose Carrie. Of course it is still going to hurt." He explained to her fairly quickly and before long, there was a crackle of thunder and then came the bullet rain fall.

Carrie wasn't fond of storms and this one seemed strong. The wind howled and the trees began to swish violently against the side of the weak house.

Tommy realized that there was no way getting out of this house dry. "Don't go!" out of nowhere, Carrie ran into him and put her arms around him. He was very warm and it brought her closer. Tommy swallowed and blinked a few times before realizing what actually just happened.

"H-hey-hey it's alright. It's just rain Carrie." He assured her, in a sweet tone that no one could dare turn down without a smile.

Carrie did smile but didn't say a word.

"Well I don't want to bug you even more so I should be getting out of here?" he smiled at her the entire time he talked to her but the look she was giving him wasn't so happy.

The freckled beauty looked at him with such pain it made him feel it too: "Are you okay?" he asked her getting a bit worried and went forward again, stepping into her personal space, before actually grabbing her shoulders and quieting.

More crackling thunder in the distance-but it was so loud and so powerful the windows shuddered.

"Stay…she whispered staring at the floor as she begged and holding her hands over her skirt. Tommy looked down at her noticing the knee socks for the first time and the old worn down shoe laced shoes. No one wore those things that she was wearing at the moment anymore but she looked so cute every time he looked or even glanced at her, little house on the prairie popped into his mind.

Tommy had to stop and think. He didn't really know this girl personally but he was feeling real comfortable around her.

"I don't think Sue would mind." He told Carrie in a partial whisper, putting his hands into his pockets and staring at Carrie's many freckles.

Carrie brightened up on the inside and of course the outside. "You can sleep in my bed!" she stated so quickly, Tommy had not enough time to react.

He chuckled after coughing;

"Isn't that where you sleep?" he reassured her, feeling a bit too welcomed by this little girl but was enjoying it either way.

Carrie wasn't slow at all but she wasn't that quick witted. She had the smarts and was very intelligent but she has never had any experience with boys. Not once and this was the most exciting day of her life.

"I will sleep on the floor-I guess." She acknowledged him very soft, already getting the stuff ready and pulling them from the closet, where another Jesus statue hangs. Tom noticed the one thin holey blanket and the one flat lumpy pillow she had removed from her closet and decided it would be best if he'd take her place on the floor then she could sleep in comfort.

"No you take your bed and I take the floor. I'm the guest right?" he smiled at her, and gave him his most cute smile that attracted pretty much all those school girls, taking them from Carrie's hands.

She didn't budge on them. "No I am not that kind of person to make someone sleep on the floor; I have many times and it won't bother me. I promise Tommy." She jerked very softly on the pillow and blanket that he held also and he let go.

He still didn't think this was right.

So shaking his head he jumped and said: "No Carrie let's not turn this into a fight. You in bed and me on floor understand?" he crossed his arms, giving her a sign that he meant business and also the way his chest was puffed, she understood correctly.

She nodded very slowly. She dropped the blanket and the pillow at the same time still looking down like she was in some sort of trouble.

Tommy didn't mean it that way and could tell she was a gentle and very fragile girl: "Hey-hey its okay Carrie. I can take the floor, please." He insisted, fairly sympathetically, slowly taking away the blanket and pillow from her without her awareness. Her face turned a bit red but that didn't bother Tom. He was used to the girls blushing at him or anywhere near him; he was just that cute.

"So you get the bed and I get the floor okay?" he repeated just to make sure she knew correctly, which she did and began to get her bed ready. She couldn't help but stop to watch as Tommy made his bed on the floor.

He did it so quietly and calmly.

"Well I guess this is where I say goodnight. So-night Carrie." He said with a soft yawn before actually getting down where he belonged for the night. Carrie smiled before getting in bed herself. But first she had stood back to her feet and told Tommy to keep his face turned while she removed her skirt.

He agreed with her to do what he was told, but being Tommy, he ended up peeking just a little and that sight brought a soft smile to his lips.

"Are you looking?" she asked him, looking over her shoulder at him but he shook his head and said no. Carrie didn't believe him as much as she should but it really didn't bug her all that much to really care.


After they both settled down and the rain passed, Carrie couldn't sleep through those 15 minutes that she had been in bed.

She lay awake staring up at the ceiling that was completely overridden by darkness that brought the room temperature a bit down to almost freezing.

She never dreamed of someone like Tommy would come into her life like this. Not ever like this.


E/N: Okay I know this was mostly Tommy and Carrie but I will have more chapters made:D Stay tuned! But I am making a new Carrie story. This time it is the remake version and its an all Tommy/Carrie story!