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Maura had just arrived in the Bullpen from her lab downstairs, looking for Jane to give her some reports on the findings in her autopsies in their most current case together. Jane, however was nowhere in sight and her desk was a jumble of papers, folders and general rubbish. The desk drawers and cabinets were also in disarray, so to utilise the time she had spare, Maura rounded the Detective's desk to begin the seemingly mammoth task of clearing it off for Jane.

Maura began with dusting off the chair, ridding it off fastfood wrappings and chewing gum papers before she sat down on it, looking to the desk or rather what occupied the desk in front of her, she couldn't actually see any desk beneath the mounds of debris that Jane had allowed to accumulate on it. Sighing, the Medical Examiner leaned forward and lifted up some screwed up paper balls, dropping them neatly into the garbage can before she nodded, satisfied with the job she'd started. Next came the empty, Styrofoam coffee cups, Maura winced as she dumped those into the garbage with more gusto than the paper balls.

After shuffling some of Jane's paperwork out of the way, Maura jumped a little and winced deeply, looking to what lay on the desk; a half eaten, bacteria ridden club sandwich, "How does Jane let this pile up so...disgusting!" she said as she pulled out a pair of her purple gloves and donned them, before she pulled the sandwich on its wrapping towards the edge of the desk, and moved the trash can underneath so she could swipe the sandwich into the can without focusing on the greening bread and grey of what once was a healthy tomato.

Once the disgusting part of the clearing of Jane's desk was over, Maura removed and tossed her glovies into the can with the rest of the garbage before she began sifting through the paperwork, matching the case files up with the reports and evidence as she filed it into the correct manilla holdings. Closing drawers and sorting out each of the cubbies in each drawer (Angela had most definitely taught Maura a thing or two about organisation), the Medical Examiner turned to start filing the folders that had been strewn, contents and all across Jane's desk.

As Maura was filing, placing the manilla folders back into the drawers of the cabinet after she found out Jane's system, Maura came across a drawer full of files that were unmarked. She furrowed her brows softly and tilted her head, lifting one of the files out. She flipped open the cover and saw a picture of Frost inside. It was his personal employment file. Maura gasped and swiftly replaced it, back into the safe haven of the filing cabinet, swishing the drawer closed and turning to make sure nobody had saw her make this discovery. Upon realising nobody had saw her in fact, Maura turned back around to the cabinet and opened the drawer which she had found Frost's file.

She took a few moments to flip through the files, not taking them out of their places, but she had obtained the skill of pushing the other folders away far enough in the drawer to be able to open the file and see the first page. She took none of them from their places until she reached her own file.

DR. ISLES, Maura

She read her name, and felt the flush rise up her neck. Maura was desperate to read everything written about her in that file but looking at it, it would take her a few hours and Jane had only gone out for lunch with her mother and two brothers, she was due back in the police department within the hour. Glancing over her shoulder, Maura made her first judgement call in Detective work (if she didn't count the interrogation of Charles Hoyt) and she fished for her Birkin, quickly placing the manilla folder inside the oversize bag and closing the cabinet gently.

As she was walking away, Jane entered and almost moved the Medical Examiner down trying to get to her now tidy desk, "Maur- jeez!" she exclaimed as she stepped back and looked to Maura, "Sorry." she said and looked over the seemingly flushed Doctor.

"Hi Jane. Did you enjoy lunch with your family?" Maura smiled brightly and looked at Jane.

Jane nodded and sighed a little, "It was nothing spe- what did you do to my desk?" she looked to her spotless desk, now able to see the varnished wood.

"Your mother's organisational skills did the trick, Jane. I had some free time..."

"You tidied my desk?" Jane questioned, rhetorically, "Are you trying to drive me crazy? I'll be looking for that stuff for weeks!"

"There happened to be a sandwich from 1999 under those papers..." Maura dabbed her hand at some sarcasm and received a blank stare from Jane, "It was in the late stages of..."

"I don't want to know! Jeez, Maura!" Jane sighed, sitting down in her chair and swivelling a little as she leaned back and placed her hands over her face.

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't see your workspace so crowded Jane. I thought your feng shui needed re-adjusting. I sense a lot of negative energy around your work station." Maura nodded and gently shrugged.

"So, you took out my Detective system?"

"I wouldn't say 'took out' more 're-aligned' it..." Maura nodded.

Jane sighed and shook her head. She'd had enough of her Rizzoli family drama over lunch, she did not need to return to Maura's literal and linear ways, "Reports, what did you find?"

"On your desk, in the tray labelled 'Evidence' next to your coffee mug warmer. Jane, I have to leave, I have some reading to do." Maura scurried off as she left Jane trying to figure out the system Maura had put into play on her desk and around her station.

Once more Jane sighed, tilted her head back and groaned, "Really?"