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As Maura was about to leave her lab, she took out her cell to call Jane, but Jane just appeared out of the elevators, bouncing a little, and still limping around. Looking up at Jane, Maura tilted her head a little and she furrowed her brows briefly before she smiled to the Detective. Maura saw Jane frowning back, mirroring her expression as she had laid eyes on the folder Maura was carrying.

"What are you doing with that?" Jane asked her, her eyes flicking between Maura and the folder in her hand.

"Well, I was tidying around your desk an-"

"You? It was you who tidied my desk?" Jane glared to Maura.

Maura frowned a little before she cracked a smile and looked to Jane, "Lets face it, you are a bit of a slob, Jane." she nodded, agreeing with herself as she looked over the Detective, noticing the crumbs on her T-shirt, and the trail of coffee down her abdomen and trousers.

"I am not!" Jane defended herself.

"Oh?" Maura raised her brow, slightly amused at this conversation.

"It's called a working lunch, Doctor Isles!" Jane insisted before she looked to Maura, catching the Medical Examiner almost doubled with amusement, "Oh, alright..." she folded then, with Maura's expressions. She frowned and gave Maura an odd look over, "What's with the smirk? Did you find a nicer shoe than the last pair you bought?"

"No, you may have missed a relationship out of this report, Jane."

Jane raised a brow to Maura, "Well, I can't keep up with your weird-ass conditioned dates."

"I haven't had a date since you happened to walk in on...Tom and I." Maura furrowed her brows softly before she looked up at Jane, "It was rather unfortunate for Tom, he was almost at his highest level. He was ready to climax, Jane."

"Okay, okay!" Jane screwed up her face in semi-disgust as she recalled that evening of harsh lovemaking she had interrupted for Maura and Tom.

"It had just so happened, I'd already reached one orgasm, and he was driving me to my next." Maura smirked proudly.

"Maura." Jane started in a tone that suggested she was giving the Medical Examiner a warning.

"Yes, Jane?"

"I told you not to give details of your sex life. It's like picturing my parents having sex..." she frowned and shivered at the mental image she'd just given herself, before she opened her eyes and looked at Maura, "And you wonder why that report is so detailed..." she scoffed a little, scuffing her feet as she leaned against the wall and glanced again to Maura.

"No, it's not detailed though. You weren't very precise with details nor conclusions, or predictions for the future."

"Maura, what the hell are you talking about?" Jane eyed the Medical Examiner suspiciously, "I mean, I'm pretty sure I got them all in there..."

"No. You didn't include the most important."

"Which was...? I'm pretty sure Ian's in there." Jane retorted.

"Yes, you did include Ian...but that's not the important one I'm referring to."

"Maura, will you stop with these games, and just tell me!"

The Medical Examiner stepped closer to Jane, her new Jimmy Choo's clacking on the corridor tile, she smiled at the Detective. A bright smile, knowing too. Maura set the folder down on the bench outside her autopsy lab and smirked up at Jane. The smile had been replaced. Looking up at Jane, Maura suddenly said, "This one." and she leaned in as swiftly as she'd spoken, kissing Jane.

Jane, of course was taken aback, she just blinked, raising her brows as she looked down to Maura.

"Aren't you going to say someth-"

Maura was interrupted mid-sentence by Jane, as lips crashed down against hers and she was pushed back up against the wall. She felt Jane's hand moving against her, and the Detective's badge pressing against her pelvis, through layers of dress and cardigan. It was then, Maura moaned and closed her eyes as she enjoyed Jane's lips on hers, tongue just starting to probe along quivering lips.

After pulling back, Jane smirked to Maura, "You know, I think you're right, I missed a very important relationship here..."

"See?" Maura smirked, looking to Jane.


"So, are you glad I decided on cleaning your desk and snooping through your file cabinet?"

"Yes! How else would this have happened?" Jane raised her brows.

"Well, it just so happens, I was writing my own report, on you." Maura announced and smirked, looking to Jane's hand at her hip. She glanced back up at Jane and she lowered her voice to barely more than a hushed whisper as she stated, "And, it's much more to join me in investigating it, Detective?" With that tone, Jane could not refuse. She even could swear she saw Maura wink up at her before they entered the lab, to head into Maura's office to 'investigate' the report Maura had begun.