A/N: Moritz's father's point of view, at the funeral. (more A/N at the bottom)

I never intended for events to take such a cruel and sick turn in our lives. I never wanted my son to…take his own life. That Melchior Gabor, was he right? Had I been an awful father to my boy? I never meant to hurt him. I simply wanted to mold him into a better man than myself. I let him cry to turn him into a capable man who could handle difficulties without defeat. I wished for him to cope with the hardships of life better than I. I wanted him to be successful!

I was selfish. I was thinking only of how hard my own life was, how precious my reputation was.

My life has not been easy. My father was a cold man. He was always pushing me to reach for the stars, but I felt like the stars were burning me. He hoped too high. He was…just like I was as a father. I was never good enough for him, so I tried to push my son to accomplish great things that I had not. I saw too much of myself in him.

I try to be a good husband. It is not easy dealing with my wife's illness. How do you comfort one who is at the mercy of their own ever fickle mind? Moritz used to ask why his Mamma would suddenly go from on top of the world to the bottom of a trench. I would just run out of the room, let him cry into his sheets, let his friends wonder why his face was always stained with tears.

I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I had to make a living, deal with my wife, try to mold my son into a better version of myself, teach Moritz to reach for those strongly burning stars.

His friends are another story. Melchior, that boy is smart. He does not let anyone get to him. He's always questioning the ways of the world, and I fear he is right about me. If only Moritz could have gained some of his determination. Melchior is strong, while I am weak. Moritz was weak. I never was there to teach him to be strong. I thought he would teach himself.

Stars are beautiful. They paint the night sky and light the way to distant lands. They burn with a bright tenacity that is envied by many. A brightness like that is so envied, yet so very unobtainable. People are so fascinated with the brightness above, they forget that there is already a world around them. I should have realized that while one can shoot for the stars, they must be taught how to get off the ground first. Moritz never had a boost. He felt alone in the night sky, and now his star is extinguished. Now everything is so dark. So dark…

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Oh, yes, I hinted at Moritz's mother being bipolar. Yes, my own touch, I wanted an explanation for why his mother was never there, and to add to his dad's reasoning for his behavior.

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