"Let's dance," River purred. She licked her teeth and bit her bottom lip. " All three of us."

" All I need to hear," Jack replied. " But first, Doctor," he paused. "Your jacket." River walked behind him and slid the tweet jacket from his shoulders. The Captain pulled on the Doctor's suspenders.

"Still overdressed," he whispered. He pulled on the bow tie, loosening it from its hold in the collar of the button up shirt. The Doctor whimpered. " And these," Jack added, unclipping the top three buttons, his knuckles brushing the skin of the Doctor's chest. Each second of contact seemed to light him up like fire.

" Dance," the Doctor choked. " The dance floor."

" Of course," River whispered into his ear. She pulled him by the suspenders and the trio found themselves amidst the rest of the gyrating couples, moving in slick and fluid motions.

It was the last word any of them spoke for a while. The music pulled from the saxophones and trumpets on stage moved them to a world of their own. River found herself before the Doctor, her purple cocktail dress riding up against the fabric of his slacks. He could feel the swell of waist moving around in a most desired friction, her head rolling back and giving him full view of her beautiful valley of breasts that hulled and swayed with the motion of the music.

On her other side Jack danced with equal vigor, his eyes never leaving the Doctor's as he moved against River's thighs, his hands, tight upon her hips.

Doctor whimpered, his eyes half lidded by River's arching and writhing against his desires. " Yes, Doctor?" Jack replied, his chest rising with the harsh intake of breath from each arch River offered him and a smug look upon his face.

River paused for a moment and the two men were pulled from their reverie of dancing and were brought, instead, to the sweet sound of simultaneous breathing.

Jack lifted the Doctor's chin. " Don't think," he said, and he brought the Doctor's lips to his own.

The Doctor hadn't remembered how good it felt to be intimate with another person. The feeling of Jack's lips on his own and the hotness of tongue as it forced it way into his mouth. Between them River mewled against his body.

" Back," the Doctor moaned "Back to the TARDIS," River hit a button on the band on her wrist and they were transported.

The Doctor felt himself being pushed. Behind him Jack moved with the sway of his hips, the desire an obvious one as he nipped at the Doctor's exposed neck, the erogenous point in his nape forcing a moan from his throat.

River grabbed his hips with her hands, grinding against his pants like pure power. He couldn't contain his whimpers.

" Let it out Doctor," Jack whispered in his ear, biting the lobe. " Let go, let us love you." And with that inclination the Doctor took a breath and his inhibitions left his shoulders and he pushed back against River with such a force that she moaned into his mouth.

" Jack," he mumbled, and the Captain raised an eyebrow. " Get over here." He pulled Jack towards him by his waistband and ravaged his mouth, tipping his head back until his exposed neck became the Doctor's ground of hot kissing, and sweet, dirty biting.

Above him River submitted to the aggressive hotness of Jack's mouth and the Doctor found his fingers grabbing greedily at Jack's buttons. Jack let out a laugh, which was more of a growl and gripped the Doctor's suspenders.

"Let us love you," he told him, and switched places, letting River seduce the Doctor's mouth as he trailed his fingers down his shirt, pulling at each button until his chest was exposed. River and he grabbed at the cloth until it was thrown to the ground. The Doctor felt the snap of his suspenders against his skin as Jack ripped those as well, rushing to the zip of his trousers.

The feeling of River's mouth on his was driving the Doctor mad, and he grabbed at the purple cocktail dress, the one he had been ogling her through all night.

"I'm yours, Doctor," she whispered to him. "We both are." At that invitation he pulled down the sleeves, letting the slip of a dress fall to the ground. The black lace of her bra covered her sweet, round breasts and the Doctor couldn't wait to get it off her. Jack looked up from his work at the Doctor's fly and admired the body of the goddess before him.

" River Song," he began, but the Doctor finished his thoughts,

" My god, you're beautiful." She looked at him through a smile.

" Oh, Sweetie," was all she said, before pulling him towards her again. He made work of the new canvas, caressing the skin of her chest with his lips, running through the valley of breasts. Somehow he managed to pull her bra from her, tossing the offending garment to the ground. She writhed beneath him as a finger rolled over her left nipple and his mouth found her right, make sweet, slow swirling motions. He nibbled lightly and her head tossed back, moaning to the air.

" Feisty," the Doctor whispered, but his words caught in his throat as Jack pulled him from his pants, letting them dropped to the ground in a heap. The cold air caught him by he wasn't given time to think about it, before Jack's mouth engulfed him in heat.

His eyes were half lidded and all semblance of thought had escaped him, the beautiful feeling of Jack riding his cock with his mouth, taking him tip to base, fluid and slow was the only thing in the world.

He pulled together, kissing River with force and ripping the matching lace panties from her hips.

" Doctor," she moaned into him. But he cut her short, sliding a finger into her core, wet and hot and inviting.

" Doc" she whimpered again, but he found her spot, sliding another finger in to meet the first pumping against her body in a sweet, sinful rhythm. Below him Jack moved at a teasingly slow pace, forcing harsh moans.

Jack let the Doctor free from his sweet torture and his mouth joined the Doctor's fingers at the apex of River's thighs. The combined sensations of tongue and fingers forced River over the edge and she came hard, moaning into the two men.

" I want to be in you," the Doctor moaned into River's ear. " And I want you, too Jack."

"Jack's overdressed," he added. " Think we should help." They turned to face him, pulling from his body the last remaining articles of clothing and finding the exposed skin too tempting to avoid touching.

Finally the Doctor found his sweet spot, Jack's thick cock, sprouting from the nestle of dark curls. He couldn't help but lick his lips.

" See something you like, Doc?" He mumbled into River's breasts. "Fuck you have great tits."

" Mhm, thank you," she hissed, before kissing him again. "Doctor, I want you," she added. " Now."

" Then come here," he beckoned, pulling her into a kiss that ended with the three of them splayed on the TARDIS floor.

" Sweet Rasilon," he murmured, looking at her. "You are gorgeous."

" Take me," she begged. " Take us both."

" I'm looking forward to it." He teased her entrance with the head of his cock, her whimpers toying with his self control. Jack kissed him. Hard.

"Give it to her, Doc," he groaned. "Look at how bad she wants it. Give it to her." He pushed in to the hilt and River let out a sweet, shuddering moan.

"Circe," the Doctor moaned. "Jack, come here." The Captain moved swiftly placing himself before the Doctor's mouth. He licked his lips at the throbbing muscle in front of him.

"Doctor," River moaned. "Move." The doctor took Jack in his mouth and began to rock into River's body, slowly, too slowly for each of his partners.

" Doctor," she whimpered. "I won't break. Harder." That was all it took, he broke into a frenzy, Jack's cock sliding in and out of his mouth, his own riding River like it was his last living act.

And that was it. One more thrust and River squeezed tight around his cock, throbbing hard and shouting to the world as stars erupted behind her eyelids, riding out her release. The tightness was too much for him and exploded around her, eyes tight, sweet foreign curses riding his lips as he filled her. And at the sight Jack found his own release, mumbling curses, incoherent babbling, sweet, hard and hot, the Doctor swallowed Jack and the three slumped together, the electric effects of their lovemaking still tingling hot upon their skin.

"Well, I feel relaxed," the Doctor whispered with a sleepy grin, and they lay, the three of them on his TARDIS floor, The Doctor and his friends, friends willing to do anything for him.