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~She needed light, she found it within his frozen heart~

Jason was caught off guard, and barley managed to move, but she knew he was going too, and twisted as he moved, tackling him. The two rolled, snarling and growling. Jason got the upper hand and punched her hard across the face.

Carlisle snarled, and Edward put a hand on his shoulder.

Angel snarled and twisted so she pushed him off. He threw himself back at her, but she was ready. Angel snarled and leaned hard, her face by his shoulder. She dug her teeth deep into him and he cried out in pain. Angel yanked back and stood at the same time. Again jason cried out. Angel smiled and dropped the piece of his shoulder onto the ground.

"That ones for me." She hissed.

Jason flipped to his feet and lunged at her, she quickly dodged, and climbed onto his back. She bit hard into his throat and tore another chunk.

"That ones for my mom."

Jason snarled angrily. She attacked again, ripping yet another chunk from his arm.

"That ones for my brother!" She screamed.

"ENOUGH!" Jason yelled. He threw his hands forward and Angel went flying back. She hit a tree and then the ground and groaned in pain.

Quickly she got to her feet, but Jason was faster. He picked her up and threw her. She landed in the river, gasping as she again got to her feet.

She snarled and ran forward, tackling Jason. The two rolled again. Angel got the upper hand, perching on his back with his arms pinned behind him, by one of Angel's hands.

He snarled and writhed beneath her.

"I became strong. I lived through pain. I lived through torment. I lived through death. I have seen what hell looks like. And you know what i found when i got there?" She growled. Angel leaned closer to him. "I found a seat with your name on it."

Jason let out an angry scream and it was quickly cut off as Angel pressed her lips to his throat and ripped off his head.

"And that, was for zachery." She pulled a lighter from her pocket, flicked it on, and dropped it on his writhing body.

She stepped away, taking deep breathes as the tears flowed. Angel fell to her knees. A figure suddenly appeared beside her. She looked up as Carlisle looked worriedly at her. He held out his hand and she took it. He pulled her to her feet and she sobbed against him.

After awhile she pulled away, watching as the smoke from Jason's burning body disappeared.

She turned with a snarl as something leaped over the river but sighed when she realized it was only members of the pack. Sam, Embry, and Paul snarled, looking around.

"Stand down Sam, i killed him."

Sam snorted, and turned to walk into the woods. He appeared a few moments later, phased and dressed, embryo and paul beside him.

"Jacob, leave him to blab."

"are you alright?"

"I'm fine. Bruised, but fine." Her face twisted with worry. "What about Alex? Is she alright?"

"Curled in Emily's arms, with Jacob standing over them when i left. Worried about you, otherwise she is fine."

Angel nodded. "Good. Thats good." She turned and curled back against Carlisle's chest, his arms wrapped tight about her. "I want her here."

Sam nodded. "I'll go have Jake bring her."

"Thank you Sam." Carlisle said.

Jacob arrived a while later, Alex nestled on his back. When she saw Angel she laughed with delight.

Angel ran to Jacob, practically climbing onto his back to retrieve her daughter, holding her gently in her arms.

"Momma, momma," Alex said. "I love you momma."

"I love you too my little one. I love you too."

~One Year Later~

"MOM!" A little voice screamed.

Angel's head snapped, her eyes filling with momentary fear, until she saw why her daughter was screaming.

Alex laughed, and screamed for her mother again. Jacob growled behind her, wolf form, chasing her over the yard.

"Come here," Angel lauged, opening her arms wide.

Alex ran forward and threw herself into her arms. "Momma, momma,"

"I got you baby,"

Jacob bound forward and stopped. Angel turned away with a laugh, and jacob began nosing them, sniffing. The two laughed and Angel wrapped her arms around Alex.

"He's gonna eat me!" Alex squealed.

Jacob laughed and bound away, returning a moment later dressed.

"Hey kiddo come here." Jacob held out his hands and Alex jumped into his waiting arms, both of them laughing.

Angel smiled, then sighed as a pair of arms wrapped around her. "Hello my love."

"My angel, how were you today?"

"I was good. Just watching little miss trouble."

"Trouble huh?"

"Oh yes." Angel laughed.

THe two looked at their daughter. She looked like a five or six year old now, and was beautiful. Her strawberry blonde curls now fell to her waist, as she ran around, jacob chasing her. She looked like angel, but Carlisle lingered in her angelic face.

She laughed and it was music to her parents ears.

Angel smiled and leaned her head against Carlisle's shoulder. "I love you, Carlisle."

"I love you Angel."

Alec laughed and ran up to the two, patting her mothers leg. Angel lifted her up and kissed her forehead.

Angel smiled. Her life was perfect now. A loving husband, a beautiful daughter, and a very large amazing family. And she loved every minute of it. Angel couldn't even imagine what would have happened if carlisle hadn't found her that day in seattle. Angel closed her eyes, and lived her life.

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