E/O Challenge: Grapple

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, Sam or Dean. They are the property of Eric Kripke.

"Sam, if you let me fall—" Dean warned as he held onto his climbing rope for dear life. Stupid wendigos. Stupid mountain.
"You won't fall! Put your feet on the rock and pull yourself up!"
Dean put his feet up and tried to push off, but he slipped, and his body crashed against the cold mountain. I'm going to kill him if I survive this.
Suddenly he felt an upward tug on the grapple hook clipped around his belt.
"You have to push off, Dean! You're going to fall!"
Dean gathered himself and hoisted himself up to the top, where Sam was waiting to help him.
"Next time you want to hunt a wendigo, let's do it in a forest that's on the ground."

A/N: Sorry, I couldn't help but go over 100 words on this one. So here's 125 words of scared/angry Dean!