"You're just awful, you know that?"

Kotetsu grinned down at his partner. "Is that so, Bunny?" He shoved Barnaby's head back down, relishing at the gag that came from his partner. "Won't you tell me why again?"

Barnaby was glad his glasses were still on so that he could see the older hero better. He glared into the gold eyes, not caring if he looked ridiculous.

"Oh come one, Bunny. You made the bet. I wasn't even going to take it," Kotetsu complained at his partner's lack of enthusiasm. Barnaby lifted his head his head to answer.

"I didn't think you'd win," he growled out before his head was pushed down again.

"If I could catch the robbers before you, you would suck my dick," Kotetsu said, raising one finger, pretending to be Barnaby. He laughed at himself and grinned seductively at his younger partner. "Ye of little faith"

He grabbed the blond curls roughly, lifting Barnaby's mouth to his, giving him a hard kiss. Barnaby moaned despite himself and tried to deepen the kiss. Kotetsu laughed and pushed him back.

"Ah ah, Bunny-chan. Finish the job at hand," Kotetsu wagged his finger. Barnaby sighed and moved back to his previous position."

"You're the '1 minute man'. How the hell did you get them before me?"

Kotetsu just laughed, while roughly pushing Barnaby's head back down to finish him.

As he caught his breath, Kotetsu muttered "That's an old man's secret. We have our ways of lasting longer too, you know?"

Barnaby blinked before bursting out laughing. He pulled his glasses off and straddled Kotetsu. "Is that so? Then show me what this old man can do"