Chapter 3

Xenolinguistics Club Room, Starfleet Academy, Earth; 2256

It had been two months since Carol had ripped his heart out and ran it through a twentieth century blender. There were still times when he saw her on campus and had to turn around and flee before she could see him. She still made him feel fragile as cracked glass and he couldn't stand that weakness. He didn't want anyone else to see it either. If they saw, if they knew, then they would use it against him just as they did every other rumor that passed around the quad. Everyone at Starfleet seemed to think he had gotten in either because of who his Father was or by letting Pike bend him over the bar table for a good rough fuck. No matter how good his grades were they still saw the hick farm boy that only had sex with farm animals that Uhura was always complaining about. If that wasn't bad enough half the girls there believed every rumor that Uhura told them about how he had practically tried to rip her cloths off in the bar before "Cupcake" stepped in to save her and avoided him like the plague, spreading the rumors even further in their hatred of who they thought he was.

The girls who didn't exactly like Uhura seemed willing to give him a chance but most still thought he got in on his good looks and his Father's name. Carol had been different. She had wanted to know him. Had gone out of her way to ignore the rumors and talk to him. She had given him the chance to prove himself and had quickly come to believe that he was so much more than anyone believed. She had made him feel intelligent and worthwhile. As long as she had believed in him everyone else's words just rolled off. But in the end she had turned out to be just as dangerous as all the others. She had turned on him and shredded what little self-esteem he had to pieces. Bones kept telling him that one day it wouldn't hurt so much, that he would be able to look at her and not break apart. He wanted to believe Bones but besides Bones and Pike, Carol had been the only other person to ever believe he could be something. That he could do something with his life that would make his Father proud.

"Attention Cadets," the voice filled the clubroom. It was a strong voice but Jim was surprised by the flatness of it. It was as if the speaker was a robot of some kind. "The Xenolinguistics Club shall begin the first meeting of this quarter in three minutes and fifteen seconds."

Jim looked away from the PADD he had been reading to where the instructor stood at the front of the room. Jim had never attended the Xenolinguistics club before, mostly because he knew Uhura would be there. But languages were a hobby of his and Bones had spent the last four days badgering him into joining the Chess Club and the Xenolinguistics Club so that he could make new friends and let other people on campus get to know the real him. Looking down at the instructor below, Jim was suddenly sure that he couldn't care less about the other club members knowing him. But that man…there was something about that man below that made Jim sit up and take notice. He wanted to know that man and he wanted that man to know him.

Turning to the cadet sitting next to him Jim asked, "Who is that instructor?"

The girl, an Orion, turned to look at him and smiled. "That's Professor Spock. He teaches the Vulcan language classes and several of the Science Courses." Giving Jim a wicked smile she glanced back down at the front of the room, "Of course he's cute too."

"Yeah," Jim could hardly take his eyes away from the man and as he moved about the room getting information from each cadet as to the languages they spoke Jim was surprised to realize he was a Vulcan. Looking up at the man Jim felt his heart flutter in his chest.

"What languages are you fluent in, Cadet?"

"Kirk. Jim Kirk." Professor Spock's eyebrow rose briefly but his expression didn't change otherwise. "I speak Federation Standard of course but I'm also fluent in Klingon and Caitian, and I know a bit of Andorian as well."

Professor Spock noted it down on his PADD and then turned to the Orion girl next to him. "And you, Cadet?"

"Gaila. I speak two variations of Orion, Federation Standard and I know enough Ferengi not to get screwed over."

"Very well." Spock noted it down and then walked away, continuing to get the rest of the members information. About fifteen minutes later Professor Spock was back at the front of the room. Jim could feel Gaila's eyes on him again but his eyes were trapped on Spock. "I will have a schedule posted at the next meeting for times for all of you to take a standardized test to get an accurate idea of your true skill levels. For those of you who test high enough you will be asked to tutor fellow cadets from both the Command track and the Communications track. If none of you have any questions the meeting shall be called."

When no one spoke up Professor Spock turned and stepped away from the podium at the front of the room. Jim watched him and for the first time since Carol left he didn't feel like he was one unkind word away from breaking beyond repair. Spock didn't care about who he was, he had recognized the name but he hadn't commented on it like the other instructors did. He had simply proceeded as if Jim was just another student and not the son of a famous hero. It made Jim feel normal.

"So, Jim Kirk," came the sultry voice from the Orion girl next to him. "What is a Command track guy like you doing in a place like this?"

Jim couldn't help but laugh. "I like languages. They don't have pretensions of grandeur and they don't judge you on who you are. What about you?"

"My roommate is in the Communications track and she wanted me to come, broaden my horizons. Apparently she thinks I can do better than to be another boring Engineering cadet." Gaila snorted. "She can be pretty uptight and a bit of a bitch but she's nice to me. Doesn't look down on me for being an Orion."

"That must be nice. I think I know all of one person here who doesn't just see the great George Kirk's son when they look at me."

"Captain Pike?"

Jim looked at Gaila startled. "What?"

"Everyone on campus knows that he personally recruited you. I just figured that he was the one you were talking about since he went out of his way for you." Gaila shrugged and looked back into the crowd of milling cadets.

"No. He sees me but he sees me in the shadow of my Father." Jim looked into the crowd and flinched when his eyes meet Uhura's. She was glaring at him from where she stood in the crowd waiting to talk with Professor Spock. "My roommate. He doesn't care about who you are or who you know. All that matters is what you say and what you do." Jim smiled. "It's great."

"Yeah, it is." Gaila shared a smile with him before standing. "If you want another friend who doesn't care about your name, come find me again." Gaila tossed him a saucy smirk and disappeared into the crowd of people.

Dinas Affaraon, Planet Nibiru; 2256

Harry was forever being amazed by what they were coming up with for the school. The school was very much a castle but instead of the dark stone they had used a beautiful white stone that looked like marble but was apparently much stronger. Like the buildings in the other caverns they took great care to design and perfect the schematic for the building based on their current needs and projected future needs. Already the school was twice the size of Hogwarts, but with all the best features. There were two different stairwells where the stairs would move themselves randomly and another three stairwells where the stairs remained in the settings. There were countless hidden passageways and hidden rooms. Some designed specifically for students to find in their off hours, some meant for quick escapes in case of war (something everyone hoped would not be needed) and others that were there for the teachers and the house elves to get around the school quickly in cases of emergency.

They already had the main hall, kitchens, ground floor classrooms and the dungeons built. The dungeons, which had been Snape's job to design, had several large classrooms meant to hold large numbers of students for lectures, smaller classrooms for personal studies as well as two separate dormitories. Technically it was one dormitory for one of the houses, which Snape would be the Head of House for. But Snape had decided it would be better to have one for the girls and one for the boys with a joined Common Room. Like Slytherin House back on Earth the dormitories were built in part under the underground ocean allowing the students to watch the animal life of the lake from their windows. The mermaids from the Black Lake and from a few other lakes around Earth were already in the ocean setting up their own city, which was fascinating to watch from the dormitory. Harry also liked that two of the larger classrooms in the dungeon had large, almost panoramic views underwater. It was a bit eerie at first but soon enough with the magical lights, designed to look like gas-lamps, all lit up it became a charming series of rooms.

Harry himself was tasked with helping to design one of the other House Common Rooms and Dormitories, a Defense Training Room and joined classroom and on top of that he was responsible for creating a Marauder's Map of the school that the Headmistress could keep in her office to monitor everyone on the school grounds. After talking with the other teachers Harry had also created a smaller version of the map that the Heads of House could keep which would show the entirety of the school along with areas that had secure items being stored, such as the Potions supplies, but the only students that would show on it would be the ones in their house unless a student from another house broke into a secure area.

Today Harry was helping add his power along with several others to melt and reform the stone into the complex set of rooms for the first and second level up from the ground floor. It would take almost five hours to do and at the end they were all likely to be exhausted and in need of some attention from the Mediwizards waiting behind them, as well as a large amount of food. Harry always felt like he hadn't eaten in weeks after they did this, but it was worth it. Knowing that he was helping to build this magnificent school where other children would be able to learn magic made it worth every bit of strain. Harry was going to be working at the school as well, helping to teach the students Defense Against the Dark Arts. He had decided to base a lot of the lessons off what he had done with the DA and on what Remus had taught them. He wanted the class to fun and interactive while still being serious enough to make sure they knew when to use a spell and when not to.

The school had three teachers for each course now so no one was over worked by the sheer numbers of students they would have. Many of the teachers were working out a system between themselves on what to teach so that every student was learning the same things. In some cases there would be specialty classes for certain magics that students could only take after their OWLs were done. There were two different classes teaching Divination, one by Frenzie and another by a Hindi woman, who was recognized as one of the best in the world at that particular branch of magic. There were at least five classes that were Shamanistic magics. One by an Aboriginal Wizard from Australia, One Cherokee Shaman from America, another from the Far North of Canada, one from the Rainforest of South America, and another from Kenya. There were other classes as well, things that had never been taught at Hogwarts but were things Harry was sure the future students of the school would love.

Hagrid and several other Care of Magical Creature teachers were going to be teaching classes alongside Muggle biology and zoology teachers. They would go into greater detail about all the animals brought on The Ark as well as many that were left behind and others that were being found on Nibiru everyday. Kat Everson had agreed to teach a Technomancy class in conjunction with a muggle electronics and computer science teacher, Robert Steinberg, who would teach the students all the basics of Muggle technology first. It was really very fascinating. Many of the students from his time at Hogwarts were already taking some of those classes so that they could better function in the new Wizarding World. No longer were they going to be trapped in a Victorian type culture where the most technologically advanced device was the Wizarding Wireless Radio. Now there were computers, muggle medical technology, internet connections, eReaders for books, theme parks with animatronics characters, TV shows and big screen movies planned. The new Wizarding World was being merged with the muggle so that soon they would truly be one people. All students whether Muggle or Magical were going to have to pass all the muggle classes that were required in traditional muggle schools. That way everyone had the same chance to learn and grow. While the Muggles would never be able to use magic they were allowed to take classes about magic and it's different branches so that they understood what magic was capable of and how to work with it to achieve greater results with their technology.

"Are you ready, Potter," Snape asked coming up behind him.

"As ever." Harry smiled and looked over what had already been built, trying to picture the school and its grounds in the finished state. "I just wish it wasn't taking so long to build. It'll be nice to have it done."

Snape snort and looked the start of the school over as well. "It'll be months yet until the school is completed and we can start moving in furniture and supplies for the classes."

"Yeah, but its nice to think we are getting closer."

"Always so eager, Potter."

Harry glanced at Snape and felt warmth blossom in his chest. The older wizard sounded irritated as always but there was a spark of warmth in his eyes as he looked down on the building that was the future of their people. A building that they were responsible for creating, that they were Founding. Snape had a softer center than most people gave him credit for and Harry was always surprised and pleased to realize that Snape would let him get close enough to see what the other man likely considered a weakness.

"Yeah, we Gryffindors aren't known for our ability to sit back and wait."

"All right people," came the magically projected voice of the Magical Architect. "Let's get in place and get started."

Cadet's Quad, Starfleet Academy, Earth; 2256

Jim had started having lunch with Gaila and Bones every day. It was nice. Especially on days were Bones was stuck doing Rounds at the Medical Building. Before, Jim would have been stuck sitting alone pretending that he couldn't hear what the other cadets were whispering about. But now he had Gaila to sit with as well. There were rumors of course that sprang up because of it. That wasn't a surprise. Jim was a natural flirt, Gaila was an Orion and both of them were very tactile people. Their close friendship was bound to encourage all kinds of scuttlebutt. Her friendship was worth the rumors and the pissed off glares Uhura kept throwing him. Jim wasn't sure why Uhura seemed to hate him even more for being friends with Gaila. He didn't take Uhura for the type of girl who was racist and she certainly didn't have any soft feelings for him. Maybe she had a crush on Gaila? No, that wasn't right either. Uhura was obviously hot for Professor Spock. And wasn't that just stereotypical. Teachers pet hot for teacher. It was something right out of a porn mag or a legal document about one of those teachers from the twentieth century.

Jim hoped that Uhura was smart enough not to do something as foolish as try to seduce her Vulcan professor, because top of her class or not, Starfleet wasn't going to go for that. Jim had already had to speak with Admiral Archer and Admiral Komack twice this year because of the rumors about him and Captain Pike and Pike wasn't even his direct instructor as Spock was for Uhura. The stigma that came from the rumors that he may have slept his way into the Academy were sure to follow him for part, if not most, of his career. He didn't look forward to that because unless he was actually assigned to the Enterprise with Captain Pike he was bound to be serving a Captain who knew him only by Academy scuttlebutt. He doubted very much that he would get any really worthwhile position onboard his first tour because of it. A Captain who had worked his way up wasn't going to want to trust his ship to a Lieutenant who had supposedly slept his way up the chain of command. Even if Uhura hated him he wouldn't want her to go through her service with that kind of stigma hanging over her head.

Aside for all the rumors, for once in his life he was hopeful. Overall things in his life were good. He had two great friends, he was top of the class for the Command Track and in the top five overall for his graduating class. The only way things could get better would be if he had a significant other who actually loved him for who he was and trusted him to love them for who they were, or if he figured out how to prove the Kobayashi Maru sim was a failure as a test without having to hack it. He had been trying to figure out how to do it since he had taken it the first time. By the end he had realized that the whole point was in how you faced losing the battle, not how can you salvage your ship and the ships in need of rescue. They weren't trying to get you to find a way to save as many people as possible. They were trying to train you to give up before you even try. Jim couldn't figure out why Starfleet would want to do that, he really couldn't. It seemed counter productive to what they were being trained to do as Command cadets.

So Jim had stressed himself into being sick over the whole thing before Bones and Gaila staged an intervention. The two of them had backed him into a corner and forced him to explain why he took the test a second time and why he was so obsessed with this one exam. Jim's calm explanation had quickly devolved into a long rant about the whole thing and it's long-term effects on the Captains of Starfleet ships. Jim had then tried to convince Gaila to help him hack the simulation, but she had quickly shot him down. Bones', who was of course on her side, had ganged up on him with Gaila and had eventually forced him into sending a request for a meeting to Captain Pike and the Instructor in charge of the Kobayashi Maru. Pike had been interested in finding out what Jim wanted but Jim had been very closed mouth about the whole thing. Stating that he wasn't going to say anything until they were in a formal setting because he didn't want to start screaming or ranting when he had a logical, well thought out argument he wanted to pose to them. So Pike had given him his standard put-upon sigh and scheduled a meeting for them.

Pike hadn't told him who the Proctor for the Kobayashi Maru was, only that they would be there to hear what he had to say. The meeting was scheduled for after lunch today and Jim was more than a little anxious about the whole thing. He had a stack of PADDs filled with statistics about the number of lost ships, ground lost during skirmishes and other failed missions led by Captains who had taken the Kobayashi Maru exam. The evidence he knew would support his claim that the test was training Captains to give up. Jim wasn't sure what the test was actually supposed to do, but he was sure this wasn't it.

"Are you gonna eat any of that, Jim," Bones asked with a scowl, fork waving towards his half eaten chicken cesar salad.

"Hmm?" Jim blinked, his mind losing track of his thoughts as he refocused on Bones and Gaila who were watching him worriedly. "Yeah, just got lost in thought."

"Well, don't get too lost, Jimbo. Eat that or I'll have to use the vitamin hypos on you again." Bones arched a brow and gave him a pointed look. He knew how much Jim hated hyposprays.

"Yes, Mom," teased Jim as he pointedly took a large bite of his salad.

"Stop being such a kid." Bones waved his fork at Jim as Gaila sat back and watched the two of them with a smirk. "Eat up. You'll be fine. It's not like Captain Pike or the Proctor will string you up from a tree in the quad if they don't like what you have to say."

"I wouldn't be too sure of that," Gaila sing-songed.

Jim glared at her a stabbed another forkful of salad into his mouth. He didn't know whom the Proctor for the exam was, but he did know that Gaila knew. She had been teasing him about it since the first exam months ago. Most of the time Jim could laugh it off and make crazy guesses with her on who the Proctor was. Today though, he couldn't. He was too keyed up about the whole thing to be able to laugh along with her teasing him. Fortunately, Gaila picked up on that fairly quickly and stopped teasing him. The rest of lunch passed with Bones and Gaila trying to calm him back down again and reassure him that he was doing the right thing by bringing his concerns about the test up to Captain Pike and the Proctor rather than just hacking the system as he had originally planned. Jim still wasn't positive he wouldn't hack it if they didn't listen to what he had to say, but if he decided to do that then he was going to learn from this time and not share his plans.

"Well," Bones glanced at his watch and then back up at Jim. "You need to be heading out now if you wanna be on time."

Jim licked his lips and grabbed the apple off his plate. The rest of the lunch had barley been touched, but he knew Bones would wine if he didn't eat more than he had and Jim loved apples. He could eat apples all day if given the opportunity, so he grabbed that knowing Bones would leave him alone if he saw Jim take it with him.

"Okay," Jim tugged his jacket down and grabbed his bag, slinging it over his shoulder. Letting out a gusty sigh Jim turned to leave.

"Break a leg," called out Gaila.

Jim waved a hand at Gaila over his shoulder as he headed towards the Administration building where Captain Pike's office was located. He had fifteen minutes until the meeting. That should give him just enough time to get across the quad to the building and up to Pike's fourth floor office. The walk wasn't bad; it was in fact rather pleasant since most cadets were either in class or at one of the cafeterias. There were very few people out and about so he didn't have to dodge around anyone else or get stuck in an elevator with a dozen other people. He liked having the space to breath, to stretch out.

Stepping out of the elevator, Jim took the first left and went down to the third door. Pausing in front of it he tugged at the hem of his shirt again and readjusted his backpack on his shoulder. Taking a deep breath he reached out and knocked on the door, waiting for Captain Pike to call for him to enter.

Opening the door, Jim stepped into the office, freezing momentarily when he spotted Professor Spock sitting in the chair across from captain Pike.

Agartha City, Planet Nibiru; 2256

It was only a matter of months now until the New Year. The Council had been meet once every two weeks now to go over all the updates on the building plans, the exploration teams reports and the plans for reawakening the remaining colonists. Harry hated theses meetings. He loved learning about what the explorations teams were discovering but he hated having to sit through the political bullshit that some of the Council threw out during the meeting. Verbal throw up as Kat and Hermione called it.

After eight months of arguing they had finally settled on cutting down the number of people on the council. It had been decided that each city would have it's own council and one representative for what they were calling the High Council. There would also be a Prime Minister voted on once everyone had been awoken, who could be either Muggle or Wizard and would sit at the head of the High Council. Harry worried a bit about this because he had already heard several people suggesting him for the position since he was The Chosen One and The Master of Death. He had no intention of being pushed into a position of authority over their people. He had enough on his shoulders before they left Earth and he still did as a Founder of the school and the head of one of the exploration teams. He didn't need to add to his already overflowing pile of paperwork by taking on even more responsibility.

"Alright then," Professor McGonagall tapped her wand against the edge of the table drawing everyone's attention as the edge of the table rang like a bell. "There is a lot to go over today so lets all take our seats."

Harry took his seat to her left, Professor Snape sitting beside him. The other members of the Council followed suit, taking seats around the large round table. Harry watched them for a moment as they all shuffled their papers about. Once they were all seated and had stopped shuffling about Professor McGonagall stood and began to address them.

"The first item today is in regards to the growing reports of people stating that the Fairies that Ms. Everson built for the Fairy Post seem to be gaining true sentience. This has been brought to our attention previously but the evidence was circumstantial."

"And what has changed," asked the Councilman from Thuvaraiyam Pathi.

"The number of reports have tripled and our resident experts have been making careful observations of them as well. Both Ms. Everson, their creator, Dr. Clemence, one of the resident Muggle engineers, and Mr. Weasley have confirmed that they have grown beyond their original programming. Mr. Weasley is of the opinion that the prolonged exposure to the wild magic of the planet has altered their artificial intelligence program to give them true sentience."

"How can they be sure of this," asked another Councilman.

"Harry," Professor McGonagall turned to look at him and Harry fought back a groan.

"Mr. Weasley has been enchanting muggle objects for years. One of which did in fact gain a sentience, although it's intelligence was closer to that of an animal or small child than the Fairies I've been in contact with seem to have gained." Harry rubbed at his eyes from under the edges of his glasses. "I'm sure at least a couple of you have heard about the Fairy everyone has been referring to as Mini-Snape. He is an excellent example of what others have noticed. The thing is," Harry looked at them all, "The Fairies that seem to be gaining the most intelligence are the ones that seem to have imprinted on an individual as Mini-Snape did with Professor Snape, or as one of the female Fairies did with myself."

"A female Fairy has imprinted on you," the Councilman from Thuvaraiyam Pathi asked. While sounding skeptical the other Council members did chuckle at the idea.

"Yes. She is the white Fairy with the gold on black eyes and the iridescent white and black wings. She has taken to calling herself Hedwig after my Owl, who passed away during the war."

"Hmmm…You know, I think I may have one that's Impressed. Whenever I seem to need a Post Fairy the same one always arrives and it does seem to have changed a bit." The Councilwoman tapped her fingers against the table. "I'm sure it has changed a bit. It doesn't seem quite as child-like in the way it talks and it doesn't just repeat messages. It seems to be trying to actually interact with me," the last words came out sounding almost surprised.

The others in the room started talking again and flipping through the papers in front of them, reading over the reports from the Colonists that had already noticed the change in behavior.

"If I might ask," started the representative for Avalon City, "What are the plans or do we have plans to handle this change?"

Professor McGonagall nodded. "It is certainly something we will need to decide on. At this time I think the best option would be to continue to monitor them for any further changes. If they truly have become sentient we can't just dismantle them. If that is what is happening then we will need to have another meeting to further decide what we should do."

More rumbles of agreement passed around the table and Harry was very grateful that the High Council was made up of fairly decent people. Sure they each had their own agenda for Nibiru and it's people, but in the end they all wanted the best for the survivors. Harry was already worried about his position among the Council. He wasn't a representative of any city cave and as such he didn't believe he should be present unless he was reporting about his exploration team. But the High Council and the people had somehow voted to make him an official Council member. He was to represent all the people of Nibiru, not one specific city. There were some similar positions for the non-human members of the planet to have a Council member who could speak on their behalf as well, but most of those representative still sought either Professor Snape or himself out first. There would also be representative for the Guilds once everyone had awoken, that would be chosen to join both levels of the council. Harry was sure that it was just going to make things trickier to get done, but he understood that everyone wanted a voice that could be heard and he agreed with that.

"If that is all, we shall move onto the next topic." Professor McGonagall, flipped through her papers. "It has been brought to my attention that several of the Fairies have recorded prophecies both while we were asleep aboard The Ark and since we have become planet bound. Several members of the new Ministry have been collecting the recording to place in the new Department of Mysteries."

"Anything of importance among the new prophecies," asked the representative for the Selkies.

"There are two that are of interest at this time as they seem to be about the same person or event from what the Seers say." Clearing her throat Professor McGonagall started to read off the first. "This one was recorded aboard The Ark about thirty years ago. 'From the Dark Storm shall come the Bane of Death, From the storm of death the Star Child shall be born, Born as the Father dies, Born to defeat Him, The Star Child shall be born as the Father dies.' The second one was recorded earlier this month. 'From a time no longer came the Wrath of Romulus, The Bane of Death, The fires of grief consuming, The Heart of Vulcan hangs in the balance, The one born to defy him shall be born of two worlds, The one to save them shall be born amidst Death, Together they hold the future, Together only can they win, Beware the Wrath of Romulus'."

For a long time the council room was quiet. The words of any prophecy were heavy, but these two seemed even heavier as they thought over the possibilities. The first spoke of a future event but the second made it sound as if the prophecy had already started to take place. If it was already in motion it would not give them much time to figure out who it was mentioning and what The Heart of Vulcan was. Since no child on Nibiru had been conceived on Earth and born on their new home world, then The Child of Two Worlds mentioned in the second prophecy could not be one of them, which meant it could be an Alien from another planet. But if they had been the ones to receive the prophecy then there was every chance that they were going to be a part of the confrontation that was mentioned.

"We will need to send out small parties to see if there are any inhabited planet around us that may fit the prophecy," Professor Snape stated into the silence of the room.

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