A little subtle Allena drabble, sort of could be considered a birthday present to my dearest Shannon-chan, who is excellent in every way and writes amazing poems about Hei!

Anyways, enjoy!


"I'm sorry, Allen," she sobbed, tears pouring out of her eyes, "I'm sorry..."

She could feel it as her Innocence cut through his flesh. The sickening Slice echoed in her ears and she felt a piece of her shatter into a million tiny pieces. She would never forgive herself for this. Not when she was old and gray, living alone because she couldn't give herself to any other man, not when she lay on her death bed with no one around to care except dead flowers made of well wishes from those who had other lives to live. Never. This would weigh on her forever, past life and death and anything else the universe had to offer.

But for him, this was a much happier occasion than anyone else in the process of dying had ever known. She was safe. He didn't have to worry about killing her when his control ran away, abandoning him to the evil that lived inside. She was safe now. She was safe...

He felt a tear hit his cheek, warm and sad and so, so cold. Her face was red and puffy, oozing the very substance that had splattered his skin. Was she... sad? He didn't want her to be. No, she should be happy; her face didn't fit the scrunched, desperate expression of sadness. Whenever Allen thought of Lenalee, her image was bright, smiling, radiating the beautiful happiness that had enchanted anyone she'd come into contact with.

He lifted a shaking hand to brush away the liquid pouring from her violet irises, eliciting a tiny, sad smile from her trembling mouth.

"It's okay, Lenalee... It's okay..."

And as he faded away, he felt the comforting words of his father telling him to 'stop walking', because he had done the most honourable deed he could have, dying in the arms of his almost lover, listening to the sound of her voice tell him "I love you, I'm sorry..." over and over again, and he realised just how lucky he was.

He had narrowly saved them from disaster, giving up his life before too much damage was done. Even if he had never really had been taken over in the first place.

But they didn't need to know that.

And somewhere, far off, the Earl smiled.


The weirdest things inspire me.

I was sitting outside of my school, reading Shakespeare and waiting for my next class to start when I saw a special needs girl get stung by a bee. That sent me into this deep, psychological inner rant about bees and people and I would try to explain my logic, but to be honest it doesn't even make sense to me anymore. And really, why did it immediately remind me of Allen and Lenalee and the Fourteenth? I am messed in the head, guys.

ANYWAYS, I really want to thank everyone who reviewed/ faved/ subbed/ read the last little drabble, it really means a lot! Thankyouuuuuu! –cookies-