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"Did you bring the booze?" Hallie asked a little hollow. Penny looked at her with concern. Her neighbour was normally a cheerful, bubbly person and whatever had just happened obviously was something big.

"Yeah! Here are the bottles," she spoke holding them up high to her head. Penny smiled, looking at Hallie. There was always something about two friends drinking together that cheered her up. It didn't seem to matter the circumstance. Maybe Hallie would find it the same too. "So what's up?"

"I think you'd better come in and sit down...otherwise you're going to go into serious shock." Hallie said with a shaky smile, grabbing the first bottle Penny offered. Good Old Vodka...she shuddered as Hallie took a long draw of the clear liquid. That had to have stung on the way down.

Penny raised an eyebrow slightly "...Okay..." she spoke slowly, drawing out the word as she moved over to the arm of the couch and sat down staring at Hallie "Wow... must be big," she inflected, watching as Hallie drank from the Vodka bottle.

Shuddering, she passed the bottle back to Penny. "If I try to make out with you, I'm sorry...Vodka...or tequila, I'm not sure which, makes me a little friendly." Penny could tell that Hallie almost laughed at her expression. "As for the news...Sheldon tried to seduce me...or at least I think he did. I'm not quite sure."

Penny watched Hallie carefully as she took the bottle from her and took a mouthful before sitting back slightly. "Okay..." she said taking in Hallie's big news. She nearly fell back into the chair as the information finally started to compute. "Seduce?" she gasped feeling the shock that Hallie had predicted.

Her friend flushed furiously. "He was all suave, mainly with the body language, and helped me with my groceries...he also mentioned that he'd been out to clubs, slept with women and only pictured my face the whole time. I could have sworn that he was about to ask me out when Leonard knocked on the door with his pathetic 'the mailman did it again' routine."

Penny frowned as she thought about what was spoken. Opening her mouth to say something, she changed her mind and put the bottle to her mouth. Drinking, she took in a breath as it burnt her throat. "Um... he did what?" she wanted to clarify it, maybe it was the vodka talking, Sheldon seducing? It was ridiculous to even think it. Then there was the whole sleeping around thing. Impossible!

"um...tried to seduce me...I think...all I know was that my heart was pounding, I couldn't think...and well, he did the Texas charm thing without being all that geeky...I think he's been at the internet again." Hallie looked like she was going to cry, however, for what emotion, she just couldn 't peg it.

Penny looked at her and nodded her head, there, that made sense but something else had caught her attention "Heart pounding? You couldn't think?" she said as she got off the couch slowly "You like him?" she said watching Hallie carefully before shouting "YOU LIKE HIM!" Was her friend really contemplating 'entering coitus' with the resident Dr Wack-a-Doodle?

Blue eyes got impossibly wide." Hold up there, darlin', I never said that!" However, the telltale blush spoke of a different reason. Hallie lunged towards the bottle of vodka, her mind trying so hard to erase the last few seconds without success. "I thought he was cute in that beautiful mind way when I first moved in...Then he opened his mouth...I can't still like him after that!" her chest heaved with panic. It just couldn't be true!

Penny smiled wide. "You like Sheldon..." she said as she grabbed the Vodka back "Someone in this world... likes Sheldon," she said as she sat down on the arm of the couch again. Penny's mind was slowly spinning and it wasn't the Vodka doing it.

Hallie frowned. "You know, that whole thing might be one of Sheldon's Bazinga's...he doesn't like to touch, he thinks kissing is gross and to be honest, he isn't the type to go to clubs and sleep with random women," she tried to deny his behaviour. It was so easily seen through, it wasn't funny.

Penny laughed slightly "Yeah, I know... but we aren't talking about Sheldon," she smiled as she watched Hallie try to cover herself up. "I don't understand it... he talks that... science stuff..." she said looking at her trying to decipher how this could work

"I have a doctorate in literature and anthropology," Hallie said plainly, "Intelligence is one of the first things I look for, right after looks and humour...but this doesn't mean I like him, Penny!" groaning, she flopped back on the couch. "Oh who am I kidding; when Sheldon does the Texas thing...I'd bang him like a screen door in a hurricane."

Penny nodded "Oh yeah... I forgot I was surrounded by smart people," she said as she turned around watching Hallie as she confessed. "It's okay, let it all out... he is a lot to handle," she nodded drinking subconsciously when thinking about Sheldon.

Flushing again, Hallie had to confess, "I caught him the other night, in that suit you bought him, the black one...however, and he didn't have the jacket on and had the shirt sleeves rolled up. His hands are so long and his arms...! It kind of reminded me how long it's been since I had hands on me. Not to mention how...delectable he looked just in the pants and dress shirt. Plaid really doesn't do it for him."

Penny frowned as she jumped up from the couch "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop there! I don't want to think about that!" she said shivering. "Oh gods, think of Leonard, think of Leonard!" she repeated to herself rubbing her temples and closing her eyes shut.

Hallie blinked. "Ok, I think I may have missed this social lesson, but didn't you just ask me to let it all out?"

Penny nodded. "I didn't mean that... or if that... less words that would make Sheldon look less like sex... not good sex mind you..." she shivered.

Hallie had to ponder for a moment. "You know...with his attention to detail and need to succeed above and beyond all standards...he might actually be amazing at sex..."

Penny laughed aloud before speaking "You know he has a thing about germs?" she said looking at her shaking her head before sitting down "But hey, if you're into him... go for it... you might actually be good for him," she nodded.

It was there that Hallie had a majority of her doubts. "While I have a few OCD habits, I doubt Sheldon and I would be good for one another, for one, he sneers at any kind of arts degree, and that's what I have, two he's not exactly into freedom of emotions like I am, and three, don't you think he'd drive me insane within the first two weeks?"