Jesse stopped right in front of me. I charged at him with my new vampire speed, but he quickly evaded it.

"You're still a fledgling," He said as he dodged me again "You have no chance of catching me, not matter how hard you try. You could join me. If only you would just-"

I stopped him there.

"I'm not going to drink human blood!" I snapped.

"Well, I'm sure it would be easier to go around your annoying little nerds if you did."

"They're not annoying! You are!"

"That's where you're wrong. You'll see soon enough." Then, just as fast as he was here, he was gone.

Making sure Jesse wasn't around, I continued on to Benny's house. I had to tell him about this, in fact, everyone had to know. I used my vampire speed again to get the rest of the way there, it was pretty awesome how fast I was, and knocked on the door.

"Oh, Hello Kira dear, come in," Benny's Grandma greeted me as she opened the door.

"Hi Mrs. Benny's Grandma," I said as I stepped inside. I glanced around for Benny, but he was nowhere to be found.

"If your looking for Benny, he's in the kitchen making a potion. Be careful, though, it's not exactly mastered." Benny's Grandma said, noticing my glancing.

I nodded in reply and went on to the kitchen. Benny was over the stove, stirring a pot full of something purple. He had goggles and an apron on, probably just in case it exploded. Noticing me, he turned away for just a second.

"Kira! Hey um let me just finish this-"

Benny was stopped by an unusual bubbling in the pot. It started to foam over, dripping off the sides and off the stove. Soon, it exploded, plastering the walls, me, and Benny with the purple goo.

"I guess they meant complete concentration when they say it," He muttered.

"What is this stuff anyway?" I asked, picking off some of it from my face.

"Well, actually, it did what it's supposed to do, just not exactly when it was supposed to..."

"Ah, well, we've got way worse problems than exploding purple stuff," I said, still picking the gunk out of my hair "I just saw Jesse and he's trying to get me to join him, like he did with Sarah."

Suddenly, Ethan bolted in.

"Kira, did you just see Jesse?"

I nodded, a confused look plastered on my face. Benny looked confused, too.

"Did he try to convince you to become a full vampire with him?"

I nodded again.

"I was right," He muttered. "We need to go, I'll explain on the way."

Benny and I glanced at each other and followed Ethan out the door.


Ethan dragged us all the way to the woods on the far side of town, explaining all that happened along the way.

"I had a vision, but it wasn't exactly a vision. It was more a bunch of movie scenes going really fast, but I understood them all. Every bit of them. I saw Kira and Jesse, he wanted her to join him. Then, I heard someone saying something. It was something like Latin. Benny, do you think you can translate?" Ethan said as we walked through the woods.

"I can try." Benny replied.

"It said, Tres sunt, qui delere vos voluit. Duo eu, tertio amisso. Find in tertiam et adducent eos in.Solus possunt corrumpetur. Simul ipsi."

Benny thought for a while. Then, he finally came up with something.

"If I'm right, it's a Latin prophecy. It means, There are three that can destroy you. Two to start, a lost third. Find the third and bring them together. Alone, they can destroy you. Together, themselves."

"That must mean us," I muttered.

"I think it does. But, how are we going to destroy each other? I mean, we don't really plan on killing each other, do we?" Benny said.

Suddenly, all eyes were on me.

"What so you're assuming it's me, just because I'm a vampire?" I growled.

"Well, you do have fangs and will more than likely kill us before Benny and I kill each other." Ethan said.

"You can't just say that, you know I will never kill you!" I defended myself.

"Well, actually, we don't know for sure-"

Benny cut Ethan off. "Maybe this is what the voice meant. We can't fight. Now, E, did the voice say anything else?"

"It did actually," Ethan said, still keeping his eyes on me as we walked on. "It said, Disperdite minatur antequam vires reperio. Mauris interdum infirmitate tibi morte et vita sunt. Ne eos Isis consequat, vel puncti tip, et conterentur. "

"Translation: Destroy the threat before they find their strength. Balance is your weakness, for you are death, and they are life. Do not let them reach Isis, or the scale will tip, and you shall be destroyed." Benny told us.

"We need to find Isis then. Fast, too, because in the vision, the voice was talking to Jesse, and more than likely he will try to kill our strength. If this is how we defeat him, we need to do it."