Title: Welcome to My World

Category: BTVS/Highlander crossover

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the demented plot. All BTVS characters belong to Joss Whedon, etc. All Highlander characters belong to Davis Panzer Productions Inc., etc.

Author Notes:

1) Sequel to I'm Not Prophesy Girl.

2) This series is set two years after BTVS series finale. The BTVS part is an alternate universe with minor supporting characters of my own creation (but they're very friendly).

3) There's a bit of violence (but no worse than what you see on either show).

4) Dawn only knows Methos by his Adam Pierson alias.

Summary: The guys get a glimpse of what Dawn's life was like before Seacouver.

Chapter 1

Pretty good, if I do say so myself, Dawn thought as she examined her reflection in her dorm room mirror. Considering the Halloweens of Scoobies Past, she knew she was taking a bit of a chance but decided to risk it. She was pleased with the floor-length black dress, red nail polish, pale make-up and black wig.

She grabbed her coat and went to pick up Jade. Her jaw dropped when she saw her friend's costume. Jade and Simon decided to dress up like Bonnie and Clyde after the fatal shoot-out. The petite Japanese-African-American was wearing a skirt and matching jacket dotted with fake blood. A toy tommygun completed her outfit.

Dawn said a small prayer hoping no one would decide to do the spell which could transform everyone into their costumes' personas.

"I'm beginning to hate this dress," Dawn frowned as the two couples checked their coats. It was very form-fitting and restricted how fast she could move.

"I don't know. It produces the cutest wiggle," Richie said as he walked a few steps behind his girlfriend. The sight made it worth wearing the pinstriped suit.

"Gomez," Dawn scolded teasingly.

"I mean that as a compliment, cara mia," Richie said coming beside her.

"Merci, mon savage," she thanked him.

"Tish, that's French," he smiled. Getting into character, he raised her arm and began kissing its length. He was about to kiss her lips when the sound of shots rang out. Turning, Richie glared at Simon and contemplated adding real wounds to accompany the fake bloodsplatter on the man's suit.

"C'mon, you two lovebirds," Simon grinned then motioned with his toy tommygun. "We got a dance to go to."

The main advantage of dressing like Gomez and Morticia Addams was that Dawn's dress prevented her from partaking in the faster dances leaving the couple only the slow ones. Too bad, Richie thought as he held her close and enjoyed the feel of her in his arms.

"So did you leave your sword at home?" Dawn asked as they swayed to the music.

"My usual one, yes," he admitted, "which is why I had to take a small liberty with the costume. I know that Gomez sometimes had a sword, but I figured bringing mine might be too tempting for others to touch. Hence, the walking stick."

She turned to the object in question sitting in-between their friends' guns at the table. "You mean?"

"Yup, it's inside. I borrowed it from Mac. You know, just in case," he said then tilted his head toward a guy dressed like Dracula standing by the punch bowl.

"Oh, I doubt we'll see any real vampires tonight. Traditionally, they tend to stay inside on Halloween. Don't know why," Dawn said. "Oh, by the way, Dracula doesn't really dress like that."

The vampires didn't completely understand what they were doing (it had something to do with astrological portents), but they knew they had to finish quickly. They found a victim at precisely midnight and drained the blood into the vessel they were given. The temptation to feed was strong, but they resisted.

One of them tore open the victim's clothes. He dipped his finger in the blood, drew a symbol on the dead man's bare chest and recited the incantation he was taught. The smell of singed flesh drifted up as the symbol began to burn.

Once the ritual was completed, they fled the scene.

Author's note: I'm trying something new and possibly tempting fate by posting this story at the same time as I post the next story in my Charmed/Highlander trilogy. I plan on updating this story every other day.