Hey guys! Only five more themes left in this story then I'll be done! I've really had a lot of fun writing this, but I really need the time for school and my other stories. This one's set during Kingdom Hearts 1 and my fic Another Side Another Story. I own nothing other than my OC, West.

Theme 45: Dance

With more than half of her lackeys defeated, it was a small victory party, if you could call it that. Maleficent, Hades, Riku and West sat around the table in the Castle Chapel with a small amount of food and drink. Soft, Quiet background music played from an old record player in the corner.

To say Riku was bored was an understatement. Sure they got all the princesses, but to him, it wasn't a reason to celebrate. Kairi was still missing her heart and he didn't have the Keyblade yet. Why were they all just sitting around when there was still so much more to do? It was like Maleficent didn't even care about helping Kairi. He just really wanted this all to be over.

West's eyes wandered around the chapel, as bored as Riku was. Just then, the music on the record player shifted to a smooth waltz that she actually found kind of catchy. Her eyes rested on the centre of the room where there was nothing but the stone floor. A playful smirk creeping on to her face. The young thief stood up, marching over towards Riku and started pulling on his arm.

"West? What are you doing?" Riku asked.

"Come on, grumpy-face!" She exclaimed, pulling him out of his chair and dragging him towards the empty floorspace. "Let's dance!"

She ignored his protests as they reached the dance floor. Placing her hand on his shoulder and putting his other hand on her waist, she started dancing with him. Both teenagers swayed to the rhythm of the music, awkwardly and off balanced. Just then, West accidentally stepped on Riku's foot, causing the silver-haired teen to release a hiss of pain.

"Sorry." West winced, a faint blush on her cheeks.

"West, why are we doing this?" Riku asked, rolling his eyes. He had tried to pull away, but she still held on to his arm.

"Riku, please?" She asked. West wanted to see a Riku who wasn't so upset and serious all the time. She wanted to know the person beneath all that. But she couldn't see the real Riku unless he opened up to her and stopped pushing her away.

He didn't have time for this; he couldn't be wasting his time when Kairi still needed him and Sora was still out there. Riku didn't understand why West wanted to dance with him; why couldn't she be more serious?

The two remained silent as they danced. Their troubles seemed to leave their minds and grant them a moment of peace. For that moment as they swayed around the dance floor, nothing bothered them, not even Hades and Maleficent who sat watching their dance.

Next theme; Sleep. I hope you like West and I really hope you guys don't see her as a Mary-sue. Till next time!