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Erik awoke to the unfamiliar feeling of a warm body next to him. His eyes shot open, but softened when he realized it was Charles, sound asleep, tucked in against his side. Vague memories from the night before fluttered through his mind. He only remembered some of what he had dreamed. How much had Charles seen? He couldn't remember Charles leaving his mind. And why was he still here if he had seen everything? Erik wouldn't dare hope Charles could feel the same way. Everyone he loved was either hurt or killed and he couldn't live with himself if anything happened to Charles because of him. He contemplated leaving and moved ever so slightly toward the unoccupied edge of the bed. Charles sighed happily in his sleep and snuggled closer to Erik's warmth.

Erik couldn't resist the temptation to brush Charles' hair back from his closed eyes.

Erik, he heard the telepath whisper in his sleep and his hand froze halfway through it's movement. Only when he could feel the contentment radiating from Charles did his hand continue it's feather-light tracing of the sleeping face beside him.

Erik wasn't sure how long they remained like that, Charles curled up asleep by his side, himself staring down at him. Millions of thoughts raced through his head and long-forgotten about emotions were resurfacing.

After what could have been mere seconds or an eternity, Charles stirred. Erik realized he was practically looming over the smaller man, and quickly sat up straighter. He meant to focus his stare on something, anything else in the room, but was unable to tear his eyes from Charles' face.

Charles sat up a bit, hair rumpled and expression groggy from sleep. They held each other's gaze as Charles reached out to gently cup the metal-bender's cheek. Erik's eyes shut as he slightly leaned into the touch, barely noticing Charles leaning forward to brush his lips softly against his own. The moment their lips met, Erik could remember all of the night before.

Erik could feel love, an emotion he hadn't experienced in years, one he was certain he'd never feel again. It was beautiful and happy, and he could feel tears prick his eyes. Hesitantly, he returned the kiss, almost afraid he would lose the feeling that he wanted to hold onto forever. He could feel Charles smile against his lips.

When they pulled away Charles' smile was still lighting up his face and Erik felt himself return the expression feebly, his unshed tears still welling up in his eyes from his pure happiness.

"Erik, you're trembling," Charles said, concerned.

Erik opened his to speak, but found he could not find the words. He hugged Charles to him tightly and buried his face into his shoulder.

"Did you mean it? What you said last night?" he finally managed to whisper.

"Of course."

"Thank you, Charles," he mumbled into the telepath's neck.

"Oh, Erik," Charles sighed, "I promise I'll stay with you forever."

Erik leaned back to meet Charles' lips once more. Forever was a long time, but with Charles he knew he'd finally be happy again.