Commodore James Norrington watched the island of Singapore with distain from the prow of his flagship, the Dauntless.

"Proceed with caution," he instructed his crew, and they lowered a rowboat from the starboard side. When it was fully in the water, Norrington and his second-in-command- Gillette, climbed in accompanied by four soldiers.

"A pirate haven if I ever saw one," Gillette commented.

"Indeed," the Commodore replied.

"Sir," said one soldier from the back, "why are we here again?"

Norrington turned from his stance at the prow. "Jack Sparrow missed his appointment with the gallows. We're here to help him… reschedule."

Gillette snickered, but disguised it as a cough at a withering look from the Commodore.

The small dingy bumped up against the grungy dock, and Norrington stepped out, however much he might want to keep his perfect boots shiny.

"Search the area," Norrington told his men, and they trooped out, another dingy full landing behind them and running to join up, making for a total of twelve men, plus Gillette and Norrington.

Walking down the streets of Singapore was easier said than done. Drunkards blocked nearly every turn, and bars spilled out onto the streets.

"Despicable," Norrington called it. Dodging a swooning deck hand, Norrington and Gillette glanced into one of the wilder pubs. It was in full brawl.

"How pleasant that looks," Gillette commented sarcastically.

"Hardly," Norrington answered, as un-sarcastically as Gillette was sarcastic.

"I didn't mean it literally," Gillette grumbled as his boss moved off without him. He reasoned that he should be accustomed to that by now; he liked to fancy himself the Commodore's right-hand-man, but realistically, that honor fell to Lieutenant Groves.

"And here we find him," Norrington declared when Gillette caught up with him a few streets over as some unlucky and no doubt highly intoxicated soul flew from an upstairs window and hit the ground with a sickening thud.

Meanwhile, the Lieutenant was waiting for the opportune moment to redeem himself for many past mistakes, namely an incident with the Governor's daughter and a little mermaid.

Seconds later, he saw that moment, and snatched it up as quickly as he could.

"Sir!" Gillette called, and Norrington spun.

Standing in the middle of the street, jug of rum in his hand, gaping at Norrington, was Jack Sparrow.

Jack's jaw dropped, and he yelled, "AAAAAGGGGGHH!"

Norrington walked closer to him, trying and failing, though it wasn't completely to his chagrin, to suppress a cocky swagger in his stride. "Are you quite finished?" he asked, smirking slightly.

"I think so," Jack said, and took off running.

"After him!" Norrington commanded. The soldiers following him charged after the pirate, and Norrington readied his sword.

Jack ran foolishly over a nearly deserted bridge, and Norrington shouted, "OPEN FIRE!"

The soldiers didn't need telling twice. Norrington caught up with Jack, and they locked blades.

"I thought I might be seeing you again," Jack slurred, pointing an accusatory finger at Norrington.

"You thought correctly," Norrington replied, not bothering to hide the distain that crept so easily into his voice when dealing with the pirate. They continued to duel.

Out of nowhere, there was a loud 'thunk', and Jack toppled over and crashed face down onto the wooden deck. A young woman stood behind where he had so recently, mildly analyzing an oar.

"Nice footwork," she commented to Norrington, who still stood in shock with his blade extended.

The woman tossed the oar down next to Jack and prodded him with her toe. "He's good and out, you best get him to your ship while you still can, Commodore," she suggested, and turned to leave.

"Miss," Norrington said, finally regaining the ability to speak, and putting away his blade. He motioned for his men to secure Jack while he went after her.

"Miss," he said again, and she turned her dark head over the shoulder of her blue dress.

"Sir," she said with only a hint of playfulness.

For a moment, he seemed at a loss for words. Then he managed to get out, "My gratitude."

She smiled. "All in a day's work."

He returned the smile. "Can I do anything to express my thanks? A young woman such as yourself doesn't seem to have much a place in Singapore."

"Sir, are you offering to get me off the drunken rock of an island? If so, I gladly accept."

Norrington smiled and extended his arm to her. "Thank you sir," she said properly, and took it.

"Might I inquire as to your name?" he asked. She nodded. "Abigail. Abigail Montalvo."

"And how did you come to be in Singapore?" he asked.

"Hold on, Sir," she said instead of answering, "might I inquire as to your name?"

"Of course, my manners escape me. James Norrington, Commodore of Port Royal."

"Ah, so I was right. You are a Commodore." Abigail said.

"Yes, I was surprised that you knew of that," he replied.

"I know lots of things," she told him. "But, in response to your afore mentioned question, I came to be in Singapore thanks to that bit of sea scum know to most as Captain Jack Sparrow. Do me a favor and don't let him off too easy."

By this time, they were nearly at the dock where they had left the boats. Norrington made to assist her into the first one, but she stopped.

"Mr. Norrington, before you do anything to good for me, I feel obliged to tell you something," Abigail said.

"Yes?" he asked, stepping back out of the dingy.

"Commodore, I'm Jack Sparrow's sister."

Norrington blinked once. "Are you quite alright Sir?" Abigail checked, frowning.

He nodded. "I just… wasn't expecting that. Have you committed any acts of piracy, I must ask."

She shook her head. "I wouldn't dream of it."

"That's quite relieving. I don't think the Caribbean could handle any more crimes. Much less Sparrows."

"Well, this is the fifth time I've gotten him arrested, so I don't imagine that he'll be fantastically happy with me," Abigail added.

"Miss, if you've done no wrong, you have nothing to fear from me," Norrington assured her.

"Wonderful," she said, and allowed him to help her into the dingy.

A few minutes later, Jack was tossed unceremoniously into the other boat and they rowed back towards the Dauntless.

"How did you come to have the surname Montalvo if you are indeed Mr. Sparrow's relation?" Norrington inquired.

Abigail laughed lightly. "You don't really thing that I would keep such a name as Abigail Sparrow? I have no intention of being associated with a pirate, even if he is my brother!"

Gillette's eyebrows shot up so high on his forehead that they were in danger of flying away. Astonished muttering broke out among the ranks.

"As you were, men," Norrington commanded, and it ceased.

The dingy bumped up against the side of the Dauntless and the soldiers climbed up to the dock first, then Gillette, Norrington, and finally Abigail.

"A very nice ship," Abigail observed, looking around the sparkling deck in the moonlight.

"I'm lucky to have it," Norrington agreed, escorting her up to the helm where he relieved the soldier standing there of the wheel.

"Have you need of an extra crew member?" she asked conversationally.

Norrington looked skeptically at Abigail. "Have you knowledge of weaponry?" he asked dubiously.

"My idea of defense revolves mainly around heavy objects such as oars and in a pinch bricks," she told him bluntly. "In short, no."

"I'd be happy to teach you how to handle a sword, if you'd like," Norrington offered.

"Or I could, if I weren't chained up, love," Jack pointed out from behind, escorted by two guards.

"I see you've recovered" Abigail said darkly.

"Hardly," he said.

She rolled her eyes at him and took as step closer to the Commodore.

"To the brig," Norrington declared.

"Bugger," Jack muttered, and was escorted off.

"Miss Montalvo, it is getting later into the night. Might I offer you my quarters for the evening?" Norrington offered cordially.

Abigail smiled and took his once again extended arm. "Sir, I assure you; that is not necessary. I'm used to being on my own. I can stay on deck."

He shook his head. "I couldn't let you do that. Please, Miss Montalvo, humor me."

"If you insist," she gave in. "But Sir, please call me Abigail."

He bowed slightly to her at the entrance to his office. "As you wish, Miss Montalvo."