A/N: Here's where Norrie's life starts to go downhill. I'm going to continue kind of like parts of AWE didn't actually transpire as they did, because, you know, that would kind of put the kibosh on the harlequin romance thingie…


The First In A Series Of Unfortunate Events

"He what?" Norrington and Abigail demanded, making the uneasy

Gillette gulped in discomfort. "Mr. Sparrow… escaped. During the night," he muttered. Norrington whirled on his heel, and paced across the deck to the rail to calm himself down.

Abigail muttered something in Spanish that didn't sound good to Gillette.

"Sorry," she said, taking in his wide eyed expression. "Be happy you don't speak Spanish. My apologies."

He nodded mutely and wandered away.

Abigail stepped silently over to the rail next to Norrington.

"I had him three times," he said, gripping the rail tightly, attempting to channel his frustration and anger that way.

Abigail remained silent. She glanced up at the hard lines of the Commodores face, and reasoned that it had probably been a smart decision.

"Abigail, I'm returning to Port Royal in disgrace. What are people going to think about a Commodore who can't even apprehend a highly intoxicated, dumb-luck-relying-upon-half-baked pirate?" he asked her.

"He's tenacious," she told him after a pause.

"You know that's not true."

"Be positive."

He opened his mouth for another outburst, but Abigail cut him off. "Then don't go back in disgrace."

"I don't understand," he said.

Abigail smiled. "Commodore, I'm telling you to go get my brother." And with that, she left him to his thoughts.

She didn't really have anywhere to be, so she took it upon herself to help Norrington. On the beach waiting to be rescued after the Jones incident, Jack had been more than revealing with his misadventures. And that meant she had a pretty good guess at where he was.

She entered Norrington's cabin and walked over to his desk, where she unrolled his massive map and got to work.

Only minutes later, there was a banging on the door.

"Who's in there? This is the Commodore's private study!"

"Déjame en paz, estoy trabajando." Leave me be I'm working.

The door flew open and Gillette stared at her.

She stard back, chin resting on her fist and told him to "Desaparecer." Go away.

"You can't be in here!" he exclaimed, not having any clue what she had said to him.

"I need to speak to the Commodore," Abigail said, rolling the map back up as neatly as she could.

"He's busy," Gillette said, not moving.

"Well, then I need to speak to the next person in charge."

"That would be me."

"Then I need the next person."


"What seems to be the trouble here?" Norrington interrupted them.

"James, I have good news. I can tell you where to find Jack Sparrow."

"Are you sure about this?" Norrington asked Abigail as the rowed to the shore of a small pirate island.

"Fairly sure," she answered.

"Fairly sure?" he checked.

"Fairly sure," she told him confidently.

"Fairly sure," Gillette pointed out sarcastically.

The bottom of the boat ground against the sand, and Norrington, Abigail and Gillette stepped out into the shallow water.

"I don't see anybody," Gillette commented as they walked towards the trees.

"Not yet, anyway," Norrington corrected him, drawing his sword as they stepped into the trees. Abigail and Gillette followed suit.

The attack was instantaneous. Pirates erupted from behind trees and bushes and anything else that may have been around.

Abigail lashed out at one pirate, but it was useless. The second she did, four more grabbed her and disarmed her.

The same went for Norrington and Gillette.

"Now, now, now, what do we have here?" one said, analyzing Norrington's sword. "A Commodore? Execute them."

"Wait! Esperar que lo siento excusa para un hombre!" Abigail shrieked after him. Wait you sorry excuse for a man!

The Pirate turned at her Spanish. "Hablas espanol?" he asked her.


"What's she saying?" Gillette mumbled to Norrington. Both had their arms held behind their backs by more pirates.

"Whatever it is, it must be good," he answered.

"Estamos buscando a la pirata Jack Sparrow," she said to the man. We are looking for the pirate Jack Sparrow.

The pirate nodded in recognition. "Sparrow," he said, and then barked at his men, "Ponerlos en libertad!" Release them!

"Muchas gracias," Abigail said to the man, dropping a curtsy.

This made the pirates laugh. They hadn't seen a woman drop a curtsy in a very long time.

"Que dejará en su barco," the lead pirate told Abigail. He will be leaving on his ship.

Abigail gave him a nod of thanks, and she, Norrington and Gillette quickly left the jungle before the pirates could change their minds.

They paused as they reached the ocean, scanning the horizon for the Pearl.

"It'll come soon," Abigail said reassuringly, mostly to herself.

"Abigail, do you know how many times you have saved us in the past few days?" Norrington said suddenly.

"Just enough so that we're not dead?" Abigail offered.

"Exactly. An amazing feat. We would be long dead without you."

"You also wouldn't have felt so compelled to chase after the Black Pearl so vigorously and get in trouble with Davy Jones," she pointed out.

"It was worth it," he said.


Norrington smiled, looking near laughter. "Walk with me, Abigail," he requested, holding his arm out to her.

Abigail smiled the distance up to him and accepted it. "It's nice to have time to spare, for once," she said.

Norrington smiled slightly back down to her. "Yes. Yes, it is."

Abigail opened her mouth to continue the conversation, but with perfect timing, her feet slid out from under her thanks to a rounded piece of driftwood.

But that's what Norrington was there for. As Abigail lost her balance, he caught her other hand and helped her upright again, inadvertently bringing her close.

Too close.

"Oh… clumsy me," Abigail breathed, gazing up at him with her deep brown eyes.

Norrington didn't reply, just returned the gaze. Ever so slowly, he leaned down to her-

"The Black Pearl! I see it! I see it! There it is! Over there! On the water! In the ocean!" Gillette yowled.

Abigail and Norrington jumped back from each other as if they had been shocked.

Abigail blushed scarlet, and said to Gillette. "Obviously it would be in the ocean, in the water," she said, rolling her eyes at him.

"We must hurry if we're going to catch it," Norrington said, seeming to have forgotten the moment as soon as it had passed.

"But Commodore!" Gillette protested, "There's a storm coming up!"

"We can outrun it," Norrington assured him. "We have to catch that ship."