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3. Tell him he neglects his son.

"It was merely a suggestion, Sire." Gaius said, "You spend so much time with Morgana…"

"She's a girl. Boys don't need all that attention." Uther said.

"Yes, actually, they do."

Morgana was sick of being doted upon. She took this opportunity.

"Yes, Uther, he desperately wants to spend time with you." she pleaded.

"He's got that brain-dead servant." Uther said dismissively.

"Merlin's not that bad…" Morgana said quietly.

"Sire, if you'd just look." Gaius said.

"Look at what? I know Morgana's pretty."

Morgana choked laughing.

"Uther, really you should look." she said.

Arthur sighed.

"I'm right here, father."

"Oh. Right."

2. Leave him to druids.

Arthur watched silently.

"Alright," he said to Merlin and the knights, "I think he's there." He pointed to a tent in the center of the encampment.

"You think, mate?" Gwaine asked silently, "It's the only one that people are gathering around, and it's sure as hell the only one where we can hear someone yelling."

"You're drunk," Arthur said, "What do you know?"

Meanwhile, back with Uther.


Someone taped his mouth shut. And yet everyone could hear a faint 'It must be the work of magic'.

Very odd.

1. Trap him in a room with Merlin.

This was Arthur's revenge for everything his father did. And also, he just wanted to annoy Merlin.

He locked them in his room together.

It was very awkward at first.

"Have you sorted out that mental affliction of yours?" Uther asked.

"Uhhh, no. I think that's staying with me." Merlin said.

"Ah. You're not dangerous, are you?"

"Nah, not most of the time. Not around you, in any case."

"Do you talk a lot?"

"Yes, typically."


"Arthur says no, but I never think he's really listening…" Merlin said. He went on.

Three hours later, Arthur found Uther throttling Merlin.

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