Title: A Study Of Living With Sherlock Holmes

Genre: General, Friendship, Angst, Drama

Rating: Nothing major shows up in this chapter, except slight spoilers for TBB.

Characters: John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, with appearances of DI Lestrade, Mrs Hudson, Mike Stamford, Molly Hooper and others.

Summary: John Watson moves into 221B Baker Street after the events of 'A Study In Pink'. He had no idea what he would be in for, living with an eccentric genius like Sherlock Holmes, but if the first twenty four hours are anything to go by, then he knows he's in for a ride.

Word Count: 882

Author's Note: Okay, a couple things to put down, before you read the final piece of A Study Of Living With Sherlock Holmes. It's a little long, so bear with me, and then enjoy the epilogue.

Number 1: Welcome to the to epilogue, the end of the ride. The last 21 chapters you've read John's experience of living with Sherlock for the first 51 days. Quite the ride it has been, for John, hasn't it? Heh. Anyways, we know what happened on the 23rd of March. It's the beginning of The Blind Banker. Well, sort of the beginning. We just didn't see a certain part of it. Here's the epilogue, from Sherlock's POV.

Number 2: I want to thank everyone who has read this story. I certainly hope everyone who has come here has enjoyed it. As for the compliments, comments, and feedback I greatly appreciated it, it certainly inspires me to continue writing (not that I am without inspiration, this show has provided so much!) and it helps feed my writing frenzies, when I write multiple chapters in one go, and then take a bit to go over them.

And number 3: My other chapter length story- A Scandal In Belgravia-A Different Take, is the next 'Chapter' so to speak in the lives of Sherlock and John. A Study Of Living With Sherlock Holmes is my prequel, and then of course lovely season 1, and A Scandal In Belgravia will be my own fanon take on season 2. I will then write my own fanon take of The Hounds Of Baskerville and Reichenbach Falls the other two episodes that will be part of season 2. Technically this is an AU series, even though season 2 has not aired yet. And I know what I'm writing would not be canon. Heh. So all my chapter fics are going to be from my "A Different Take" Universe. My stand alones are not part of the universe.

Okay, so that was rather long and I do apologize. So, here we go, my final installment to A Study Of Living With Sherlock Holmes.

Oh yes, and to add because I just noticed the questions in the reviews:

To Liena- The drug use and Afghanistan will come up in the series A Scandal In Belgravia, The Hounds of Baskerville, and Reichenbach Falls.

Location: 221B Baker Street

Time: Afternoon

Date: March 23rd, 2010

Sherlock glances over the top of his book, noticing John is once more grumbling about the lack of food. He looks at the clock.

He received a call earlier this morning. Prince Khalid, according to the personal assistant that spoke over the line, is unable to come meet with him at his flat. So he is coming to personally speak with Sherlock about the Jaria diamond.

Frankly, Sherlock had no particular interest in the case. He's only agreed to all of this to stop John's grumbling.

His mind is made up, but to appease John, he will listen. And then he will decline.

"How is it we through so much milk?" John bursts out, sounding quite exasperated.

"No idea," Sherlock says blandly, keeping his attention on the book. He hopes John goes shopping. In case the meeting gets tense with Sherlock's refusal, he would like to keep John out of it.

He hears cabinet doors slap shut and a couple more of John's grumbles.

"Going out," John calls as he puts on his coat. "Need food."

"I gathered that."

He feels a stare directed at him, and Sherlock knows John is irritated with him. Of course his mood could also be affected by the many voice-mails that he has noticed his sister left on his mobile. But Sherlock supposes that tripping over a stack of books in the early morning and now the lack of food has added on to it.

Sherlock personally doesn't see the issue really with the shopping. He survived just fine on his own with meals at establishments, and he disliked the shopping anyways. Too mundane. Boring. That is why he was quite pleased John took upon himself to do the shopping.

He hears a door slam shut, another sign of John's annoyance. Not a vicious slam, but just a quick slam.

The time ticks by, and then hears the doorbell. Ah, his guest.

He hears Mrs Hudson go to the door.

Twenty Minutes Later

Cold brown eyes stare back at him.

He is not happy with Sherlock's refusal. He had listened to the man, somewhat, when he explained the situation.

It's quite obvious what happened with diamond. The answer is boring. Just like he thought. The Prince would realize it too, if he opened his eyes and actually used his brain to think.

"We came all this way, Mr Holmes," Ahmeed Al-Fakeeh says in a clipped, thick Middle Eastern accent. "The Prince was hoping you could help."

"You did not come all the way to London just to seek my help. He had other matters that brought him here," Sherlock counters. "I am sure he will live with my refusal. I see no need for my assistance."

"I see. Well then there is no need for me to stay. Thank you for your time." Sherlock does not move from his seat, knowing he was being rude, but not caring. He nods shortly to the man, and picks his book back up as he starts to leave.

He hears a mobile ring, but it is not his. He looks over at the personal assistant who is answering his phone, speaking in Arabic. Ahmeed Al-Fakeeh's tone, the way he straightens even more so, he is speaking with the Prince.

Sherlock winces at the sharpness of the Arabic language. It is not a language that is smooth on the ears.

The call ends and Sherlock looks at the clock once more. John should nearly be done. Unless he ends up having another row with the chip and pin machine. If so, then there is between twelve to fifteen minutes left.

"Mr Holmes."

Sherlock looks back at the personal assistant. There is.. a gleam in the man's eyes.

Now what is this?


"The Prince says he is very disappointed, something he hates."


"He apologizes for taking up your time. And he does ask since this is a sensitive manner, this not be spoken about."

"Of course." Sherlock is trying to figure out if he is be warned, or if he will be warned soon enough. Obviously the Prince is not used to being told.. Sherlock knows some sort of answer to that will be coming soon. What Ahmeed Al-Fakeeh is doing is just window dressing.

The personal assistant nods, turns and heads back down the stairs. Sherlock snaps his book shut, his mind now whirling as he now has to think about whatever retribution the Prince may send.

He gets up from his chair, and paces the length of the sitting room.

After a few times, he then catches a sharp glint. Like what you see if the sun hits the knife just right...



Well this is a rather stupid move. To show your hand now? How disappointing.

Sherlock whirls around, his mind processing the next few seconds quickly and he ducks the blade the misses his head by a couple inches.

Sherlock spins around and balances on the balls of his feet, as the retribution with the sword takes his stance.

He has only ten minutes to take care of this nuisance before John comes home.


(well sort of)

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