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Tongues, claws and teeth amass at his temple; searching for a rat's equivalent of buried treasure. Blood and gore. Kind of ironic really, blood and gore, that's what has swirled around him his whole stupid life and here he is, a mass of both those things, conveniently packaged like cotton candy on a damn stick. Freakin awesome.

He twists his neck back and forth and side to side as he slips into the strange world of full blown panic, all the while trying to ignore the flashes of pain that jolt through his head like a strike of lightning.

He smirks slightly at the whimper he hears when he crashes his head into the ground and takes one of those filthy things with him. The rest of the 'herd' scatters down the wood, down his chest and who knows where else. It's a small, fleeting victory but he'll take any pump of adrenaline he can get. He can't help but take a shot at them; can't help but do what he does best.

"Ha, take that you fricken wastes of air! You better run cuz I'm done playing!" Ah, insults and sarcasm, two of his favourite things. Of all the evil spawn he has faced in his screwed up life, he sure as hell isn't going to be taken out by a damn biblical plague!

"I'm here Dean. I'll get you out."

Right. Sam's been spouting that same broken record for way too long now. Time to put your money where your mouth is bro or you are gonna be excavating a half eaten slab of Dean-kabob. Christ, his head hurts like a son of a bitch. Definitely not feeling so hot.

Shit. He can hear them. He can feel them on him again. Okay, so first he wanted to pass out and now, as he feels weakness roll through his body and the hammers in his head amp up their crescendo to an almost inconceivable level, that is the last thing he wants. He can't black out cuz if he does, they will win; they will get him, and he'll be at the mercy of douchebags that like to hang out in the fricken sewer.

His breath hitches as the sensation starts again on his temple. He wonders how many more he can maim or kill with his head before it splits in two. Huh, Sam always tells him he's got a thick skull, if only he meant that literally. Shit, he ain't even sure he could do that again. Actually, he's pretty sure one more knock to the noggin and he will be down for the count, and he's not quite ready to give up and let those pansies gnaw into his fricken brain or some shit.

Come on Sam, what the hell is the hold up?

Damn it, death by rats? It really is kinda comical, in an ironic, twisted the hell up kind of way. After all, he's spent his life hunting different kinds of vermin and yet here he is, on the verge of checking out courtesy of some ordinary, run of the mill, average rodents.

Nothing supernatural. Nothing brought back from the dead; no restless spirit or wronged apparition. Just filthy, friggen RATS! Typical. If he wasn't busy trying to buck and shimmy and sashay his way out of this damn rat free-for-all he might actually laugh.

He can almost see the neon sign now. Come on in. It's a Dean Winchester buffet, all you can eat. Fresh meat.

Shit, possibly not the smartest thing to think about if you are trying to remain calm. But come on, those bastards are actually trying to 'snack' on him. That is so not cool you dicks.


Wait. His chest. It feels different; lighter. He can breathe easier and maybe… yahtzee, one hand free. Look out you sons of bitches, the fisted fury is coming your way. He wastes no time; he grabs those bloodsuckers one after another, off of his freakin head no less, and smashes them into the newly formed walls of debris that surround him and into the ground at his side.

He shudders at the absolute grossness of their bodies. They may not be slimy, but they ain't nowhere near luxurious either. Huh, luxurious. That's a funny word. Okay man, keep it together, stay cool. Don't let Sammy see you freak out.

Light. That's light. Either Sam has finally found him or he is gonna see a tunnel soon. Maybe the rats made a meal out of him after all. Huh, yeah right, like that would happen. He's pretty sure that when he does finally bite it, the only thing that will meet him at the end is darkness. He shakes his head in disbelief at how easily he just channelled his inner, emo Sam.

He feels something. Tightness around his leg. He tries to kick it off, those friggen rats are really starting to piss him off. But this is different. This is a grip; a hand. A human hand.

"Relax Dean, it's just me. I got you bro."

He lets his mouth curl into a broad smile as he forgets all about the hairy pieces of crap he has gotten to know way too intimately; as he concentrates on the strength he gets from that touch; as he is tethered back to reality and the promise of freedom.

"I'm letting go for a minute Dean."

He can't stop his body as it tenses up at that.

"Relax man, you don't wanna stay in there all day do you?"

A couple taps on his leg and Sam's hand is gone.

It's okay, just breathe, Sam is here. He keeps the smile in place right up until the moment his world explodes in pain, as a light so intense seems to burn right through his damn retinas.

"Christ! Son of a bitch."

"Jesus Dean, can't do anything half assed can you?"

The sounds that echo around him now are music to his ears. A painful screech here, a life ending squawk there. Stupid rats. Say hello to my not so little friend Sam.

He blinks slowly to allow his eyes to adjust to the light. He takes a deep breath and exhales slowly. Now that the excitement has ended he feels spent, the adrenaline leaving his body in fast order. All he wants to do is sleep.

"Dean? You doing okay?"

He looks up and Sam is there, towering over him like some kind of long haired giant. He can see a glow trickle out from behind him as he forms a human shield to protect him from the piercing brightness. Huh, what do you know, it looks like a freakin halo.

Damn, maybe this is Heaven after all.

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