Bella's POV *6 Years Old*

I remember the day my master and mistress adopted me. I was so excited I couldn't help but lick his face. My mistress was beautiful, she gently petted my head and scratched behind my ear. Oh it felt so good.

She laughed when I snuggled against her leg. They bought a pink cage for me and a pair of gray panties. I'd have gone naked but I guess they had a thing about it. Oh well I didn't care! I'm going home with a nice couple.

Our home was huge! So big, I had my own room. It was bright pink, a large light blue pillow was in the corner of the room. Two pink and black spotted bowels were in front of it. One had water the other was a food bowel.

I lapped at the crisp water, and sighed contently at the wet feeling of my tongue. In the corner were toys of all different kinds. Toys just for me! I laughed and ran off to play with the toys.

But my master pulled me away from my toys and shook his head.

The he walked me outside, left me out there in the fenced in yard to do my business. I didn't really have to go, the grass was still wet from the rain. I walked around a little bit, then walked back to the door. Whining and scratching against the door he let me in.

He walked to another room with a big TV and couch and a bunch of other meaningless stuff.

Mistress and master sat on the floor beside me, master had delicious treats(candies) in his hand. I gently hit against his hand, begging to have just one little one. He started to speak

"Bella" I didn't pay any attention to him, I just kept staring at his hand. Then he put the treats behind his back. I crept behind him trying to find the treats. But he kept moving so I couldn't get to them.

"Bella, sit" He said again, then pushed my bottom down. Once I did what he said I got a treat.

We practice this for about an hour. Then I got bored and walked away he sighed but mistress stopped him from following me.

"Let her explore a little. It'll be good for her to get to know her house." I walked through house then realized I have to pee. I crawled over into a corner, squatted, and peed.

Master wasn't to happy. He came in right when I finished.

"No Bella! Bad girl!" He said grabbing my neck and sticking my face right in the pee spot. Then he smacked my bottom three times really hard. I started cry. He picked me up by the nape of my neck and stuck me outside. I cried and cried. But he never let me back in. For hours I sat by the door waiting, it started to get dark. Then I peed outside and he let me back in.

But apparently it was my bedtime. He pushed me on my pillow and petted my head, mistress kissed and petted my head too. I twisted a couple times and settled onto my pillow. I had a hard time going to sleep, I could hear mistress and master moaning very loudly. Something kept hitting against my wall, an hour later it stopped. I could finally sleep now. It was a very good day.

Edwards POV *7 Years Old*

I had been in the pound since I was a baby. Then the nicest couple adopted me. A short spiky haired woman and a tall blond headed man. I was so happy and relieved to finally be taken out of here. Mistress held up a blue pair of underwear. I fought a little, I didn't like underwear. I'd rather go naked. Master smack my butt a few times, I got tired of that and just let mistress put the underwear on me.