AN: Here's chapter five, enjoy!

The air brimmed with a cold silence and malice as Edward and his girlfriend, Bella (who had arrived on the scene shortly after) confronted Johnny, Squee, his dad, and Jacob. Johnny licked his lips.

"So it's you..." Johnny said. "The moment we've all been waiting for, folks! The great Edward Cullen facing ME! Ahahahaha!" Johnny laughed an insane giggle, which gradually formed into a nutty laugh.

"Johnny! Don't do this! Please!" Squee begged.

"I've come this far, and I'm gonna go the rest of the way!" said Johnny, licking his lips.

"What do you think you are doing to Jacob, foul vampire scum?!" dramatized Edward. Edward in terms of appearance was wimpy and small, and much shorter than Johnny. His face was weak and unconvincing.

"EDWARD! BELLAAAAA! Run! He's too strong-" Jacob was interrupted when Johnny backhanded his neck, making Jacob cough and sending him stumbling over.

"Just who the heck do you think you are?!" Edward shouted, Bella cowering behind him.

"I am..." Johnny looked up, pure malice in his golden eyes, his hair falling in a sickening heap on his forehead, as if he had gotten water on it, "your WORST NIGHTMARE!"

"Are you a vampire?" asked Edward.

Johnny frowned. "No," he replied, "are you?"

"Of course I am a vampire! The greatest one there is!"

Johnny laughed like a madman. "Show me your moves then! Do you even know what a vampire is?!"

"Of course I know what a vampire is!" he shouted. "Vampires are beings of grace and light! We sparkle purple in the sunlight! We are beings of beauty!"

Johnny grinned maliciously. "LIES! LIES AND SLANDER!" he yelled. "Vampires are beings of cruelty and pain! They command the armies of the night! They inflict fear, pain, and drink blood, and most of all, Edward..."



Johnny's whole body began to shake violently,


He looked up at Edward, face completely red,


Johnny charged at Edward, knives and "fangs" clashing. The air was ablaze with blood as Johnny knocked Edward about, cutting wherever he could, as Edward tried desperately to sink his teeth into Johnny's neck, but failed, as Johnny bear hugged the frail boy, breaking a few of his bones as Johnny used his brute strength to toss Edward like a salad into a tree.

While this battle was underway, Bella, Edward's girlfriend, had tripped over something trying to escape the battle's grasp. She looked below her, and saw that it was Squee, who cowered.

"You little brat!" she said to the small boy, who picked himself up and ran from the angry girl, "I'll murder you!"

Meanwhile, Squee's father was watching the battle intently. He licked his lips as he saw Johnny tear apart Edward. He had managed to cut off two of Edward's toes, and Edward was screaming in agony.

Squee's father heard a loud roar behind him, and turned to see a pouncing Jacob. Dad quickly threw himself out of the werewolf's sight, getting himself into balance.

"Too weak to fight?" mocked Jacob tensely.

"Well," smirked Dad, "if you can't beat em, RUN!"

The weak man ran as fast as he could into the darkness of the woods, the werewolf boy hot on his heels.

Meanwhile, Johnny and Edward's battle was heating up, as the moon dipped lower and lower into the sky...

AN: Hope you enjoyed! In the next chapter, Edward's gonna get superbly fucked up Johnny, Dad will fight Jacob in the woods, and Squee will face Bella. See you next time!