Prologue: The Present…

The evening was nearing its end, as another beautiful, peaceful day in Earthrealm drew to a close. Thanks in large part to me and my friends. I am Liu Kang, descendant of the great Kung Lao, defender of Earthrealm and Champion of Mortal Kombat.

Since Birth ive been raised to fight in the ancient tournament to restore honor to this once great tournament. I would get my chance in the 10th tournament, the last one; If I failed, Earthrealm would fall to a Dark evil realm known as Outworld.

With the help of fellow kombatants I met in the tournament, together we put a stop to a major threat of earthrealm, but it didn't stop there. The emperor of Outworld, a tyrant named Shao Kahn thought he could avoid having to wait another 500 years before claiming Earth and decided to force me and my friends to compete in a new tournament but this time in his world, the dreaded Outworld.

We accepted and this time I had more help and from unexpected places. Along my travels, I met a beautiful female assassin named Kitana who also happened to be the Princess of Outworld and Shao Khan's Step daughter, one may wonder what led me to trust someone like that, and back then i couldn't tell you, im not sure I can even now, but I did, and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Slowly I began to get to know her, I found myself falling for her, as she did me.

With the help of Kitana, we managed to foil the emperor's plans and I fought and defeated Shao Khan in Mortal Kombat for the first time, but not the last. Shao Khan somehow managed to survive his defeat and just decide to just invade Earth without warning and defy the Elder gods' rules.

I found myself defending Earthrealm once more, but as before I wasn't without help. Although Shao Kahn took the souls of every being on Earth and caused all kinds of chaos around the world, He couldn't take the souls of the chosen few charged with Defending earthrealm with their lives. Together we fought and defeated Outworld's forces once more, saving the earth, our home and apparently, Kitana's true homeworld, Edenia.

Just when I though all was well and peace was restored, another foe shows his face, this time in the form of a Fallen elder god known as Shinnok. He decided to take a shot at taking over Earthrealm…a second time. Seems this elder god had a chance long ago but my Mentor and the earthrealm god of thunder, Raiden defeated him and sealed him to the fiery pits of the Netherrealm, but one year ago, he escaped and made his assault on the realm of Edenia.

Shinnok, had his sights set on Earthrealm, but being the champion of Mortal Kombat and a defender of the realm. I was not going to let that happen. I had to stop Shinnok, I had to save Kitana, I had to save Earthrealm.

I have to say this was the hardest challenge Ive had to face to date, but I prospered and defeated Shinnok. Raiden once again sealed him back to the Netherrealm where I hope he will stay forever. Shinnok's invasion was but only a year ago and im still trying to get my life back in order. Through these invasions and never ending battles ive come to retrospect on it all and wonder; is it really worth it, is all the fighting worth it?

Earthrealm, Present: 1 year after Shinnok's Invasion(MK4)

Liu was ending his evening meditation session in a dim candle lit small room of the Shaolin temples as he once again began to think back to what happened only a year ago, in this very spot, when he was surprisingly greeted by one of his most trusted allies, Kitana.

She had come to personally thank him for saving her realm yet again, but she also came with more. She revealed her true feelings for him in a way that he wasn't expecting. She offered him a chance to be with her in Edenia, so that they could be together like the two of them wanted. This was joy to Liu's heart and he couldn't have been more excited, but the harsh revelation dawned upon him. It couldn't be that way. He couldn't accept her offer due to his commitment as Earthrealm's Champion. Denying Kitana's hand in marriage was the hardest thing he had done. Throughout his time with her, he had grown to love her so much, as did she. Though Kitana was a bit heartbroken, she understood and she left it at that but not after the two shared an unexpected kiss. It was a simple kiss, but that simple pressing of their lips together, said a lot. It said what their voices couldn't.

Since that day, Liu has spent his nights alone in the uncomfortable silence of his bedroom replaying that scene over and over in his mind. He felt horrible and regretted his decision not to join Kitana and be with her. His pain was so severe, that on some nights, Liu would cry over his loss and let the pain put him to rest. Liu has been though a number of battles against nameless warriors from across the realms, but the pain they inflicted on him seemed pale in comparison to the pain he felt just by his own actions.

Liu would continue to spend his days trying to recoup from recent events but he felt relieved knowing that he had with him, his two life long best friends Kai, and Kung lao, who was thought to have been killed by Shao khan during his invasion of Earth but had returned upon hearing of Shinnok's invasion just a year ago. Now he is back among the Shaolin temples helping Liu, with their new students as well as with liu's grief.

"Hey" a familiar voice said softly, as Liu turned to see that it was his childhood friend and partner in battle, Kung Lao.

"Hey" Liu replied turning his head back to its former position of forward.

"hey, I just came in to tell you that the equipment for the new dojo is up and ready for tomorrow." Kung lao said

"Okay" Liu said plainly

"You okay" the concerned Kung Lao asked as he walked closer to his friend.

Liu looked down at his lap and sighed, "Yea im, im hanging in there, just nice to get some peace and quite again, you know".

"Your still thinking about her aren't you?" Kung Lao asked as he leaned towards the walk of the room, while folding his arms.

"Is it that obvious?"

"I don't have much experience in the love department but I do know my own friend of 24 years and going. So, I know when something isn't right." The short haired monk said.

"Well then you know me well, my friend." Liu replied

"Hey, you made the right choice." Kung lao said walking towards his friend, placing a comforting hand upon his shoulder.

"I really don't know how much of this whole champion life I can take, im not living the life I want, I would have loved to marry Kitana, but I said no, and for what? Is being Champion worth giving up your dreams? The things you want most in life? I don't want my life to be constant battle!" liu snapped suddenly

"Why didn't I say yes…why," he said trying to maintain his composure.

"Remember when I was chosen to compete in the tournament, but I didn't, so they chose you?" Kung Lao asked sitting Indian style next to his best friend.

"Of course I remember" Liu answered

"What was your reason for accepting?" Liu's friend inquired.

"I wanted to save earthrealm, I wanted to return the shaolin to peace. I didn't want earthrealm to end up like Edenia. Im starting to think that was just an excuse I was giving myself, just to make the shaolin proud" Liu asked turning towards his friend.

"Maybe it was, but I don't think so, but, I honestly don't know…only you do, perhaps you need to find that reason again." Kung Lao suggested to his friend.

"And about Kitana, im sure she was a bit sadden, but she understood, and she's moving on. You'll see her again, Im sure of it" Kung Lao said to Liu.

"How do you know?" The champion plainly inquired, of his friend.

"Because Ive been looking out for you since you met her in Outworld, mostly because I was suspicious but after seeing you two together, ive see how she looks at you and how she feels about you, I know how you feel about her and what you give her, and when love is real like that, it finds a way. So believe me, you'll see her again, and, maybe when this whole mortal kombat thing is said and done, finally; maybe you'll get to be with her the way you and her would like to be. Good things come to those who wait, but until then, endure." Kung Lao as he picked himself up from sitting.

"Tell me something" Liu said, stopping Kung Lao in his tracks

"What Really made you decline the invite," he asked.

Kung Lao walked back towards slowly his friend as he did a slight sigh and began,

"It wasn't an easy choice to make but, in my mind, I thought I was beyond ready, I had the skills, the confidence everything, but, In my heart, I wasn't prepared for the commitment. I wasn't ready to give up my normal life either, not for one of constant battle. When I declined the offer, I felt horrible about it. Afterwards I felt like I let the Shaolin down, my family, my ancestors, my realm. It was the hardest thing for me, but I'll tell you what made it better, I knew I was leaving the earth's fate in good hands with you taking my place." Kung Lao said putting a caring hand on Liu's shoulder.

"Thanks, I, I really appreciate that. Maybe I just need a reminder of why Im doing this, because right now, I honestly don't know, I mean, I know im doing this to save earth but…that just doesn't seem like enough anymore." The depressed Liu said.

"Um…Hey, why don't we get out of here and get a bite, huh? Im famished from all the training today" Kung Lao said to Liu gladsomely, putting out his hand

"Sure" Liu said, grasping Kung Lao's hand.

"And also during my 'death', I needed some time to remember my reason for sticking around this long. I know it now, and here I am. Take this time of peace, how ever long it may last, to remember yours" Kung Lao said

"And, your not alone in this, you got me, Raiden, Kitana, Kai, Sonya, Jax, Johnny, even Sub Zero. We're all here for you." Kung Lao added

"And you never know, maybe Shinnok was the last of them; maybe peace is in store for us in now. If so, then perhaps you can live the life you wanted, and marry your girlfriend, and don't dare say she's no-" Kung Lao said before being interrupted with anticipation from liu.

"Im not…heh, im not, and maybe your right, maybe it is peace and prosperity from now on." Liu said looking up to the beautiful orange sunset sky as the two friends walked out of the temple.

"I hope so, my friend, I hope so…" Kung Lao said looking at up to the sky with his best friend, Liu Kang.

One can only hope that peace lies in store for Earthrealm and that the evils of Shao kahn, Shinnok, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi are gone, But like Good, Evil never dies and unknown to Earthrealm, a possible threat may in fact loom beyond the horizon…much beyond…

A/N: I am not a writer, as you can see, but this is an idea i want to get off my mind because i think it has so much potential. im not the bst writer for it, but im gonna do my best!

This is the prologue chapt. not much, just a recap of events so you can know where in time the "present" MK chars are and where ahlf of our story takes place. Chars are in MK4 costumes.

The real adventure begins in Chapt 1.

Stay tuned. this story is going to build, it may seem slow now, but a lot of interesting events are going to be introduced throughtout this story. leaving perhaps, many questions, questions that may be answered in the story. just stay tuned.