Chapter 10

The Depths

Liu stood numb in his tracks as he took pause from the startling revelations that passed through his ears, recently revealed by his ally and infiltrator of Outworld, Sub Zero.

"What did he say, Liu?" his panicky wife attempted to inquire of him. However her words could not pass through her husbands ears which kept replaying Sub Zero's inconceivable words like a broken record. He simply could not believe it all. The future indefinitely looked bleak, there was absolutely no way that his remaining warriors were to best over 500 warriors all with skills exceeding expectations…and who leads them.

*Quan Chi seems to have recruited a version of you…an evil version; apparently, he is the emperor in his timeline… * The Ice ninja continued his report.

Liu honestly could not believe that he could ever be evil, never mind the ruler of the world he fought so hard against for MANY years. Never in a lifetime would he have thought it possible. But he had to remind himself; THIS Liu Kang was not him, THIS Outworld was not the Outworld HE knew, and things of these alternate worlds were just that; Alternate. However alternate they were, they were no less of a threat.

"What!?" Kitana shouted to Liu when she saw the dreary look upon his face as he turned about and took a few small steps away from her and the rest of the gang to ponder the alarming news, again, not giving much anticipated answer. Irritated with Liu's non response to her array of questions she aggressively stormed to him and turned him about, grabbing his arms and giving an angered and frustrated look to her husband,

"Stop keeping us in suspense and tell us what the Hell is going on dammit!"

All Liu could do was stare into her brown eyes of mixed emotions of anger, fear, and anxiety. She could tell by staring back in his gloomy eyes that whatever Sub Zero told him had left him in complete despair. He dreadfully sighed hesitant to give the undeniable truth, but he knew it had to be told and ALL eyes were on him.

"Quan Chi has traveled to yet another timeline, and recruited an army of 500 members or more, filled with warriors from every Outworld race you can think of; Taraktans, Shokan, raptors, centaurs, even Lin Kuei cybers. From what Sub Zero is saying, they ALL have been 'upgraded'. They are not as easy as the ones we have fought for so long." He further revealed.

"By the gods…" Kitana stepped back, her face wracked with fear and despair in company with her trembling body from what her husband revealed, and she was not alone in the feeling. Everyone by now had felt the same way to different degrees and their faces shown it as clear as day. All in all, things did NOT look good at all.

"Damn, the putties just became 'Super Putties' AND increased in numbers" Jax half joked, but the fear could still be sensed in his tone.

"Basically, yea…" Liu nodded

"Obviously he's planning some sort of invasion of Earth" Kenshi stated.

"And…it appears an 'evil version' of myself is the emperor of this 'Third Outworld world…and commands this massive army…"

"Say What!?" Kitana eyes widened as she shouted in utter disbelief.

"Oh Damn!" Jax followed in kind.

"This just keeps getting better and better…" Jade sarcastically join in.

"Ugh, have they found Quan Chi?!" Kenshi desperately asked of Liu.

"No, they haven't…"

"Hmph, Maybe Hanzo got to him…" Jade suggested.

"Psh, I doubt it" Jax responded.

"I don't…" Sareena unexpectedly came in as per her usual entrance into conversations. "He did work for the necromancer upon a time, as I did once…he knows where to find him…"



"Where is Quan Chi!" the vengeful and angered ninja questioned one of Quan Chi's subordinates within his massive spire after beating the shit out of the vile hellish creature.

"I-i d-don't kn-ow…" the creature tried to voice, only with difficulty due to the severe beating inflected upon him by the wrath of Hanzo.

'UHGAA' Hanzo grunted as he shoved the broken creature down upon the hot brimstone ground they stood upon. Hanzo knew where to find Quan Chi, or atleast his home and had a few choice words for his former employer. He kidnapped his wife; the one he fought so hard for to hold in his arms once more, Now torn from grasp once again by the very same villain. THIS time however would be the last. He WOULD kill Quan Chi this time; THIS time, No bargain would save him from what he and others believed he deserved; DEATH.

Hanzo searched Quan Chi's Spire all over to find the villain, With his incredible fighting skills and unrelenting determination to see his wife to him and the villain responsible for her suffering properly rewarded, he bested the monstrous guards that awaited him throughout the entire 5 story spire. Now he had reached the top where Quan Chi's throne was but he was not present within it.

This only infuriated the warrior even more as he tore and wrecked the entire throneroom as his rage manifested into this thunderous fit, promising storm of blood once

Hanzo got his hands upon Quan Chi. A thunder that had been suddenly clamed by a small helpless voice of the female gender; a voice that spoke his name, in a manner that had been given voice by loving wife…


"Kana!?" the warrior quickly turned about to find the source of the voice he held so close to heart. But he found nothing. His named continued to be given voice in his wife's tongue as the cries began sounding more and more desperate.

"Hanzo! Help Me! Don't Let him get me again!"

The cries only served to pierce Hanzo's heart with its helpless plea of a tone and his continued efforts to find it. But soon Hanzo figured out that this must have been Quan Chi…and his tricks.

"Don't play games with me sorcerer!" He yelled furiously! "Where is my Wife!"

"She is here…" The sorcerer's voice spoke. Hanzo turned about abruptly to find the source of it standing before him in the flesh.

"Quan Chi!"

"Hanzo… I knew you would come here…"

"You must also know that I am going to kill you!"

The sorcerer simply chuckled, "Words absent form without your powers to support them…"

"Where is KANA!?" Hanzo demanded of the villain.

"In time…" he simply smirked.

"Im not playing games with you!" Hanzo threatened as he stepped closer towards the sorcerer eager for battle and to have the sorcerer's life.

"Oh, On the contrary, you WILL, if you want to lay eyes upon your wife again. Spill my blood, as I know you desire, and you will see her's taken as well."

Hanzo wanted to badly to do just that, to see Quan Chi to deserved end…but not at the cost of his wife. So many times Quan Chi has used threats of death and misery upon others' lives to railroad his enemies and he was all to convincing with it. This time was no different. In times past, the sorcerer had kept to his word even thought a deeper, more sinister intent was mostly likely the cause.

Never the less, Hanzo knew if he did attempt to take the sorcerer's life, it would be at the cost his wife's own…a sum he could not afford.

He had no choice but to play Quan Chi's games.

"I seem to recall us in a similar position not too long ago…you remember? You were attempting to claim my life, I had you believe Sub Zero responsible for tragedy brought upon your family and clan, when I revealed the villain to be myself…"

"A lingering wound, that only your BLOOD could balm!" Hanzo quipped venomously.

"Indeed…so you began to hunt me down, after unfortunate events led me trapped in the netherrealm along with the fury of your vengeance…like now."

"Only this time, You won't escape!" Hanzo boldly declared.

"Perhaps. But I was in your grasp for a time, suffering the wrath of your vengeance while you were yet still a spectre, haunting me for crimes I committed against you."

"The Good Ol' Days…" Hanzo viciously smirked.

"But before you could take my life, I told of how I could revive your wife…for a price:

I return your wife Kana, back whole, no gimmicks, no tricks, in exchange; You surrender your powers.

"You accepted. Now, here you are in an almost similar situation…absent bargaining chip. Fortunately, I do not require one of you…I provide it myself. All you have to do is defeat my warriors…and you can have your wife within your grasp once more, forever and I will cease pursuit of her."

"You are Lying!" the doubtful warrior shouted to the serpent of a sorcerer.

Quan Chi then used his vast sorcery and from a firey blaze a chain bounded Kana appeared before Hanzo.


"HANZO! Please!" Kana cried to her husband. Quan Chi moved closer to the bounded woman, unable to push away from the approaching Sorceror as his hands began to caress her long dark hair. He moved his face closer to the teary eyed and frightened woman, as Quan Chi began to smell her sweet nectar, getting aroused by not only her but by Hanzo's ever erupting fury and rage, yet NO outlet for it...atleast not yet. The despicable sorcerer then went as far as to slowly lick the tears that fell from Kana's cheeks as he deviously gazed upon Hanzo, awaiting his reaction to the 'violation' of his wife, hoping the man would break.

Hanzo could barely contain himself at the disgusting sight. He wanted SO badly to rip Quan Chi's head right off.

"KANA!" He cried back making his way furiously towards the chained woman.

"Hold IT!" he stilled Hanzo.

"You Bastard!" he ragefully scorned. "I know you, you wont just giver her back after I defeat your chumps!"

"Of course I will, If I go back on my word, You can kill me, and I wont put up any kind of fight."

"BULL SHIT!" he viciously replied.

"That remains to be seen. Just defeat my two warriors, and she is all yours…" the sorcerer simply said.

"Boys…" The sorcerer then called, as two silhouettes appeared from the front entrance of his spire; One of average height and one of a massive build to rival a shokan. As they came closer, they were reveled into the light; One was a massive, lumbering Oni demon with three glowing eyes, and a large ball and chain wrapped around his left arm. The other a more humanoid looking demon with a strange looking mask covering his face and a large iron club mounted on his right arm. Although Hanzo had knew of Oni resembling this 'upgraded' massive version, he had not seen HIM before nor the other and they BOTH appeared DEADLY.

Hanzo mentally cursed the sorcerer. (Damn you Quan Chi…)

MK: Parallel


"Damn Quan Chi!" Jax blurted in anger. "How the hell did he do this?! What kinda of sorcery is that!?"

"Ive never heard of this…in all my years in Outworld, I have never seen that kind of spell or sorcery to travel to alternate universes before, Not even from the shadow priests." Kitana fretted.

"Im not concerned about that, Im concerned about how we are going to get out of this alive." Jax responded. "We are ridiculous-, heh, no, hilariously outnumbered! Hate to say it but, maybe we should have stayed in that other timeline."

"Sub Zero, have you found anything else?" Liu asked of the Lin Kuei infiltrator


"So what do you think…do we stand a chance?"

*From the surface, No…But…*

"But What!?" Liu quickly responded, a spark of hope present in his tone

*There might just be away to lower their numbers…greatly*


*Ill inform you when we return, I believe our work here may be don-*

"Indeed it is…" a dark menacing voice loomed over Sub Zero's own.

Sub Zero and Smoke did not turn about but instead moved their eyes to gaze at each other. They knew this could happen…and was prepared for the risk…

"Surrender" The voice demanded of the earthrealm spies. After moments of no reply, Smoke withered into a grey vapor cloud as he massively began to spread and conceal the area they hid in enough to provide temporary cover for Sub Zero to escape. Sub Zero made a quick escape leaping off nearby columns of the inside structure of roof they were on and out to the large hallway near the entrance. Smoke in his grey vapor form began moving down to the hall where he suddenly reemerged into his solid form. They both then tried to make a hasty exit but were halted at the large doors by a black oily figure in their path.

He just stood there, his glowing bluish orbs glaring at the two trespassers.

Both former Lin Kuei warriors stood in their fighting positions, for they knew a fight was about to go down. Oddly enough to the two warriors however, No one else came to the black ninja's aid, nor did he sound alarm of it. He stood alone.

"You are a fool to think you can defeat us both by yourself" The confident Blue Ice ninja smirked at the black ninja as the two warriors began circling the black lone ninja.

The Dark warrior just stood there observing the two warriors circling him.

Unexpectedly, Smoke felt oily hands aggressively grab his arms from behind, locking them in place. It was apparently a clone of the Dark ninja that stood before him. Then another clone of the black ninja rose up from the ground via a small portal of sorts in front of him. Sub Zero attempted to help him when he too was met with a black clone emanating from the dark ninja himself, who ran with astonishing speed and velocity as it tackled Sub Zero to the ground and proceeded to punch him square in his face before it dispersed into oil.

Meanwhile Smoke vaporized himself to get loose of the clone's grasp then materialized back to solid form to began fighting it. That clone then to dispersed into an oil puddle after smoke attempted to kick it.

Sub Zero regained himself and attempted to fire a powerful Ice blast towards the real black ninja still in his same spot. The Dark Ninja teleported out the way and reappeared behind Sub Zero and prepared to deliver a punch to his face, but Sub Zero caught it in time and then froze the ninja's fist in his Icy grip, causing his arm to be casted in ice, weighing it down and causing the ninja to fall to his knees as his arm lay frozen in burning pain…or so it seemed. The dark ninja glanced up at the towering Ice Warrior who was looking down on him and slammed his ice covered fist into the ground causing the ice cast to break, freeing his hand.

The Dark ninja was somewhat surprised at the ice ninja and his quick reflexes as well as smokes yet, he then rose back to his feet, seemingly unfazed by Sub Zero's icy grip.

The two warriors then began fighting him at close range, delivering a variety of kicks, punches; some single blows and some were fluid combo attempts. Sub Zero and Smoke stayed on the offensive and kept their opponent on the defensive. It was certainly surprising to the dark ninja that the two warriors had this much skill, even for Lin Kuei warriors, however, it was nothing he was not prepared for…especially since he KNEW of their fighting methods and not too long into their fight, Sub Zero could began to tell.

This strange ninja had began to read their on coming attacks like a book, able to block and counter them with ever growing eaze. He even started to counter attackwith his own set of unpredictable and timely punches, kicks and sudden sweeps that Sub Zero and Smoke were not really prepared for. It was because of their own additional training from their earthrealm allies that they were able to counter HIS unpredictable moves. Never the less they were amazed at how he could keep up with them and fight them on THEIR level. Not many fighters they knew of were able to do that except for Liu Kang, his wife Kitana, Hanzo and recently, the saurian from the 3rd Outworld; Komodai.

But now, even their additional training was beginning to fail as the Black Ninja's attacks became more and more powerful and unreadable with each blow they attempted to block and dodge. Eventually they found themselves unable to be offensive as the dark ninja's offense became more and more aggressive; each punch, each kick were so strong that even their arm and shin guards were beginning to wear from the force.

The black ninja gained the upper hand on them and finally broke their defenses as he punished them both with a fury of powerful fluid combinations of punches and acrobatic kicks, some of which resembled moves of the earthrealm 'capoeira' style. He was able to land powerful attacks at all angles; to the upper and lower body and face. Sub Zero tried to put some space between them in order to recover alittle bit from the ninja's overwhelming devastation but Noob was relentless in his assault.

"NOOB!" a demanding voice suddenly called to him, in the form of his evil emperor; Liu Kang.

Noob halted his assault upon command as they all looked upon the corrupted dark emperor.

"We don't have time for you to be playing around. Finish them!" he commanded of the Ninja.

Noob suddenly disappeared and reappeared behind the unsuspecting Smoke who had only but a brief moment to recover from the ninja's assault on him, but now Noob returned to end the game. Noob grabbed Smoke in a bearhold lock and then dropped himself and smoke through a small portal that appeared below them which immediately reopened nearby in the air as they both violently slammed to the floor with Smoke being knocked unconscious and Noob dispersing into oil and then reforming.

Sub Zero tried to put up his guard but he was too weakened, fatigued and beaten to put up a decent fight. The black ninja had unexpectedly proven too much for him and he knew that this was it for him.

He kneeled before the dark warrior and removed his mask and cowl, revealing the man behind the mask; Bi Han. His face was beaten and bruised, yet still held up high.

"My life shall fade by my own hand before I let the enemy claim it!" The fallen ice warrior boldly stated with pride, one of the few Lin Kuei kodes of honor he still held to heart, as he prepared to take his own life. Bi Han began to reach towards his own head, closing his eyes and preparing to snap his neck,

"…You are not worthy of the Name Sub-Zero" Noob spoke.

Sub Zero paused, opening his eyes wide as he looked to him. That was the first time he heard him talk…and his voice sounded familiar to him, he could no place it but he KNEW he heard that same voice VERY recently yet still could not place a face to it, but besides that, Bi Han furrowed his brows at the disrespectful comment,

"Who are you to judge!?"

"…I once worn those colors" the dark ninja revealed.

Bi han's eyes widened , taken aback by this unexpected revelation about his mysterious foe. But more then that, He KNEW for certain he heard Noob's voice before, but he could not place it…when suddenly it HIT him! He knew EXACTLY who's voice that was…

"…Kk-kuai liang?"

Noob's only reply…was a sudden shadow clone that went in straight for the Finish…

MK: Parallel

"Sub Zero!? Smoke!? You there!?" Liu called out in distress over the comlink, but no answer was given.

"What happened?" Jax asked,

"I don't know, the com just went dead."

"Sub Zero!? DAMN!" Liu bellowed, slamming his flaming fist into nearby debris of wall.

Soon everyone began to fear over what could have happened; Did they get caught?, Is the comlink no longer working? Are they…dead? They could only hope that they had not been found out because had they been, they would have surely been eliminated, which made their situation even MORE hopeless.

"I-I heard some commotion in the background" Liu frantically revealed, "I don't know what happened."

"No…no, Sub Zero is not dead…he-he…can't be dead…" Sareena unexpected voice tried to reassure everyone, but she could not even reassure herself and it was no more evident then in her tone.

No one had ever heard Sareena speak with such grief and pain, as subtle as she tried to make it, in all the years they've known her. But they also knew that she seemed very close to Bi Han. She tried not to think it possible that he could be dead, to her he was the toughest and most stubborn man she knew, too stubborn to die. But she had also gotten to know a kinder, gentler side to him. The man who showed compassion to her when she was yet trying to kill him almost a lifetime ago under orders of Quan Chi when they first met, The man who rescued her from the clutches of Quan Chi not long after that during the Invasion of earth, the one who he could seem to 'talk to' about personal things he would normally keep to himself and she herself found out she could do the same with him. She had began to develop more and more of this strange type of feeling for him, something that she could not understand. She felt the strange sensations when she was near him and they would share secrets and Bi Han would become so open to her. She could never fully explain it but she felt it, and it felt…good. Later she came to realize that this sensation was something called 'love'. She loved Bi Han and she felt loved back by him.

And the reality of losing him and his 'love' caused her eyes to grow water that spilt over to form her very first tear drops. She felt them running down her cheeks as she turned away from those looking to her. She tried not to reveal this 'weakness' as she was taught it was, but it was too late.

Kitana went to her to try and comfort her, setting a gentle hand on her back shoulder, "It's alright to cry, Sareena. That's what happens when we lose the ones we love and care about, and we've ALL suffered loss by now."

Sareena did not respond to Kitana's words but she did feel she no longer needed to hide her apparent 'feelings' for Bi Han from anyone in that room any longer. They could all relate to what she was going through and it was only natural to show emotion. It made her realize that it was not a weakness. It was a sign of being human and having a warm heart she once thought was lost forever. It was a sign that she had changed from the vile demon she once was.

"If we've lost those guys…we might as well surrender…" Jax painfully admitted.

"…its all over. Quan Chi has beaten us…and we…can't stop him. We can't win…" the anguished, and spirit broken Liu sadly professed.

"Never thought I'd hear that from You…" a familiar voice suddenly filled the silent, brooding, airwaves.

All turned about to find its source and were a bit surprise at first when it was from an old ally standing amongst the rubble of OIA. The man appeared ragged physically with a stubble beard and sunglasses on his face. A man they haven't seen in years…not since the Invasion of Shinnok…and the death of Sonya Blade.

"Johnny…" Liu stared.


Although everyone had been surprised to see Johnny Cage, No one in the room had on their happy welcoming faces afterwards. His face only reminded them of the selfish, asshole of a coward he showed himself to be many years ago. His cowardice and concern for his own life above others played a major part in the death of their beloved Sonya; in an act of selfless bravery to make the ultimate sacrifice during the final battle of Shinnok and his forces, a grave loss that would have never happened had Cage not abandoned them at a critical point during that battle; An act that was never forgotten, nor forgiven by the lot of the group and resulted in Cage's abrupt departure from the OIA and from those he once called friends.

"You look like shit…" Liu plainly scolded the former actor, who appeared to be ragged and broken down from head to toe, a FAR cry from the 'class' he once held.

"yea…good to see you too…" he sarcastically replied in an inexpressive tone.

Liu then noticed five men dressed casually in sweat suits and whatnot standing next to him. Neither of them he recognized.

"…Who are they?"

"A few of my friends. Good fighters. NUMBERS…which I see are lacking greatly now."

"You got alotta balls showin up here, Cage! What the fuck are you doin here!" Jax , grudgingly demanded of his former ally, eager to hear his response, especially after their last conversation years ago before Cage left, threatened a violent quarrel between the two.

"Had nothing better going, Movie career is over, all my 'Jack' is gone…plus I seen you guys on the news…and, thought you might need some help…the least I can do to regain myself…and make things right.

"We don't want your help you son of a bitch!" Jax confronted once more stepping closer to the man ready to beat the shit out of the coward.

"Look man, I know the last thing you wanna see right now is my raggedy, bummy, cowardly, ass-

"CH'YOU GOTDAMN RIGHT!" Jax viciously growled.

"But, I suspect right about now, you'll take what you can get…" the former actor finished. He was not met with any kind of response from anyone for quite a few uneasy moments, nor did he really expect any save negative ones.

"…It's a start" Kitana spoke up, giving her former ally reassurance of his questionable place among them while also attempting to cut the mild tension alittle between him and the group in favor of more dire concerns.

"yea…" the former actor returned with somewhat of a thank you nod. "So what's going on? "

"A lots happened since you left…" the inexpressive Liu replied.

"Just give me the short version…" he asked straightforward, not in the least interested in the 'long one'.

"Hm, Okay then…Quan chi has gathered evil forces from a couple different timelines to invade Earthrealm and kill us all as part of his revenge plan." Liu bluntly put in one quick sentence, knowing that Cage would want to hear the long version afterwards...

"…hmm, okay, long version it is then" the former actor mildly chuckled.


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