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Chapter 1: The Beginning of a long Journey

Amara's Point of View

You know the feeling that you know something's real, but no one else believes you, or cares enough to wonder? Well, that's how I feel about the supposed Tower Prep. It's a legend, a myth, they tell me whenever I bring it up. I don't get it because if it's not real what happened to my cousin? She disappeared one day. After the accident that is.

All I've ever wanted was the truth, and I'd find it. I got out of my bed and read my clock. According to it the time was 4:30 Am. I sighed and got dressed. I wore my favorite blue shirt along with a pair of jean shorts. I grabbed my back pack and went down to the kitchen. My early morning runs were more of a routine lately. I've been so curious lately and quite honestly wasn't acting myself. I mean I got in trouble at school, didn't do homework, and snuck out a lot. It was like I wasn't myself, that someone was controlling me. I couldn't do anything so I ignored it and continued running.

Weirdly enough I relaxed while running, while most girls would probably hate it. I'm no cross country runner, but I do like to run in the mornings when I can. I ran to the one place I could be me. No one understood me, well the real me anyway. The only one that did was gone. Disappeared, without a trace. The weirder thing was that she had a secret too. Then again, doesn't everyone. I ran to my secret spot, no one was ever there, it was perfect. It was pretty amazing and right near a little creek where I could sit and do my homework, not to mention practice my secret ability.

I have a secret power, one no one has; at least I don't think anyone else has it. I can't use it often because I would probably get in trouble. Only one person knew and she's gone, so I'm sort of alone. I ran to the creek and set my back pack down. I stood on the giant rock at the beginning of the flowing creek and closed my eyes. Nature really relaxed me, and helped me concentrate too. I knew that I could only stay there for a while, and that I'd have to face reality sooner or later.

I opened my eyes and blinked a few times reminding myself that I had to be really careful. It was a calm and peaceful day, before I started at least. I closed my eyes once again and imagined rain clouds forming. The water building up within the cloud and suddenly falling drops of rain falling to the ground. I smiled as I felt the rain hitting my shoulders. The next thing I imagined was the sound of thunder. My smile grew as I heard the loud boom of the thunder. It reminded me of someone playing a bass drum( it's true, if you hit/roll the bass drum hard/long enough it sounds like thunder). The last thing I did before opening my eyes was imagine lightning striking. I opened my eyes and saw the lightning strike. I nearly started laughing, I was getting better. Oh, how I love my power.

I stood there admiring my work and letting the rain drops hit me. Then I heard something, I lot control of my concentration and the rain stopped. The lightning didn't though. It kept striking. If I had more time I would have stopped it, but I had other priorities to worry about. I ran toward the direction I heard the noise from. I could feel the lightning striking but I ignored it. I ran as fast as I could, and some how managed to corner him.

"Stay away you freak." He yelled.

"I'm no freak. Now please don't tell anyone." I said, well more like pleaded.

"Why shouldn't I? It's not like you can hurt me." I stared at him, was it that obvious that I wouldn't have the heart to hurt someone intentionally? I wouldn't want to hurt him, but I knew I'd have to if it meant convincing him.

"I can and I will if you give me no choice." Okay, so even I knew that sounded fake…

"I doubt it. If all you can do is conjure up storms than I can just leave. You won't hurt me." He laughed and that got me mad…

"I will." I said annoyed and angered.

"You're just a little freak with a little luck. You have no power. You couldn't even produce lighting if you tried." That really upset me. I don't know what came over me, but something did. I held my hand out toward him and lighting shot out of my hands. I guess the guy was as surprised as I was because he just barely missed it. As much as I hated to admit it, I'd leaned a new power, but would have to learn how to control it. This meant more practice.

"Want to say that again?" I threatened, this time confidently.

"Yes, I do. You're a little pathetic child. I bet you can't even drive yet." Okay, part of that may have been true but still, he didn't have to say that… I tried again but this time the guy deflected it back at me somehow, and when it came back at me I somehow made a force field and deflected it back again. This time; however he just moved over. I guess he didn't have anything to attack with so I figured it was time for one last attack to at least threaten him to forget about seeing me play with my powers. I let the lightning surge from my hands and he deflected it easily. I don't know why but the lightning went through my shield that I tried to put up. I guess that I wasn't concentrating hard enough. It hit me and I fell backwards. I fell on the trees and was knocked out..

The next thing I know I was strapped down to what seemed was an emergency room bed. I couldn't move, it hurt a lot. I could hear a slight murmur near me. I couldn't move my head so I just closed my eyes and focused on what I could hear.

"She knows too much already, we can't have her spreading rumors or getting too powerful. She already can create lightning. We need to act now. We can't let her loose again." Again? This happened before? Well this was interesting. I continued to listen in.

"You're right; it's time to bring her in. Time to prepare her. She's awake now, we must act quickly." I opened my eyes again and saw what looked like two doctors. One of them held me still, as if I could move, which I really couldn't. The other grabbed a needle and jammed it into my shoulder. The last thing I heard was someone saying.

"Tower Prep is tough, good luck Amara." Then I dozed off into the darkness.

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