Roxanne and a small group of her friends were hanging out in one of the school bathrooms, doing their make-up and giggling about the up-coming events.

"Who are you asking?" Tammy asked Holly.

"I think Tony."

"Tony Jackson?" Roxanne asked, finishing up with her mascara.



"Well, he is on the football team," Jen explained. "And Holly is a cheerleader. It only makes perfect sense."

"Yeah, but why not ask Wayne Scott, the quarterback?" Tammy asked.

"Because Samantha's gonna got with him," Holly said dryly.

"Oh, yeah." Tammy was feeling rather stupid forgetting the head cheerleader.

"Samantha won't get the chance," Allison suddenly spoke up.

"Why not?" Katie, another girl, asked.

Allison smirked. "Because Roxanne is going to ask him first."

The young brunette's eye widened as her friends gasped.

"No way."

"It's not true!"

"Are you really?"

"You are not!"

Everyone was talking at once, but having spent a good year and a half with them, Roxanne had learned how to tune most of it out. She waited patiently, finishing up in front of the mirror, until the girls calmed down. "I'm not going to ask Wayne," she said eventually.

"Why not?" Tammy asked.

"Because he's a stuck up snob who needs a reality check," Roxanne said easily.

"But he's hot!"

Roxanne shrugged. "So are half the guys at this school. But they're all jerks."

Holly squinted at her friend. "Oh…you're one of those girl," she said.

Roxanne chuckled as the bell rang. "Yes I am," she said, and walked out of the bathroom.

After getting his schedule from the front office, Megamind easily found his first period class. It might have been more confusing to any normal human, but with his large brain and amazing intellect, it was no sweat. First period, he noted. English. Room 308. He headed up to the third floor.

As expected, he turned every head in the class. Everyone had heard of Megamind, the blue, big-headed alien, so seeing him in person was like seeing a local celebrity. But not a good one like Sandra Bullock, but more a bad one, like Charlie Sheen. Eyes of all colors stared at the new student. But how could he pay attention to anyone else's eyes when all he was seeing were a pair of beautiful blue ones. They were so soft and sweet, unlike the others; and curious, not at all judging. They were gorgeous, and so was the owner of them. Oh, who is that? He had to know.

"Hello," he said politely, more towards the teacher than the students.

"Good morning. You must be…Megamind?"

"Yes. Yes I am." The blue teenager was sure he caught a smile out of the corner of his eye, but he would be sure who it belonged to.

"Well, Megamind," the teacher continued. "I'm Mrs. Daniels. Why don't you take that empty seat behind Roxanne Ritchi? Roxanne, could you raise your hand please?"

Shyly, slowly, and just Megamind's luck, the girl with those dazzling blue eyes sent a small wave in his direction. A gentlemanly smile spread across his face as he walked over and took his new seat.

"Good morning, Roxanne," he said quietly, not wanting to disturb the class.

The girl sitting in front of him turned in her chair and smiled right at him. "Good morning."

"Okay, guys," Mrs. Daniels suddenly spoke, interrupting whatever conversation was developing between the strangers. "Time to read!"

The class groaned, including Roxanne, who had turned back around.

I think I'm going to like this class, Megamind thought to himself.