Summary: The "Get to Know Each Other Better Game" that Gold came up with seemed fun at first… until the dex holders realized their partners would be chosen at random…

A/N: This is my first Pokémon fanfiction, so I'm pretty nervous about how it's going to turn out. The pairings were completely random so please don't hate on the ones. So far I only know what the first pair is, and I'm sure the fans may like it. (Black, White, and Emerald are not in this because I'm not too familiar with them. Sorry!)

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Gold grinned to himself as he made the finishing touches on his grand master piece. Today was the day that all his fellow dex holders would praise him for bringing the family so close together. It was only a matter of time before the first guest arrived at the sacred meeting place, Professor Oak's lab. (He had been more than happy to lend Gold and his buddies an extra room for the day.) Rubbing his hands together excitedly, our dark haired friend got up from his stool and made his way towards the door impatiently. Right on cue, a timid knock was heard from the other side. All too eager, Gold immediately glomped the victim right when he slammed the door open.

"G-gold… I can't… breathe…" Yellow gasped from underneath his wrath. All too quickly, Green stepped in and shoved Gold out of the way, earning a look of gratitude from the small girl. Disregarding the whimpering nuisance on the side of the doorway, Red and Blue also strolled in casually, and seated themselves on the seats laid out for them.

A few moments later, the Hoenn kids walked in, following Silver and Crystal. The Sinnoh Trio was the last to arrive. Forgetting his pain, Gold shot up to his mini stage and clapped his hands together, gathering everybody's attention. Grabbing onto the "master piece" he had worked on earlier, he dragged it to the front, so that it was visible for everybody to see. The work turned out to be some kind of a chart, but only twelve blank circles were visible; six on top, and six on the bottom. The area in the middle was covered with large butcher paper.

"Eh? What's this supposed to be?" Blue asked, tipping her head to the side. Green and Silver raised their eyebrows, as if trying to figure it out by themselves.

"Patience, loves! You will find out soon enough," the host grinned. Walking to each member, he gave them a circular magnet with a picture of themselves on it. "You will use these to decide your fate!" He tossed the last one, smacking Silver directly on the face while swiveling around dramatically. "Each of you, put your circles on any of these twelve on the board, and whatever you do, DON'T TOUCH the butcher paper. Got it?"

After he finished his sentence, everybody got up all at once and dashed towards the board. All except for Dia, who was dozing off quietly, and Yellow, who was too polite to shove her way through like the rest of her comrades.

By the time everybody had sat back down, there were exactly three more spots left. Gold let Yellow choose first, and he stuck Diamond's and his on there as well. Now, if it weren't for the huge, mysterious gap in the middle, the couples would have looked like this: Blue and Green, Platinum and Pearl, Crystal and Silver, Gold and Dia, Ruby and Yellow, and Sapphire and Red. Few people were grumbling, and some even making fun of others, but once again, they were silenced by Gold's loud, "SHUT UP, TWINKIES!" Before anyone had the chance to react properly, he ripped down the butcher paper. Everybody gasped. Even Silver's eyes had grown wide from the horrid truth. It was a… a…

"Welcome everybody! We will now officially start our session of the "Lovey Dovey Ladder Game of Fate!" A few people groaned, and most died a little on the inside. Gold strutted over to his first prey, Red. Making overly dramatic suspense music, he slid his index finger along the dreaded lines. "Who will Red's destined partner be? Oh? Oh? It's…. It's Yellow! Congrats!" Yellow looked down, her cheeks burning in embarrassment, and Red started to cough violently, gaze averting away from the crowd.

"Oh, It's not over yet, seniors! We have to choose the Date of Fate, too! Where should these two lucky fellows go for a date? Hmm?" Gold was now bouncing around and wiggling his eyebrows in his senior's direction. Crystal rolled her eyes, and raised her hand.

"How about an amusement park?" She suggested. Yellow glanced over at her, silently grateful that it hadn't been anything embarrassing. The other guests nodded in agreement, not being able to think of anything better at the moment.

"Alright then! After your date, you must secretly buy a present for your partner. We'll all come back here in a week and exchange gifts. If your special person likes the gift, you win the game! This applies to everybody here, by the way. Now! Onto person number two, Diamond!" Gold continued the same dramatic music as he trailed down to Platinum's picture. "Aha!"

Diamond, fully awake now, gave his partner a silly grin, and Platinum looked directly ahead with an indifferent expression. In the end, the group decided for the two to go have lunch on the beach. There were no complaints. Satisfied, Gold continued with his little game.

"Next up is Green!" Said man leapt out of his seat in protest when it was announced that he was to be partners with Pearl. Gold looked puzzled for a second and announced, "Ah, I forgot to mention that your partner can be the same gender as you. Well, it was random, right?" Green just glared fiercely at the pathetic junior. Pearl seemed to be uninterested in the whole matter.

"Guys, I'm getting impatient. Let's get on with this already!" He pouted, with a palm resting on his cheek. His partner also shot him an agitated look. Blue took this as the perfect chance to volunteer for a dating location.

"Oh, oh! Green and Pearl should totally go to the mall! Fabulous!" She grinned brightly, not at all heeding Green's killing-intent aura. "Since Green is obviously the man, he should pay for everything, too! Right, manly boy?" Pearl couldn't help but give her an annoyed look. Green looked like he was going to murder something squishy. Like Dia. Platinum gently pulled her partner away from her senior's fury.

All was in favor of the shopping mall idea except for Ruby, who looked like he was about to break down in jealousy. Sapphire rubbed his shoulder in mock sympathy. Gold smirked and returned to the ultimate chart. The next man was, in fact, Ruby.

"Aww, cheer up, bro! I'm sure you'll get a hottie like Blue, and she'll definitely want to take you somewhere better than shopping." Gold tried to make Ruby feel better, and it seemed to be working. "Oh wait, hold on. Sorry, kid. You've got Sapphire. Better luck next time right?" The poor boy gasped and draped both his arms around his chest.

"This… This is conspiracy!" He cried as his knees slammed onto the ground. Sapphire had an amused look on her face as she began to poke his lifeless body with her toe.

"I vote that we should go to watch a scary movie, and then grab some dinner." She grinned. Ruby's head snapped up only to see that he friends had unintentionally voted in favor of the idea. His face contorted into something in between agony, pain, and shock.


"C'mon sissy boy, get off the floor, you're making me embarrassed." Sapphire sneered, rolling her eyes.

"You? Embarrassed? Since when did that ever happen, you cave woman?" Ruby flared back intensely. Crystal had to drag them apart from each other before a real fight began. She signaled for Gold to continue.

"Ah… Alrighty then. One of the fair maidens will be blessed with the chance to spend a most fabulous evening with the amazing Go—" Our announcer stopped for a brief moment before continuing, "Wait a minute, that can't be right. Redo, redo! I'm changing everybody's partners again!" Something in the form of satisfaction glinted off of Green's eyes. The rest who were content with their partners groaned. Poor Yellow looked like she was going to cry. Blue, noticing all the commotion, stood up from her seat.

"I object! Fate is fate remember? What's wrong with your partner? It's either going to be me or Crystal right….?" Her voice trailed off on the last few words as she burst out into a fit of laughter. "HAHAHAHAHA! Don't tell me… Don't tell me you got….. Oh, this is too cute!" Blue walked up to Gold and moved him away from the board. She examined it for a bit and started giggling again. Green huffed in annoyance.

"What's the big deal, Pesky Girl?" He frowned, earning a disapproving glare from Silver.

Gold, blushing now, put his hand out in Blue's direction and made the final announcement, "Congratulations Blue and Crystal… You girls… are… partners… without me…" Silver's glare intensified by twenty folds as he was the first person to grasp the situation. Green had to move away to avoid being burned alive by the dark aura.

Sapphire, now getting the gist of it, screamed, "OH MY GOD, GOLD AND SILVER SHOULD GO TO A STRIP CLUB!"

There was silence, and a couple of perverted grins from the group, until Silver raised his hand and spoke: "I object, and you guys better, too." All the boys ended up objecting to the offer in the end, to Silver's relief, but he was still a little disturbed by the fact that the girls still agreed to the idea. Gold was unable to vote because he was far too busy mauling himself into the wall repeatedly. Which probably meant that he didn't like the thought too much either. Suddenly, a horde of hands shot up into the air, and suggestions were bombarded across the ends of the room.

"MAID CAFÉ!" Silver whipped his head around to see who it was that suggested such a place. He was immediately cut off by another loud comment.

"NO! SHOPPING MALL!" Gold groaned, sliding onto the cold floor, next to Ruby.

"IDIOT, THAT ONE'S ALREADY TAKEN! GO TO THE BAR!" Pearl suggested, riled up now. Diamond nodded timidly, while stuffing another piece of bread into his mouth.

"I OBJECT!" "CHANGE THAT TO A GAY BAR!" Blue and Sapphire shrieked at the same time, unfazed by their victims' disgusted bewilderment. They looked at each other and high fived.

"How about a photo shoot?" Yellow gulped, hiding behind Red. Red smiled but shook his head. He had his own brilliant idea that couldn't be beat.

"POKEMON BATTLE!" He hollered, jumping up and down like a little boy. All aside from Gold and Silver, everybody looked at him as if he were some sorry idiot. On the other hand, our poor male-male couple ran up to the sorry idiot and almost kissed his feet.

"YES! A POKEMON BATTLE IS ABSOLUTLEY FANTASTIC!" Gold cried, throwing his arms around Red. Silver nodded in agreement. However, nobody seemed to be really paying attention to the lonely trio.

The argument on where the two lads would go to seemed to have been going nowhere until a firm voice made an unexpected remark: "Anime convention." All heads turned to Green in one swift motion. The senior now had second thoughts about saying that. He didn't want to get all-out rejected like his buddy Red over there…

"That's brilliant! How did you ever think of that? Awesome!" Blue ran up to him and patted him on the head, much to his annoyance. "I thought you only used your brain for serious stuff." Green pushed his friend's hand away and crossed his arms. Looking around, he saw that nobody really looked too upset with the event, and he spoke up again.

"Anybody object?" Silver was the only one who opposed to the idea. Gold accepted because he decided he couldn't risk the chance of going to a freaking gay bar with his rival. Creeppppyyyyy, right? Right.

"Okay! It's decided! Silver and I will go to an anima convention!" Gold cleared his throat.

"Actually, it's pronounced 'ah-ni-meh', if you had to kno—"

"Oh, to hell with it, Sapphire, 'animay' whatever. Me and Silver are going. Now. How about our two lovely ladies, Blue and Crystal?"

"They should go to the PokeStar Observatory together," Silver grumbled, still too soft towards his 'sister'. Gold grumbled about how they had appropriate locations while he didn't. He was quickly shut up with a cold stare from his fated partner. Blue had a dreamy look in her eyes, while Crystal just stood there, waiting for any objections. There were none opposed, so the two young women were set to go to the observatory for their date.

Now that the meeting was over, everybody slowly began to leave the building, leaving Gold to clean up after them. Crystal and Silver stayed behind. Wordlessly, they helped the poor teen restore the room back to its original state together, wondering what kind of a mess their friend had gotten them into.

-End Ch.1-

A/N: I know, the pairs are retarded. They were COMPLETELY RANDOM. I do not do Specialshipping, Commonershipping, Franticshipping, or the other random ones (other than PMS I think it's interesting), so this may be a little tricky… Please review, and I hope you enjoyed chapter one. I may continue this depending on the reviews I get, I guess. Thank you for reading!