[ This is my first AU Merlin story. I started it a while ago since I was having writers block with my other Merlin story but I decided to post it anyway. My first Merlin fic is my priority but I will update this one regulalry- I'm a woman, I can multi-task. ;) Anyway, the first chapter is rather short since it was basically a trail run, let me know what you all think and if you would like me to continue. I'll give a quick synopsis since had limited characters. -.- I'm so over this limit on writing everywhere, anyway:

When Arthur and Gwen reveal their wonderful news, terror arises for one Morgana. Heartbreak enfolds and jealousy rages the mind, making tragedies occur. An infatuated Gwaine crumbles at Morgana's embrace, whilst one Arthur divuldges the temptation to be unfaithful with his heart's desire. Treachery, lies and heartbreak unfold as the envious streak takes over. Will there the friendsip stand? Or shatter in this Retribution of Hurt.

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Chapter 1

"Infatuated Fool."

The brisk night air sailed through her window, as her frail fingers pulled the white pane closed. Lavishly looking at herself in the mirror, she ran her fingers through her long, thick black hair before she grabbed her long grey cardigan that was draped over a stool and silver handbag that was hooked around the handle of the door before finally she left the room. Morgana made her way down the staircase of her small home, digging in her bag as she went, finding her mobile phone, she pulled it out and glanced at it, checking to see did she have any messages or missed calls from any of her friends, but thankfully she didn't. It was dawning on eight o'clock, and Arthur had told everyone to be at his house for this time, but they all knew Morgana liked to be fashionably late. Getting herself into a fluster, she tugged on her cardigan whilst slipping around the tiled floor in her hallway in search of her shoes. "Dammit..." She muttered to herself whilst she ran into her living room in search of them. Thankfully she found her black boots and tugged them on forcefully before grabbing her house keys and slipping out of the house, at last.

Sadly, her car was in getting repaired, since had drove it her garage door yesterday trying to avoid running over her neighbours troublesome cat, of course everyone found this utterly hilarious and blamed her terrible driving and bad case of 'road rage' on the accident, which obviously wasn't the case, in fact the incident wasn't at all funny in the slightest, since she now had a large dent in her white garage door and now the automatic opening switch no longer worked.

Thankfully, Arthur didn't live that far away but she she was positive she would be the last to arrive due to only leaving the house at the expected time. Her heels clicked melodically against the pavement, as she sighed, seeing her white frosty breath swirl out in front of her, as she gave a slight shiver- it was early November and Winter was definitely here, she only wished she'd worn another three layers for body warmth. She pondered in her mind what exactly Arthur might depict as so urgent that everyone need attend his house, everyone had got a text or a phone call this morning from him, he had said to be at his house for eight o'clock, since he had a huge surprise to tell everyone. Of course Merlin had begged him to tell but he wouldn't, and Lancelot claimed that we just have some patience whereas Gwaine wasn't the slightest bit bothered, just as long as there was food.

The night air was frosty and cold, as though snow was perhaps lingering to fall in the weeks to come- the lawns in which Morgana passed were a frosted white, the winter captivating every living thing. She shivered once again, her teeth rattling in her mouth as she let a small sigh out with cold. Somehow Arthur's house seemed farther away, her fingers were numb and growing painful as the cold seeped in, engrossing her bare skin like a sponge being absorbed by water. "How much further..." She sighed angrily, wanting to get into Arthur's home as soon as possible, to warm up- heat and warmth; it was a delightful thought, it enticed her closer and even made her fasten her pace, as if Arthur's heated home was only mere inches away.

It was quite lonely out here at night, on the deserted street where an endless lane of houses lay- it was even as far as eerie, but she felt safe, having lived her for a little over a six months she knew the area, it was filled with nice people who went about doing their daily activities, people who smiled and greeted as they passed- typical old men that mowed the grass on good Saturday afternoons, and young women who walked their children to school with happy expressions on cold Monday mornings- no one meant any harm here.

"Finally..." Morgana sighed half-heartedly as she turned the corner and saw Arthur's home up ahead, she could make out Guinevere's car parked up on the pavement since Merlin's and Arthur's cars surppressed the drive, a little way down the road she even saw Lancelot's fine black Mercedes parked neater than the rest- but no sign of Gwaine yet.

The lawn was simple, and square, with a bench just under the living room window, it would be a tight squeeze to the front door, having to slip past all the cars. It was when Morgana saw another figure approach that she froze, and glanced at the nearing person.

Head hanging down, looking at his brown leather shoes that pounded off the pavement, he brought a hand through his scraggy dark hair raising his head to see a familiar face and his lips broke into a smile. "Morgana." Gwaine beamed, happy to see his friend- he hated walking into social events by himself, it was terribly awkward even if they were all close friends. "By the looks of it, we're the last ones here." Gwaine half-laughed as he stopped to catch-up with her.

"God..." He thought. "Why does she have to be so breath-taking?" The silent thoughts echoed in his mind, like an abyss of something that was constantly missing, a hole that lingered in his chest, that felt more empty and hollow whenever he looked at her. When he met her gaze he felt as though a thousand doves had been set free in the pit of his stomach, overwhelmed of how someone could look so beautiful, all of the time. And to keep his cool- that was another great mission, he wasn't one to go throwing his feelings around willy-nilly, even to confess his affections to a woman was not something he was used to doing, no- Gwaine never fell in love. Normally he was used to playing women, one night-stands that meant nothing or casual make-out sessions on coffee breaks. Women dropped to his mercy, they fell in love with him- they were caught and infatuated by his handsome features, whilst he was just a womanizer that gave into his casual needs and constant pleasures- for him to confess his love for Morgana would perhaps make him seem like an idiot, a lovesick prat- being made fun of because he admitted his feelings- no, he couldn't bare that.

But, he was so lost now by her presence that he had barely realised she was still here, bewilderment had washed over him- what had she said? Her voice was so melodic, all her words ran into one delightful sound that brought wonder to his ears- how could he possibly take any heed of the meaning? "Huh..?" He said, absent mindedly, unaware that he looked like an idiot right now. "What?" Morgana said, her beautiful pale face now scrunched in confusion, mixed in with that wonderful smile of hers. "I said it's not like you to be late." She laughed, her laugh would awaken the coldest of hearts- it melted his anyway, his eyes now turning to that of a puppy- large and dark and full of awe.

He coughed loudly, trying to man-up a bit- trying to keep his composure, his strong macho-like disposition. "Right... Yeah." He fumbled out through another cough, a deeper one. "We best be getting inside- you know what Arthur's like." Gwaine half-laughed, throwing his eyes in the air, he wanted so much to just be around her, but he couldn't- not unless he wanted to make a complete and utter fool of himself, or worse- have something slip out- a feeling, an emotion in regards to the way he felt about Morgana- no; she was already raising an eyebrow to his actions now, imagine if he lingered out here with her for five minutes more- she might be seen fleeing down the street, or be in hysterics of laughter at his foolishness. "Right." She smiled, brushing off his odd behaviour, before she led the way to the front door, squeezing past as her numb fingers clutched her bag- and finally Gwaine balled his hand into a fist and sharply thumped his knuckles on the stained-glass of the door.