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Chapter 26: Natsu and Co Vs The Darkstalkers Part 2

"He said to go after Bixlow, but we don't even know where he is." Lucy muttered as she put her hand on her chin in a thinking pose.

"Why not use the Guild Megaphone?" Happy suggested.

"Unfortunately, there was an enchantment on it. 'During the Battle of Fairy Tail, only the Master can use it.' Seriously, they thought of everything." She sighed as the duo walked across a bridge. They came to a stop to look down and saw the townsfolk going about their business, knowing nothing about what was happening. "If we weren't Fairy Tail, I wonder how they would react to all the explosions and fighting going on."

"They'll probably scream and panic." Happy answered.

"You think..." She sweat dropped at him. She then felt a chill run through her skin. "So cold..." She shivered, "I should have brought a sweater." She looked back down. "I think we should evacuate everyone from the Hall of Thunder."

"Yeah, I've been thinking about it and I don't think that's a good idea." Happy replied while walking on the ledge.

"Huh? Why?"

"Well, since the Festival is approaching, there are many visitors from other towns and this place is really, really busy." Happy answered. "We don't want to cause a panic - it could cause some unnecessary casualties."

"True, but then..." Lucy thought about it. "...what do we do?"

"Hmmm, maybe we can call out to him and he'll come!"

"He's not a dog and I doubt he'll be stupid enough to come if someone called him." Lucy replied as she noticed the townsfolk below the bridge she and Happy were walking on. "Besides, we can't get any of the townspeople involved."

"Hey Bixlow! Where are you!? I have some fish!"

"WHAT DID I JUST TELL YOU!?" Lucy yelled.


"What did she just tell you?"


Lucy turned her head at the voices and was surprised to see three floating totem pole head like things behind her. Happy quickly reacted when he saw them. "Lucy! Watch out!" Happy grabbed her by her shirt and pushed her out of the way as the dolls shot out bullets made out of magic at her. Happy then lifted her up and flew up towards the roof of the nearest building.

"What...what is this!?" She screamed.

"It's Bixlow!" Happy told her.

She then heard laughter. "Hahahahaha, so you're the newbie who I have heard so much about."

"And what's that supposed to mean!? In fact, I probably don't even want to hear it." Lucy screamed at him.

"The Cosplay Maniac Queen." Bixlow responded.

"That's exaggerating too much!" She yelled.

"Hahahahaha! So what are you now? A cheerleader?" He laughed.

"What!? No! This is just..." Lucy tried to explain herself.

"Cheerleader! Cheerleader!" His dolls chanted.

"Hahahaha! Whatever. Although I did hear something else." He laughed, licking his mouth with his tongue.

"W-What?" She asked nervously and felt creeped out by the man standing on top of the building across from her.

"A weakling." Lucy's eyes widened slightly, but didn't allow that word to get to her. She smiled, which surprised Bixlow.

'Looks like I have to thank Natsu again...' She felt her cheeks get slightly warm. She closed her eyes. 'If it wasn't for him saying those words to me and giving me the responsibility to handle Bixlow...being called a weakling would have really hurt.' She opened her eyes and had a new look of determination and strength burning in them. "I'm going to defeat you and put a stop to your plans."

"Oh...we'll see about that." He stuck his tongue out and then pointed down toward Lucy and Happy. "Hey Babies! Show that weakling the difference in our ability!" The dolls moved up and down in the air while chanting 'difference in ability'. The dolls charged up their magic, getting ready to fire at any moment.

"Lucy, let's run!" Happy yelled. Before she could even reply, the dolls shot out a powerful beam of magic that both Lucy and Happy jumped out of the way. They barely were able to dodge the blast.

"That was close..." Lucy let out a sigh of relief.

"This is weird..." Happy muttered.

"Huh? What's wrong, Happy?" She asked turning her head to look at the Exceed.

"I know Bixlow is strong, but..." Happy said as the smoke from the attack cleared and half of the building was now gone. "But this is..."

Lucy's eyes widened in shock. "That's...no way..." It was difficult to believe what she saw. She then started to worry that innocent bystanders might have been injured in the blast. She looked over to the laughing Bixlow and furrowed her eyebrows at him. She wasn't angry, but she also wasn't pleased with what he had done.

"Hahahaha! Good job dodging my attack...or is that what you thought I would say. Sorry to disappoint you newbie. I purposely missed just so that you can witness my power! Don't worry though, next time I'll spare you from a heart attack and kill you instantly!" He laughed as his dolls chanted, 'instantly'.

"This guy..." Lucy frowned at him.

"It must be that dark-something Natsu mentioned before..."

"Huh?" Lucy quested Happy.

"That's why he is stronger now...probably..." He replied.

"Probably...?" Lucy sweat dropped, but she knew Happy was right. Lucy reached into her side pocket and felt the stone that Natsu gave her against her hand. His words of how this small stone was the key to defeating the Darkstalkers flooded her mind. She clenched the stone and then glared at Bixlow. He licked his lips like a big creep and it disgusted her. She stood up and reached for her keys. However, before she could grab one of her keys, a bright light blinded one of her eyes. She widened when she knew what the light was and started running to her right. She grabbed Happy and jumped out of the way as the magic beam shot past her and blew up the building across the street. Her ears were ringing slightly, but she managed to hear the cries of several townsfolk below them.

"Hahahahahahaha! I'm amazed you dodged that, newbie!" Lucy couldn't believe this guy. How could a man like him be in Fairy Tail? She couldn't believe it. She wondered if the Darkstalker was making him do this, but she didn't know what to believe anymore. She could still hear the screams of the townsfolk and she prayed that no one got hurt. However, she still found it inexcusable to do this. "But how long can you keep evading my doll's attacks?" The dolls continued to fire a barrage of magic beams at Lucy that she dodged, but was having a hard time doing so. The speed of the attacks were getting faster and faster and she knew she had to do something before two things happen; she gets hit by one and gets blown up or the entire building collapses.

'I have to do something about those flying things...' She knew she had to get rid of them first before fighting against Bixlow. Quickly choosing the key she wanted, she summoned her spirit. "Open Gate of the Archer! Sagittarius!"

"Hello? Hello? You called?" The large Sagittarius like spirit saluted.

"Ohhhh! A stellar spirit! Not only that, but your spirits cosplay also!" Bixlow applauded her.

"Shut up!" Lucy screamed. She then turned toward her spirit. "Take down those flying things, alright?"

"Hello! Hello! Orders received and understood!" The spirit said and aimed at the dolls. He launched his arrows and with his brilliant aim was able to destroy them. Bixlow was screaming at the loss of his so called 'babies'. "You did it!" Lucy screamed, pumping her fist.

"Noooo! Babies!" Bixlow crouched and held his head in agony. Lucy felt like she turned the tide of this fight, but it was not to be as Bixlow suddenly raised his head and stuck his tongue out. "...just kidding..." Suddenly, Sagittarius was attacked by something and he cringed from the pain he was feeling.

"What!? Sagittarius!" The spirit didn't respond as he lost consciousness from the power of the attack. Lucy quickly told Sagittarius to return, but he didn't move, leaving the only option of forcing him back to the spirit world. "Damn you..." Lucy glared at Bixlow. He only laughed.

"Sill cosplay girl! You can destroy my babies all you want, but it won't stop the souls that are within them that I can control." He explained.


"Bixlow's magic allows him to implant souls into dolls and control them." Happy explained to her.

"The blue cat is right!"

"So then, what can we..." Lucy couldn't finish as one of the dolls suddenly swiped her keys and the doll flew back to Bixlow. "My keys!" She watched desperately as her keys were no longer in her possession. The other dolls then started to attack Lucy and Happy. She tried to cover herself to protect her body, but the dolls were too strong and she was knocked down. Even then, the dolls continued to attack her.

"Hah! I'm afraid there's no escape for you now. Sorry about this little cosplay girlie." Bixlow smirked as he watched his dolls gang up on both of them. "You soul will be serving Laxus from here on out!" The dolls then gathered together above the two of them and moved in a circle. "Baryon Formation!"

Lucy's eyes widened in horror as a beam of magic was being formed above her. "W-What is this...?" She had a look of terror on her face as the beam was headed towards her. 'No...so much magic is going to...' She truly believed she was going to die right there, but luckily for her, someone grabbed her and she managed to avoid the life threatening attack.

"I wonder..." Lucy heard a voice and looked up to see her savior. "...why is it that I have the power to pass through the gate whether you call me or not. I suppose this is just proof that the barrier between human and spirit...crumbles to nothing before the power of love."

"No...I don't think that's it, Loke." Lucy sweat dropped at the spirit, but she was so happy to see him, especially since he just saved her life. "...but...thanks for saving me, you idiot." She smiled at him.

"Your welcome. I would put you down, but I'm afraid, you'll fall if I do." Lucy blinked and then looked down to see that Loke was standing on top of the tower that was higher than the building she was on before.

"W-What the?" She looked around and then managed to see the house that she was standing on and saw it completely destroyed.

"By the way...can you let go of my back, Happy? Your claws are digging into my skin, damn it!" Loke cringed as he felt Happy's claws pinch his back.

"It's good to see you...Loke." Happy gave him a crooked smile before letting go of him and activating his wings.

Loke smiled and then looked at Bixlow. 'Something is not right...I never thought Bixlow was this strong...'

"Loke." The spirit turned his head back at Lucy. "I probably know what you are thinking. That man is not Bixlow. According to Natsu, there is a monster inside of him that makes him look and act like Bixlow perfectly. That would explain why he is so strong."

"I see...so that's why I've had this odd feeling." Loke muttered. "I guess since you were able to read my thoughts it must be love."

"No, I'm sure that's not it."

"Loke and Lucy sitting in a tree..." Happy sang, and danced in the air while holding his paws on his cheeks.

"It's not like that! Besides, the person I like is..." Lucy quickly covered her mouth as her cheeks got red. Loke felt his heart crush at the sudden thought of Lucy liking someone else and would have dropped to his hands and knees in depression if there was a place to put her down. Happy on the other hand became excited and curious. He needed to find out who this person she liked was.

"Oh? You have someone you like, Lucy? Who is it? Is it Gray? Or maybe Elfman? Or maybe it's..."

"Would you stop that?" Lucy yelled.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I need you to die." Loke's eyes widened in horror as Bixlow suddenly appeared behind him. What really horrified Loke was the fact that he couldn't sense him come from behind.

'He's fast...' Loke gritted his teeth and jumped as one of Bixlow's dolls shot a beam of magic at the tower he stood on.

"Kyaah!" Lucy screamed as Loke jumped down to one of the roofs. He landed and quickly put Lucy down before clenching his fist and threw a punch at Bixlow who followed them. He managed to dodge the punch by bending back. Loke looked down and saw Bixlow sticking his tongue out as a doll quickly appeared in front of him.

'Crap...' Loke cursed as the doll attacked Loke with a magic beam.

"Loke!" Lucy screamed as Loke slid to a stop in front of her, steam coming out of his hand.

"Damn...it hurts..." He grabbed his forearm.

"Are you okay?" Lucy asked him and he nodded.

"Yeah...I'm fine..." Loke told her, but it wasn't the total truth. 'Damn, my forearm hurts...I'm just lucky I still have my arm.' He glared at Bixlow who laughed.

"Whoever thought that Loke was a spirit...oh wait, I did!" Lucy eye's widened.

"He knew?"

"Bixlow has the ability to see spirits." Happy told her as he flew next to her.


"Lucy..." She turned her head. "...I might not be able to do this alone...I need you to call some of the other spirits."

"Huh? But...I don't think I can summon more than one spirit at a time." Lucy told him.

"Don't worry...I know you can. You're strong Lucy." Loke turned his head and smiled.


"How sweet...kill them my babies!" Bixlow stuck his tongue out and his dolls shot magic at the trio.

"Ahhhh!" Happy screamed, hugging Lucy who was trying to get him off.

"O Regulus...grant me strength!" Loke clenched his hands. He lifted his arms and they started to glow a bright color. Lucy and Happy watched as the attacks hit Loke who blocked the beams with his arms.

"Loke!" They both shouted.

"Hahahaha! What a fool!" Bixlow laughed.

"Who's the fool?" Bixlow stopped laughing when Loke suddenly appeared and kicked Bixlow in the face.

"Loke!" Happy and Lucy cheered. Loke simply smirked as Bixlow sat up.

'Damn...my arms are killing me...I don't know how long I can keep blocking those attacks...' Loke thought as his arms felt like they were being burned to a crisp.

"Hahahaha! Looks like you do have some fight in you." Bixlow stood up as his dolls returned to him. "But...I wonder how long you can keep up the act?"

"Act? What does he mean?" Lucy asked.

"I don't know what you are talking about?" Loke replied, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

"Hahahaha! Sure, act all tough and mighty in front of the cosplay girl. Let's just see if you can block another attack!" Bixlow laughed as his dolls started charging.

'Crap...' Loke had to think of something quick. He couldn't just block the attacks otherwise he wouldn't be able to use his arms. 'I have to take out those dolls...' With that in his mind, Loke charged instead of holding his ground.

"Oh, you decided to come at me now! Hahahaha! Interesting, let's see what you can do! Fire my babies!" The dolls all fired magic beams again. Loke quickly began to evade them, getting closer to Bixlow. "Quick...but let's see what happens when they fire all at once!" The dolls all fired at once and Loke stopped as he saw no way to evade the large beam. Clicking his tongue in annoyance, Loke jumped high into the air. He was barely able to escape from the large beam as it passed him and destroyed a building behind him. Panic rose from the citizens as they ran away from the area around the building.

"Oh no!" Lucy cried out as she forgot about the citizens.

"This is bad. If we don't stop Bixlow, then he'll kill innocent people!" Happy added as he looked on in horror.

Lucy looked back at the fight and saw that Loke landed on the roof and was glaring at Bixlow. 'I can't have Loke fight this fight alone...but can I summon the other spirits?'

That's because Lucy is strong.

Lucy's eyes widened as she clenched her fists. 'Natsu...Natsu put his trust in me...I can't let him down. I am strong. I can do this!' She went to reach for her keys, only to forget that she didn't have them. 'Oh no! I forgot that my keys were stolen! Damn it! Where are they?' She looked around.

"Looking for these, cosplay girl!" Lucy's eyes widened as she saw her keys being dangled in the air by Bixlow.

"Give those back!" She screamed and Bixlow only laughed.

"Hahahaha! Do you think I'll just give these keys back to you? Please, why would I do something stupid?" He told her. "Unless, your spirit friend here can get them from me."

"You bastard...give Lucy her keys back." Loke glared at him.

"Come and get them, little kitty." The insult pissed Loke off as he charged at Bixlow again. "Hahahaha! Fool! Kill him my babies!" The dolls all flew toward Loke, charging up their beams again.

"Does this guy have unlimited amount of magic!" Lucy screamed. She gritted her teeth. She couldn't just stand there and do nothing. She clenched her fists and grabbed her whip. 'I have to get my keys back...maybe I can get them while Loke distracts him...but...would that still be enough?' She then looked at Happy. "Happy, I need your help."


"Fire! Fire! Keep on firing my babies!" Bixlow laughed hysterically.

'Damn...I just can't keep dodging!' Loke heard the sound of another building being hit by the magic beams. He went to kick one of the dolls, but as soon as he tried, another doll fired a beam at him, making him change actions and evade. 'Damn it...I can't get anywhere near destroying one of them!' He gritted his teeth in anger. He dodged another when he saw something from the corner of his eyes. 'W-What...what are they thinking?'

"Hahahahaha! You can't keep dodging forever. Come and fight me like a-" Bixlow stopped when he suddenly saw Happy in front of him.

"Hi!" Happy put his paw in the air and then suddenly grabbed Bixlow's face.

"What the hell are you doing!? Get off of me you stupid, blue, flying cat!" Bixlow shouted, but it was mumbled as he tried tearing Happy off of his face.

"No!" Happy screamed as he held on for dear life. "Go Lucy!"

"Right!" Lucy prepared her whip.

"Like hell I'll let you get these keys!" He shouted. "My babies! Fire your attacks at me and the cosplay girl!"

"What!?" Lucy, Loke and Happy all screamed in shock.

"Why is he...oh no, it's the Darkstalker!" Lucy's eyes widened as she realized that the Darkstalker wouldn't be affected by the attack, but Bixlow sure would. "Loke! Stop the dolls!"

"Right!" Loke shouted and watched as the dolls all turned around to fire at their targets. "I won't let you!" He kicked one of the dolls, destroying it and then went on to the next.

"Fire!" Bixlow shouted and Loke was able to destroy all of them except for one, which fired.

"No! Happy!" Loke screamed as Happy turned around to see a beam coming at him.

"Ahhhh!" The blue exceed screamed as he let go of Bixlow's face at the last second before the beam connected.

"Happy! Bixlow!" Lucy screamed in fear as a loud explosion occurred. Loke dealt with the last remaining doll and then looked over at the smoke, hoping Happy and Bixlow were alright. "Happy..." Lucy muttered, a hand to her chest.

After a few seconds, a voice was heard coming from the smoke. "Lucy! I got them!" Happy flew out of the smoke, keys in hand as Lucy cheered.

"You did it, Happy! I'm so glad you're okay!" She ran toward him and let Happy fly right into her arms.

Loke let out a sigh of relief as Happy was okay. He then turned back to the smoke and tried to see if Bixlow was okay. Sure he was their opponent, but he was being possessed by something, at least that's what Lucy told him. He eventually grew tired of waiting and ran toward Lucy and Happy and stood in front of them, in case Bixlow suddenly popped up out of no where.

"Hahahaha..." A laughter was heard and all three stared at the cloud of smoke as it was slowly dispersing. "You really are quite an interesting bunch..." Lucy gripped her key ring as she saw a figure in the smoke. "Too bad you're so weak..." The voice trailed off at the end. Slight movement was heard and the trio prepared themselves for anything that might happen. Suddenly, a loud, screeching roar erupted from the smoke, blowing it away. The trio covered their ears from the deafening roar and closed their eyes to protect their eyes from the scattered dust particles. The roar stopped and they slowly opened their eyes, before they widened them as far as they could.

Before them, stood Bixlow, however, similar to what happened to Evergreen, he transformed to a half monster like being. His tongue was longer now, which looked creepy to all three of them. Bixlow's dolls also went through some sort of transformation. There were several different markings on the dolls that matched the transformation that Bixlow was now in.

"W-What the hell is that?" Loke asked.

"I don't know, but it's creepy..." Lucy slightly shivered at the sight.

"It must be that monster Natsu was talking about. Did he take control of Bixlow?" Happy asked.

"No, not entirely though." He then positioned himself in front of the two to protect them from anything that Bixlow/monster was going to do next. He sensed that Bixlow was now stronger when he went through that transformation, so he had to make sure to protect the two from him. "I want you two to stand behind me, got that. He's much stronger now."

"No problem." Happy answered, nodding his head.

"Let me help you fight, Loke." Lucy replied, grabbing her key ring.

"That's fine, but make sure you always stay behind me. Who knows what this thing can do now." Loke told her and she nodded her head.

"Hahahaha! Let's go you little pussy cat." Bixlow yelled and charged at full speed. Loke's eyes widened at how much faster he became and couldn't block the knee that struck him in the gut.

"Loke!" He spat out blood from the force before being kicked in the back and sent flying, away from Lucy and Happy.

"Go get him, my pretties!" Bixlow ordered his dolls as they flew towards Loke and charged up a magic beam. The lion spirit looked up and saw the dolls too late as they fired.

"LOKE!" Lucy screamed as the magic beam caused an explosion. Lucy couldn't believe how quickly it came to this. They had the advantage and then suddenly, the tides have turned in a blink of an eye. She clenched her fists tightly. She said she was going to help, but she just stood there. What was wrong with her? Natsu put his trust in her and she couldn't do anything but watch. She hated this.

"Lucy! We should get out of here!" Happy yelled at her, but she was too deep in her thoughts to hear him.

"Hahahahaha! Now then, let's kill this cosplay queen and then move on to the rest of this pathetic town!" Bixlow laughed as he slowly started to approach her.

'Why? Why can't be strong like Erza or Natsu...why?' She hated this.

"Like hell, I'll let you touch her!" Lucy snapped her head up and watched as Loke kicked Bixlow in the head.

"You damn cat..." Bixlow growled as he grabbed the leg of Loke. Loke gritted his teeth at the pain at his leg. Not only was he caught, but his kicked did nothing. Bixlow then threw Loke at Lucy, who somehow caught him, but wasn't strong enough to hold him and they fell to the ground.

"Lucy! Are you alright?" Loke asked her after he instantly got off of her.

"Why...?" He blinked at her in confusion as he held her in his arm. "Why am I so weak? I said I'll help you and fight with you...but all I did was watch."

"Lucy..." Loke gritted his teeth. He couldn't stand seeing her like this. The person who saved him from years of being tortured by the sin he committed. He needed to help her. He had to help her.

"Is that cosplay queen crying, hahahaha! What a pathetic little girl she is. It would be a pleasure to kill both of you!" Bixlow laughed and ran at them. Loke pulled Lucy towards him and then jumped away. Bixlow punched the roof as it broke and rubble fell into the building. "Hahahahaha! Nicely dodged, pussy cat! But you are only preventing the inevitable."

'Damn, I got lucky...there has to be something I can do...' He then heard something tap against the roof and looked down to see a stone. 'What is that?' He picked it up and looked at it.

"That's a stone that Natsu gave me..." He turned his head to look at the blond girl in his arms.

"Natsu? He's alive?" Lucy smiled and nodded her head.

"Yes...he said that...the stone can help defeat Bixlow and the monster inside of him...but we have to weaken him first." She explained. Loke looked at her and then at the stone. He examined the stone and then looked over at Bixlow who was coming toward them.

"Loke! Lucy! Are you okay?" Happy asked. He then noticed the stone in Loke's hands.

"Be careful Loke! If you touch that, you can die!" Happy warned him.

"Die?" Loke questioned the blue exceed.

"Natsu said to not get stabbed by the stone because it's poisonous..." Lucy told him.

"Poisonous?" He looked at the stone and then at Bixlow. He became determined and clenched the stone. Softly letting go of Lucy, he stood up and walked forward.

"Loke? What are you doing?" She asked. He turned his head and smiled at her.

"Nothing to be worried about." He told her and then pulled down his sleeve. Lucy's eyes widened as she figured out what he was going to do.

"No! Don't!"

"Sorry Lucy...but...sometimes it's necessary to take risks to help and protect others." He then stabbed his forearm with the stone. He felt the magic energy that the stone emit enter his body. At first he felt nothing but the feeling of something being pumped into his body. Then the pain came. "Aaaaahhhh!" He fell to his knees and clenched his forearm as he dropped the stone.

"Loke!" Lucy screamed as Bixlow stopped walking and looked at Loke.

"This is..." Bixlow recognized this magic aura from earlier today. Realizing quickly what it was, he ran at full speed towards Loke. Lucy noticed this in time and ran forward as well and quickly wrapped her arms around the ailing Loke. "Die!" He roared as his arm suddenly transformed into some sort of black monster hand. However, before he could reach them, a shining white light erupted from the two and it caused Bixlow jump away from the light. "W-What is this?"

"Loke! Lucy!" Happy cried out as the light faded away slowly.

As the light completely faded away, instead of two people that were once there, there was only one. Stood there was Lucy, but something was different about her. Instead of her usual blonde hair, it was the same hair color as Lokes, she wore an entire new outfit that looked as if both of their clothing were mixed together and she had a new tattoo on her right shoulder that resembled the zodiac sign, Leo.

"Who the hell are you?" Bixlow asked.

"Lucy? No wait...Loke! Loke turned into a girl! How does that happen!?" Happy panicked. The Loke woman like person turned their head towards Happy.

"It's me Happy, I'm still Lucy." Happy's jaw dropped to the ground.

"W-What? Lucy! But you're different!" He exclaimed and took out a mirror from his small pouch.

"I don't know what's going on either." She answered honestly, looking over herself in the mirror. She looked the same except for the orange locks that reminded her of Loke's hair and her clothes were different as well, which was weird. They looked like her clothing and Loke's clothing suddenly mixed along with her appearance. The one thing she did find different was a strange feeling inside her. She felt some sort of magic she never felt before. "But...I feel...stronger..."

"Hahahahaha! You really are the Cosplay Queen! I didn't even know you can change into a cosplay in mere seconds." Bixlow laughed as Lucy glared at him.

"Don't underestimate...Bixlow."

"Ooooh...aren't you being a cocky little brat! What? You cosplay and suddenly get a confident boost!" Bixlow laughed. "I thought I seen it all!"

Lucy scowled at him. 'Lucy...'

"Huh?" She looked around for the voice, but she couldn't see anyone besides the two who were with her on the roof.

"What's wrong, Lucy?" Happy asked.

"I thought I heard a voice..."

'Lucy...it's me Loke...'

"Loke! Where are you?" Lucy asked, looking around again.

"Hahaha! Look at that, she's going insane!" Bixlow commented.

'I'm in you Lucy...'

"Why does that sound perverted coming from you?" Lucy sweat dropped.

'Hey! I'm not being perverted! I really am inside of you...okay I can see how that sounds perverted...anyway, I can't explain it, but it seems that stone caused us to fuse together. I never heard of a Celestial Spirit and their caster fusing like this!'

"So then, that means that...I'm the only one capable of doing this." She said with astonishment. "So then, that magic I feel in my body is yours."

'Yes.' Loke answered. Lucy then smirked.

"So then, let's go beat Bixlow and that Darkstalker, Loke!" Lucy clenched her fists.


"Oh, just try it!" Bixlow licked his lips with that long disgusting tongue of his monster form.

'Let's go, Lucy!' Lucy, with a new gain of confidence and courage, dashed forward.

"Lucy!" She heard Happy scream in worry.

"Go my minions!" The dolls that also transformed flew towards Lucy and charged their magic. Lucy looked up at them and clenched her fist. Her fist became warmer as light enveloped it.

'Lucy! Use my power! Gather up the light and then just release the magic!' Loke told her inside her head. Lucy did as instructed and stopped. Pulling her arm back, she punched the air in front of her and out from her fist, a beam of light shot out. Several beams followed as the two magic attacks collided in the center. However, Lucy managed to release a few more beams, which collided with the dolls, destroying them.

"What!?" Bixlow yelled in anger. "My babies!" He growled in anger. He turned his head and just in the nick of time saw more beams coming at him. He jumped to evade, but was predicted by Lucy who was now above him. He looked up and was suddenly punched in the face with the glowing fist of light of hers. The response was now Bixlow's grunt of cry of pain, but the scream of the monster inside of him.

"Wryaaaaaaahhhhhh!" Bixlow's body crashed into a building.

Lucy panted as she looked at the rubble that she sent Bixlow flying into. She looked down at her fist and saw the light disappear. "Amazing..."

'Great job, Lucy.'

"Thanks." She grinned.


"Waaaahhhh! Watch out Lucy!" Lucy looked up and saw something black coming down right above her. She widened her eyes, but quickly jumped back in time as the black creature slammed into the roof.

"What the..." The dust cleared as the Darkstalker's true appearance showed itself to her.

"AAAAHHHH! IT'S A MONSTER!" Happy yelled.

"No way! That's the Darkstalker!" Lucy exclaimed in disgust and slight fear.

'That is one ugly thing.' Loke made his own comment.

"It's creepy and disgusting..." Lucy replied.

"Wryaaaahhhh!" The Darkstalker screamed. He slammed his tail a couple of times to showcase it's strength.

'Lucy...we made it come out...now is our chance!' Loke told her. She nodded her head.

"Right!" She clenched both of her fists. They started to glow in a bright light as she waited for the monster to make a move. A few seconds later, it did. The Darkstalker jumped into the air and descended down on her. Lucy jumped and threw a punch at it. The monster countered with its claw as the blows connected. The monster screamed in pain as the light was to strong and it's claw disintegrated. The Darkstalker fell down and clutched at it's now missing claw. Lucy landed on her feet and watched the monster thrash about. She looked down at her hands and saw that a small portion of the light was green, the same color as the stone. "This must be...that stone's power."

'Well it would explain why we suddenly fused together.' Loke told her.

"Yeah!" She smirked and turned her attention back to the Darkstalker, who was now back standing on it's feet and snarling at the Celestial Mage. "Alright then! Let's end this!"

"Wryaaaaahhhh!" The monster yelled and turned around to whiplash his tail at her. Lucy wasn't quick enough to evade, so she did the next thing she could think of it and suddenly grabbed the tail. She was pushed back, but not far as she had the strength to hold onto the tail and immobilize the Darkstalker. The monster screamed as he felt his tail get burned by the light on her hands.

"Wow! Go Lucy!" Happy cheered in amazement.

Smirking, Lucy tightened her hold on the tail and started to turn her body. She lifted the monster off the ground and spun around twice before colliding with a building. 'Now Lucy! While you have the chance!'

"Right!" Lucy clenched her fists tightly, making the light brighter. The Darkstalker sensed the danger and jumped away from the rubble and onto the roof of another building. "I won't let you get away!" Lucy screamed and ran after the Darkstalker, who was now jumping from building to building. Noticing that she might not catch up to the monster, she suddenly felt herself being lifted up from the ground. She turned her head and noticed that someone picked her up. "Happy!"

"Let's go get him, Lucy!" Happy grinned and flew toward the monster.

"Right!" Lucy nodded and they chased after the Darkstalker. The said Darkstalker turned it's head to see Lucy gaining up on him. He turned around and opened it's mouth while in mid air and launched a magic beam at them. Happy quickly spun around to evade the attack and charged forward as fast as he could. The Darkstalker was frozen in mid-air as Lucy clenched her fists even tighter, increasing the magic in her hands.

"Go Lucy!"

'Do it now!'

"Take this!" Lucy screamed and punched the Darkstalker right in the abdomen. The monster cried out in pain as he slowly started to disintegrate into nothing. The light turned fully green as Lucy sent the monster straight down to the street. The monster crashed down tot he street and slowly was disintegrating before he finally disappeared.

"We did it!" Happy cheered.

"Yeah! We did!" Lucy smiled brightly at her win. 'I finally became stronger.'

Her hair slowly started turning back as Happy dropped her down onto one of the rooftops. The moment her feet touched solid, a bright light enveloped her before she was pushed back by an unknown force. "Lucy!" Happy screamed as he rushed towards her. He looked down and noticed that her clothing and hair returned to normal, but she was unconscious. "Lucy!"

"Aww man...that hurt!" Happy turned its head to the other side of the roof and saw Loke.

"Loke! Where did you come from?" Happy asked.

"Huh?" He looked at the blue exceed. "Oh...I think I was inside of Lucy..."


"Not like that, damn it!" He yelled, but became worried when he saw Lucy.

"Lucy!" He ran toward her. He carefully picked up her head with his hand and shook her slightly to try and wake her up. "Lucy! Are you okay!? Wake up!"

"Lucy..." Happy muttered. She still didn't respond.

"Not again..." Loke shook in fear at the thought of another Celestial Mage being killed because of him.

"Looks like you have met with a terrible fate...haven't you?" The two of them turned their heads at the voice. "Sorry, I always wanted to say that."

"You! What are you doing here!?"

Natsu and Makarov collided with fists again as Levy and Bisca try to hold their ground from the force their fists created. The Guild Hall had seen better days and that was something that didn't happen often with the Guild that it resided in.

"So powerful..." Bisca muttered. "...and fast..." She added when she couldn't see the two of them.

"I never knew Natsu was this strong before." Levy added.

"Is this all you got, Dragon boy!" Makarov snarled as he blocked Natsu's punch. He smirked as he used Makarov's small stature to become quicker and deliver several blows across Natsu's body. "If you want to beat me...then you will have no choice but to go all out. Then again, if you do, you will probably kill this old geezer."

"Damn you!" Natsu clenched his fists and ignited it to deliver a punch. Sekrom didn't avoid as the punch didn't afflict any damage to him, but it did do damage to Makarov. 'Shit...' Natsu cursed as he didn't want to punch the Master at his weaken state.

"Master!" Bisca and Levy shouted. They knew Natsu had no choice, but with how weak the Master was, they knew he probably couldn't handle to much damage. Natsu landed on his feet and glared at Sekrom, who got back up and wiped the blood off of Makarov's lips.

"You are a coward." Natsu commented.

"Oh, that's not a nice thing to say to the Master of your Guild." Sekrom laughed.

"You know I was talking to you, Sekrom!" Natsu glared.

"Oh...then go ahead an kill me...oh wait, but if you do that, then you kill the Master as well. My, aren't you in a predicament."

'Shit...what can I do? I want to use the stones, but I doubt I will get lucky like the first time.' He clenched his fists. 'In any case, I have to do something.' He then charged.

Natsu ignited his fists once more. "Come on then! Kill your Master!" Natsu smirked as his flames suddenly turned blue. 'Huh? Wait a minute! That can't be!' Sekrom noticed too late as Natsu punched Makarov's abdomen. The moment the blue flame touched Makarov's body, it started to freeze. "You bastard..." Sekrom glared at Natsu as he felt the cold ice start to immobilize him.

"I don't want to fight the Master, but...I also know you can't fight me for Zeref's sake if you are unable to move. So what's the choice going to be? Get out and fight me like a real man..or freeze and do nothing?" Natsu smirked.

"How about neither?" Natsu eye's widened at the smirk. He then noticed something move below him and looked down to see Makarov's shadow forming into a different shape.

"What the...?" The shadow formed into a different human being and suddenly move away from Natsu and Makarov and toward Levy and Bisca. "Oh no! Run away!" Natsu screamed at the two girls.

The two girls wanted to, but for some reason they were frozen in place. Then suddenly the shadow took over Bisca's shadow and she screamed in pain. "Bisca!" Levy screamed.

"Shit!" Natsu removed his arm from Makarov and gently lowered him down. "You fucking coward!" He yelled at Sekrom, but his eyes widened as Bisca was now glaring at him. However, what really made his eyes widened was the hand that was around Levy's neck.

"Now then, you have a choice." Sekrom spoke in Bisca's voice. "Will you attack your comrade and hurt her with your own hands or I let this woman die by the hands of her comrade and have her suffer the rest of life with her hands covered in the blood of her comrade? Which do you pick, Natsu?"

"Damn you..."

To Be Continued...

Author Notes: Yeah, Yeah I know. You have been waiting for a long time, but here it is. As for the length, I know it's not as long as some of my other chapters, but I've been busy with other things in my life that I thought you should get at least a chapter update. Anyway, here is your Christmas present everyone! As for when I update next time, who knows. Yeah I know that sucks, but I have stuff to do with work and school so yeah, but I'll try to get the next chapter done as soon as possible! So please don't give up on this story!