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The night was cold and the stars shining bright as they always did at night in Little Winning. It was almost midnight and inside a barred window and locked door, a young boy was about to turn 16. He had long hair that could be described in one word, a bird's nest. His eyes were as green as the grass that covered a forests ground, but were hidden away behind a pair of wire rim glasses that had been tapped at the nose. Again, this young man's name was Harry or as many in the wizarding world knew him. The-boy-who-lived-to-have-his-name-hyphened!

Harry looked over at the clock yet again, he had ten minutes to go till he was 16 and to say he was excited would be a total lie. He was dreading this night because Dumbledor said when it happened, he would become more powerful and he would be attacked with more vigor and lies be spouted.

He had barely made it out of the ministry of magic and already the profit was making it their job to turn him into an attention seeking brat. Not that his so called friends were helping with that and now that he thought of it, those two had never been true friends. Just after the ministry debacle, he had snuck out under his invisibility cloak to go to the lake and grieve for the one man who had treated him like a child, when he heard Ron and Moine.

"Ron do you think we should ask for a bonus this year? After all we had to go with that idiot to the ministry and almost got ourselves killed. Honestly how selfish could one be? The profits right about him you know. He is just an attention seeker." She said with a huff, in that oh how mighty I am voice of hers.

"I think we should make him make us head boy and girl. Its hard being that twits friends." Ron said with a look of disgust on his face, he hated the fact that he had to deal with being Harry Potter's shadow.

"On top of everything, my family has to act as if they love him too. The only ones who refused the money were Fred George Bill and Charlie and they only didn't do it because they think he might actually be someone after all of this. Even Ginny is in on the take, though I'm proud of her, she got a marriage contract out of it." He said with a look of proud on his face.

It had crushed Harry to hear that, but gave him hope too. At least he had a few brothers who were true. Just after that, the twins had come to him and told him they wanted to become blood brothers. After the ritual they had a few changes. First off Fred and George could speak to snakes as well and Harry got a bit more pranky.

Harry looked back at the clock, two minutes more. He started to rise up when he felt a sharp pain go down his back. He quickly bit his lip to keep a scream held in as the pain slowly worsened and spread through his body. It felt worse the cruciatus given by ten people at the same time. He bit into his lip harder, before letting out a pained scream and passing out.

~~~~~~~~~~~four hours later~~~~~~~~

Green eyes slowly fluttered open to a world of blurriness. He winced slightly as he reached his arm out to find his glasses, only to realize they were on his nose. He bit his lip hard at the pain he felt just sitting up and took his glasses off his nose. He then looked around in surprise to find that he didn't need them anymore.
"What the hell is going on?" he asked himself softly, only to hear a giggle in the corner of the room, he turned to realize it was Hedwig giggling. He stared at her wide eyed and she giggled again.

"You, young one, have come into your inheritance. You should find a mirror and take a look at yourself now." she said with the owl version of a smirk on her face.

Harry stared at her for a moment in pure shock. His owl just spoke to him. Was he going crazy? He shook his head and lifted his hand thinking of a full body mirror to see what she was talking about, not realizing he was doing wandless magic.

He jumped back in shock, then stepped forward and poked the mirror, just to make sure it was really him. His hair had grown down to his waist and was now a raven black with blue and purple streaks in it and his eyes were still green but with a purple ring around it and light blue dots inside. His body had changed to be a little more feminine as well as his face. He now had high cheek bones with fuller lips and sharper eyes. But this wasn't the big surprise. The big surprise was the large set of butterfly wings that was on his back.

Harry stared at them in surprise in the mirror, they looked almost like that of a Yellow Swallowtail butterflies but the coloring was wrong. The outside was lined black but it faded to dark purple till it came into a beautiful light blue that went into his skin. Harry gently moved both of them and smiled, they felt so natural. Was this normal? Did all wizards get wings at 16?
"You're a fay and from the looks of those wings, a prince." Hedwig said with a smile on her owl face as she landed on his shoulders.

Just after that he heard the tapping on his window of owls and sighed. His so called friends were going to be sending him present again and Dumbledor would try to come up with another reason as to why he couldn't leave home. He opened the window and let the owls inside before thanking each of them, then staring wide eyed when they answered back. He quickly shook his head and got out the owl treats and water for the beautiful creatures, as he relieved each of them of their package or letter. He then put all the gifts and letters on his bed and went back to the mirror.

He then gently started to stroke Hedwig's tummy as he watched the mirror. "Is this a common inheritance?" he asked softly, turning his eyes to her.

"No actually. It's very rare for a Fay to mate with a human and it hasn't happened in a while. But from your wings and eyes, your royalty, they never mate with wizards or humans." She replied, a bit of a confused look on her face. She didn't understand how a Fay prince could be raised by muggles or even how he got his inheritance.

"Am I going to be stuck with my wings out all the time?" he asked softly, a little scared that he would never be able to walk around without knocking things over.

"No usually if you just concentrate you'll be able to pull them right back in," Hedwig replied with an owl like chuckle. Honestly, people were so curious some times.

Harry nodded, and then focused on bringing his wings into his body, he bit his lip hard when the silky things slowly retracted inside, then closed the window after the last owl left. It was far too cold to have the window open at this time in the morning. He sat down on his bed with a sigh and leaned against the wall. Might as well check an see what the jerks got him this year.

He decided to start with the traitors first. He pulled Hermione's gift out and opened the box, then rolled his eyes when he found a book titled 'dealing with your magic increase' inside. Of course she'd get him a dumb book. Ron came next and inside his box was a bunch of chocolate frogs and a letter saying he couldn't wait to see him at Hogwarts, to which he again rolled his eyes. Those two were totally predictable.

Fred and George came next, but first was the letter

Dear Harry.

How are you little brother? As you can probably tell, we are writing this together. First off, do not eat anything that mom or Ron or Ginny sends you. We heard them talking about a love potion. Second on the list, We are coming to kidnap you! We have decided to stuff Dumbledor and everyone else. So pack your bags brother of mine. We are taking you away. And lastly little brother of ours, the gift we got you is full of pranks, money and some real candy. As well as something we thought you could use. It's my wand, you may return it when we get you. For now we want you to use it to cast a concealment and soak your wand in the potion I put in. it will take the trace off your wand. Oh Harry drink the Green potion, it will take any blocks, glamours and traces that are on you from Dumblefuck.

Yours truly

Fred &George.

Harry grinned and quickly pulled out Fred's wand, then cast a few wards around his room as well as a silencing spell and transfigured his clothes into something more comfortable. He then pulled out a brown potion and soaked his wand in it, while drinking the green one. For some odd reason, it tasted like bubble gum. He would have to ask how the hell they did that and why the hell Snape never did it. He winced and doubled over in pain. There must have been a huge block on his magic to make him feel like his core was being ripped out.

Next Harry burned the letter from dumblefuck. He didn't even want to know what the meddling old coot had to say. He then picked up a letter that had the sign for Gringotts on it and looked at with confusion. What were they sending him a letter?

Dear Mr. Potter.

We have been trying to get ahold of you for some time now, but I have a feeling we have been blocked by an old coot that we both know. If you are receiving this, I would like you to come to the bank the morning of July 31. We will make sure this meeting remains confidential.

May your gold flow and your profits rise.


Harry stared at the letter in surprise, then cast a tempus with Fred's wand. It was now 5:30 and there was no time like the present. Harry shrugged and transfigured his clothes into an easy set of pants and a nice button down shirt, before braiding his hair back with two strips free and casting a glamour to make it look blond.

He easily unlocked the locks on his room, then turned around to look at his room and sighed. Might as well just leave this place entirely yes? He chuckled and put his wand in his wand holster and strapped it to his wrist, then packed all his things, leaving behind the presents given to him by Ron and Hermione.

Once done, he shrunk his trunk and Hedwig's cage, then had her hop onto his shoulder and walked down the stairs, stuck his wand off the side of the side walk and grinned. He was finally leaving this place and never returning.

He grinned when he heard the crack and stepped on. "Good morning Ernie, Stan, how much for this morning to Diagon alley?" he asked with a smile.

"A Galleon please, a sickle as well if you'd like some hot chocolate," Ernie said with a creepy grin.

Harry smiled and handed over the Galleon with a shrug, before choosing the bed at the end of the bus. He sat Indian style and grinned like a loon as the bus swerved all over the place, it was like an awesome roller coaster.

"Diagon alley!" shouted Ernie and stopped with another crack, throwing Harry forward. He laughed when Hedwig flew up and started to shout tons of cuss words at the conductor, before letting out a low whistle, which called her back to his shoulder. He waved to Ernie and Stan, before going into the back way of Diagon Alley.

He smiled as he walked down the empty street. It seemed he should come back to this early more often. He whistled a happy tune as he walked into Gringotts and walked up to one of the tellers. "Hello good sir, I was wondering if you might be able to tell Griphook I'm here." He said in gobbledygook, surprising the goblin behind the counter, it wasn't often that a wizard came in knowing their language.

When the young goblin came back with Griphook in tow, Harry bowed with his hand over his heart and smiled. "Good morning sir," Harry said, his voice far too happy for this early in the morning.

Griphook chuckled and nodded for Harry to follow him, then lead him into a rather nice looking office and asked Harry to sit. "Before we start, would you like something to eat? As it is so early it wouldn't be a surprise if you hadn't eaten yet." Griphook offeredwith a grin on his face.

"No thank you, it's a bit too early for me to eat. So what's so important that you need me here?" he asked with a curious look in his eyes.

"Well for one, your parents and Sirius's wills. They were never read or opened as well as your inheritance." Griphook said, bluntly.

Harry looked away with a sad look in his eyes, then sighed. "Alright, let's get this over with. Would you mind showing me my parents first?" he asked, the blue dots in his eyes taking over his eye to show only sorrow.

Griphook nodded and pulled out the will, then said something in gobbledygook which activated the will.

Two silvery figures sat on the front of the desk and sighed. "Well if your hearing this, that means were are dead and the young man in front of us is our little Harry." The female said with a look of sorrow to match Harry's.

"Harry we left you almost everything. To Remus, our dear friend, we left a cottage in France away from the public and in the middle of the forest as well as a million Galleons. To Siri we left the most famous marauder map and my journal full of useful spells as well as an allowance of 200,000 galleons a month for out little Harry. If Siri is unfit to raise Harry, his godmother Alice Longbottom is to raise him and if not her, her mother in law. Under no circumstances is he to go to Petunia!" Shouted Lily Potter with a fierce look in her eyes.

"Harry, my son, it's time to tell you the truth. You are adopted; Albus brought you to us claiming you were the son of a dead Death eater so we blood adopted you, that's why you looked like a Carbon Copy of me. But your mother did a charm before we tested you; your real name is Prince Daiki Fishiri. You're the prince of the Fay. We didn't find out you were a prince and were being searched for until after the adoption. We believed Albus and we shouldn't have and we leave you with these words. Do not trust the old coot. Oh and Peter Pettigrew was our Secret Keeper, Albus if you put Sirius in prison anyways I swear you will pay for this." Shouted and angry James.

Griphook stared at the silvery forms leaving in surprise. If Albus knew that meant he knew that Harry knew he wasn't supposed to go to Petunia's. He looked up and found a fuming Harry in front of him.

"I want the account logs for my vaults and know who has had access to my money and objects." He said with a growl.

"I have them right here. Albus Dumbledor as well as Ronald Weasley, Molly Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger and Minerva McGonagall have made large withdrawals over the last 6 years. They all had letters from you saying they were allowed access to the vaults. There is also a marriage contract between you and Ginny that is not valid as you didn't sign it. Would you like it torn apart?" Griphook said with a sigh, he knew this wasn't going to end well.

"None of them were given permission by me to take any money from my vaults, I want everything they took taken back. I also want that marriage contract torn apart and the pieces burned." He said with a look of hate in his eyes. He hadn't wanted to believe it was true, but this was truth enough.

Griphook nodded. "Shall I start the Second will?" he asked softly, a tad scared of how angry Harry looked.

Harry took a deep breath and sat back in his chair, then nodded.

"Well if you're watching this, means I did something incredibly stupid and got myself wacked. I'm sorry Harry; I should have been a better godfather and not allowed Albus to make my choices. I realized far too late that he couldn't be trusted. To Remus I leave One million Galleons and demand you use them to get some decent robes and actually spend some money on yourself. To Snape I leave some of the rarer Potions books I have in the vault, Grimtooth knows which ones. Everything else goes to my godson. I also have left a few forms that will allow you to be emancipated and we blacks had quite a few houses. I know of what you are Harry, go to Japan. That's where they reside and you can study all kinds of magic on your own now. I love you Pup. Tell Remus I'm sorry as well, then force him into his house and make him get some decent robes." Sirius said softly, then started to fade.

Harry watched as his godfather faded and tears welled up in his eyes. He quickly closed his eyes and lowered his head into his hands. How could this be happening to him again?

"I'll sign the form. Is there a way to see all the houses I have in Japan?" he asked softly, slowly lifting his head and looking like the weight of the world was on his shoulder.

"You have three currently in Japan. One is from the potter side, it's a penthouse in Tokyo, on the black side, you have a large country house and another apartment in Tokyo. " Griphook said, trying to keep this to business.

"Alright, is there any way to have the country house cleaned and made while I'm there? Also, I want you as my account manager for all my accounts. No one is allowed into my accounts unless they have me with them. I would also like you to put 20,000 galleons into the Fred and George Weasley's shop account. Now you said something about my inheritance?" he asked trying to get his mind off those he lost.

"Yes, but first I need three drops of your blood to see if you have inherited anything else, as well as who you are related to." Griphook said hesitantly. He knew what Harry had been through in the past and didn't want alarm the young man.

"I will only submit it into the potion or onto the paper personally. So far terrible things have happened with my blood." He said softly, looking a bit sad.

"Of course sir-"

"Harry. Call me Harry." He said with a smile.

Griphook stared at Harry for a few minutes, surprised he had even offered such a thing. It was a sign of great respect and trust to be allowed to use someone's first name.

"Thank you Harry, as I was saying we would never take your blood and keep it." Griphook said, a new smile on his face.

After saying this, he pulled out a vial of red looking stuff and handed it to Harry as well as a silver ceremonial dagger. Harry nodded and pricked his thumb, then dropped three drops of his blood into the vial. Once done, Hedwig hopped off his shoulder and licked his finger, healing it with her own special brand of saliva.

Harry stared at Hedwig surprised then sighed. "I really need to stop being surprised by you." He said softly with a chuckle.

He handed back the potion and quickly wiped the dagger down and handing it back as well. He trusted Griphook but he wasn't going to take a chance. Griphook gave a small smile, then poured the potion onto a piece of paper, then stared at in surprise. Tons of old pureblood families had made Harry their heir.

"Well you're the heir of the prince, Prewitt, Devour, black and potter family as well as the Evans which is an old line of squibs." Griphook said, surprise still left in his voice. Harry knew two of the three unknown names. The Prince line was professor Snape and the Prewitt's were Fred and Georges family.

"I want the Prince accounts and everything they hold given back to the true Prince. I'm positive Dumbledor had a hand in that; I don't even need to know. All of the Prince things are to go to Professor Severus Snape. And the Prewitt line is to go to Fred and George Weasley. I don't mind taking the other Lordship rings. Now my inheritance as Fay, can you help me with this?" he asked softly a bit embarrassed.

Griphook chuckled, then nodded. "Pull out your wings, I want to see for sure you are the missing prince, though your eyes and hair show you are." He said softly, amusement evident in his voice.

Harry blushed darker and stepped back, took off his shirt, then pulled out his wings. Griphook didn't even notice the wings, he stared at the scars that littered the boy's body and growled. "Where did you get all these scars?" he asked.

Harry paled rather visibly and stepped back. "I-I'm clumsy." He said softly, lying through his teeth. Griphook sighed and got off his chair, then walked over to Harry examining a few of the scars and shook his head.

"You've been abused by that muggle. Did he do more than just physical?" he asked softly, not liking this at all. No child should be abused, children where gifts meant to be cherished.

Harry backed away nervously, then sat in the corner and hugged his knees close to him, his wings incasing him in a large ball.

"Harry please, I didn't mean to scare you, but I must know, were you abused in any other form?" Griphook asked softly, sitting down next to the ball that was Harry.

"H-he used to make me do things to him or be hurt worse.." Harry said quietly, starting to cry hard. He hated his uncle for what he made him do. He just wished that fat walrus would have left him alone.

"Harry you can press charges against him. I will get a healer in here to make a full report and we can press charges." Griphook said, gently patting the silk wings. He was a bit surprised when he touched them, they felt as soft as silk but were as hard as a diamond.

"It won't matter. Poppy and Albus both knew and they didn't care, they always sent me back, saying I had to stay there for the blood wards." He said bitterly.

Griphook let out a low growl, then stood and went over to his desk, he pushed three buttons on the desk to have a healer, a lawyer and guards come in.

"I swear that we will avenge this. It was wrong to send you there in the first place and everyone who wrong you will get what's coming, I swear on my honor, magic and my blood." Griphook vowed, a green light enveloping him and Harry, setting the vow into place.

Harry looked up surprised, then nodded and wiped his eyes. "Thank you Griphook." He said softly. He hadn't had anyone but Fred and George stick up for him like that.

Just after the vow was made, three goblins walked into the room. Harry looked up at them nervously and bit his lip, keeping his head down. The healer walked up to him and you could tell it was a female by the caring look in her eyes. She had long black hair and a goblin physic but her eyes were calm and caring.

She smiled sweetly at Harry before extending her hand in an offer of trust. "My name is Healingclaw. I'm only here to help get rid of any injuries that were long lasting and to make a full medical report of all the injuries you ever sustained." She said softly, keeping eye contact with him, letting him see she wasn't going to hurt him.

Harry nodded and his wings slowly unfolded from around him and he gently took her hand and followed her to a different corner of the room, before stopping and looking over at Griphook.

"C-could you get Fred and George Weasley here? Their my blood brothers," He said softly, wanting the only family he knew was real there.

Griphook's eyes widened when he heard this and he groaned. "You did the blood brother bond before your inheritance didn't you?" he asked softly, an annoyed look in his eyes. Most people waited till after they turned 16 to do the bond, because any creature inheritance or magical boost you got would happen to your blood brothers as well, no matter their age.

"Yes, we did it right before I came back to my relatives house," he said, giving a confused look at Griphook.

Griphook let out another groan and turned to the guard. "Ripclaw, I need you to go and bring the twins here. Odds are they got their wings tonight too." He said to the guard with a nod.

Harry's eyes widened and he stared at Griphook in disbelief.

"But I thought this was a rare inheritance!" he shouted not believing that Fred and George got wings the same night as him and not understanding how.

"Calm down young one, let him explain," Healingclaw said, putting her hand on Harry's shoulder and making him sit down on a bed she had conjured.

Harry pouted at being man handled by yet another healer, which only made Griphook chuckle and give an understanding smile to Harry.

"Most people wait till after they turn 16 to do the blood brother bond because it connects your magic and your blood. When you got your inheritance, they got a second one. In a normal case, people usually only get a bit more magic, but when creature inheritance happens the blood brothers get the inheritance as well," Griphook explained giving a small smile to the boy on the bed.

The lawyer goblin, Filefight took a step forward and smiled. "Not only that, but as your wings show you are royalty, I'd say those two will become your guards. Though this has never happened, if they reason is to protect you that they did the bond as well as to be close to you, then they will most likely receive a weapon from the family vault. They are twins yes?" he asked with a curious look.

Harry nodded his head and Filefight smiled. "Well then they are most likely to become your guards then. Prince Daiki, you have two more vaults open to you because of this and we can help locate your family." He said with a kind smile.

Harry nodded and looked over at the Healer goblin who was chanting in gobbledygook. He could understand half of what she was saying, since she was speaking a lot faster than he could comprehend. He wanted revenge for every wrong done to him, but he wanted one more thing more than anything else. He wanted family.

"Griphook said they Fae are usually in Japan. I am having the country house opened up for me and a few friends. Mainly the two who are being brought in right about…now." Harry said with a grin as two red heads jumped into the room with matching grins.

"Harry our mate, how have you been?" they asked same time, in their normal fashion.

Harry grinned and flexed his wings a bit. "So far, pretty good. But we are moving. Tonight, well after Ms. Healingclaw lets me go. "He said happy that part of his family was here.

"We have something to show you," they said with a grin and both turned around, only to have matching wings shaped like Harry's only in black and royal blue pop out and a glamour fall from them that showed black hair with royal blue streaks and royal blue eyes with black lining.

Harry grinned a bit wider, happy the twins weren't mad at him, but feeling like a dork for not knowing something unordinary would happen to them. After all, it was Harry Potter they were talking about.

Healingclaw stopped chanting and growled slightly as she handed a large file to Filefight and moved her hand to each of the compass points before spreading her arms and letting her goblin magic flow out in healing purposes and righting the wrongs done to Harry over the years. After then minutes of green magic flowing into him, the magic stopped and receded and Healingclaw gave a weak smile.

"You will feel better after this. Your body is as if it was never hurt and he has the file on everything that was done. We will take down everyone who hurt you." She said softly and gave him a little hug before turning and leaving like this was an everyday thing.

"Your house is ready all you need to do now is put your rings on and check your vaults. I can't give you the heir ring for the Fae as it is their tradition to give it to the prince, so we do not have it on hand." Griphook said with a small smile and opened a black wooden box with four main rings in it. One had was gold with two ruby Griffins on it, the second was obsidian with a grim poised to attack, the third, the Evens ring, had an owl with sapphire eyes made in silver while the last was by far the most beautiful. The Devour ring was a dragon made purely out of an emerald with onyx eyes. Once Harry picked up the four rings, they turned into one. The dragon remained but was now a mix of silver, emerald, gold and obsidian. On the top was the eyes of all four animals, each speaking wisdom.

Harry slowly put the ring on his left ring finger and smiled, before tons of magic hit him and the spells seeped into his skin as well as knowledge that was to be passed on from family lord to family lord. Harry slowly opened his eyes once the last spell seeped in and growled darkly.

"Is it really against pureblood law to take a child away from the godparents to give it to relatives?" he asked softly, furious at the very idea.

"Sadly sir, it is." Griphook said softly, before motioning for the twins to step forward.

Fred and George looked at each other confused and stepped forward at the same time.

"You are being made duel lords of the Prewitt line. You will both get a lordship ring as well as knowledge that has been lost to the Weasley family for a very long time." Griphook said with a grin, happy for once to have shocked the twins, a feat everyone thought was impossible. He gave the twins a grin before handing them a box made of cherry wood.

Gred and Forge stared at the box before simultaneously opening it and staring in wonder at the ring inside. The band was made out of white gold but what was the real amazing thing, was the Threstle and Pegasus sitting at the top with wings out and each bowing to each other. The Pegasus was made out of a black diamond with blue eyes and the Threstle was made out of white diamond with blue eyes. They both reached in and slowly took the rings out, before Fred placed his on his right ring finger, and George on his left and were hit with beams of white and black magic.

After about ten minutes both boys slowly came back to reality with grins on their faces and devious looks in their eyes.

"Who would have thought.."

"Our ancestors.."

"Would be total pranksters!" they finished together with a grin.

"We along with Harry here need to visit the family armories but that can wait." George started,

"We would like to go home and sleep tonight if that is alright with you." Fred finished with a kind smile both turning and looking lovingly at their little blood brother.

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