The best mistake

Chapter 1

A/N- This story is a couple of months after Stefan leaves with Klaus. It's my first TVD fic with my favorite pairing... please tell me what you guys think and review if you think I should continue. This chapter is just like a prologue... the next chapter will be longer. REVIEW... tc

Damon was trying hard... really hard not to listen to Barbie and Elena talk in the kitchen. It was proving to be a hard task; Caroline was talking so loudly he was sure he would have been able to hear her even without his vampire hearing. He sighed and took another swig from his glass and decided that if he couldn't tune them out might as well listen in properly

"And then he just you know put his hand on my head or something... and we were just lying there." He heard Caroline say with a trace of shyness in her voice.

"You just laid there?" Elena's skeptical voice said. "He was naked right"

"Yes I know he was naked Elena but nothing happened. I swear... I didn't sleep with him, and I don't want to either. I'm just his friend that's all" Caroline replied firmly.

God... Barbie and her dog drama he thought. First Matt then the mutt... where does she find them?

It wasn't a stretch to say that Damon found these human etiquettes of the dating world an absolute bore. In his time you fell in love without drama and got married because you wanted to fuck your wife. True, that was a long time back... he still couldn't comprehend why people like Caroline made these things such a big deal. He lived in a world where once he confesses his loves to the girl she blushes shyly and kisses him back. That is not how it had gone the last time he tried that, she had slapped him and he's pretty sure called him some really bad yet justified names. But then again he was feeling up his brother's girlfriends and even in the blood and lust world of Vampires that was a big no-no. But Barbie's a damn vampire... yet she acts like a little girl... but wait Elena is a girl... a normal human girl, sure with two centuries old vampire boyfriends-ish, demonic brother, Lucifer's mistress Katherine as her doppelganger... yet still Elena was a girl. And Damon had never before met a more girl girl than Caroline. Even thinking about it Damon knew damn well he was going to regret the decision he was inching towards.

Yes... he knew he regretted his decision as soon as he made it, should he go back? Hell no... He's Damon Salvatore he always gets what he wants.

He got up from his customary seat on the couch and stood waiting at the door as Caroline gave Elena a hug and started to walk towards the door. When she saw him she stopped for a bit no doubt thinking about what he was going to say to her. She glanced back at Elena in an almost 'help me' glare and reached the door and was about to pull the door open when Damon blocked her exit.

"What... what snippy comment do you have for me now Damon" she snapped

"You know blo.. Caroline" he stopped halfway when he noticed Elena listening in on them closely and changed directions completely "Are you leaving?" he asked Caroline

"Yes" she answered with a puzzled expression on her face

"Alright well I'll drive you home"

"I can go on my own Damon, I'm not a child" she snapped back again

"That's not what I meant Barbie" he said back unable to control himself damn the plan it's not worth having to talk to her. "There are still werewolves out there and its close to full moon and I almost just died because of a bite and I'll be damned if another person I care about is gonna get hurt by them."

She was looking at him with doubt through those big blue eyes of hers even though Damon couldn't really read minds he knew exactly what she was thinking did he just say he cares about me. If ever asked Damon would never put it like that, he would always say he was protecting Barbie coz Elena loved her and his stupid brother really cared about the blonde vampire too. Never ever would Damon admit that despite her bad habit of talking all the time he did actually care about her

"Oh..." she said after a while "Okay... if that's what you meant... then I guess you know... Uhm"

"Yes yes stop talking now... before I change my mind. And you never know Klaus could have people watching us, it's not safe for you to be alone." He said regaining his sweet composure and putting a hand on her shoulder slowly guiding her out the door. She looked at Elena and gave her a soft smile; Damon gave a curt nod to Elena and could already tell that she was smiling at him in a different way. Even though he had lost control for a second his plan seemed to be working.

Yes being his cool, don't-give-a-crap, hot stud attitude hadn't worked on Elena... he knew why now, however messed up her life was she was still a young human girl and they like romantic mushy, quote a line from a book, candle light dinner kind of men. Pretty much the definition of Stefan's entire character, drastic times call for drastic measures. It had been months since Stefan had left and still Elena refused to move on... not just with Damon but with her life as well. She only spoke to Bonnie or Barbie... I need to stop calling her that he chastised himself. Damon tried and failed to comfort her; she wouldn't listen to what he had to say and didn't give a crap about what he thought. Damon wasn't going to give up that easy... no Damon Salvatore always gets what he wants... this time he was going to have to take help from vampire Barbie in the art of human dating and general wooing. It would be painful he knew it... there would many times when he would have the urge to rip her head off that also he knew for sure... there would also be a lot a lot of much talking... oh no... and he would have to listen

Oh crap what have I done...?