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"You never stop caring for family, do you?"

It was a question, pure and simple. He wasn't going to punish him, whatever the answer was. All he wanted was reassurance and understanding, even though he never mentioned it.


There was no 'switch'.

It was a monster, and it was a choice to let it out.

He's been betrayed one too many times, and the monster within agreed with him, so they shared a passion for murder and justice. And revenge, even if it was unneeded.

But then, there was a different choice. To tame the beast, to show it control.

He wasn't strong enough and gave into his weaknesses, and it's not like he can take back the millennia of tragedies right? Nope.

Katerina came to him like a moth to flame and he couldn't resist hurting Elijah the way the family hurt him when he had Charlotte. His love for her was as fragile as a flower opening to the warmth of spring but their hearts were to cold to let the sun penetrate the clouds.

Charlotte was and always will be his human love, dead or not.

The bastard father punished him for his existence alone and the witches were too eager to let such an opportunity to pass. And so Charlotte was sacrificed and he killed all of his 'family' , except Elijah because he felt generous that night.

He was devastated and begged for death, but Klaus didn't grant him such a wish and hid them, lying that their worthless bodies were scattered around the world.

He waited another 400 years for Katerina to come along, but his love-blinded brother helped her escape. He couldn't have that, so he murdered the whole village , finally releasing the true monster within.

And so began the millennia of the tragedies just as Elijah left and Klaus found his witches, whilst patiently waiting for the next doppelganger, if there was a possibility of one.

And then there was a word of a Petrova doppelganger. First, they were just whispers, unsure yet fascinated. He knew he had to get to his doppelganger before Elijah could.

To his surprise, she was very stubborn and very fiery. Passionate, caring and loving. Completely selfless. The pure heart of a lioness.

Just like Charlotte.

He could have used the juice on her before the sacrifice, but he didn't like being a hypocrite. Chances were, another doppelganger would come along in a few hundred years to entertain him anyway.

But then he heard that she was the last of her blood-line.

And he was suddenly very thankful that her biological father gave her his life.


When they came back to Mystic Falls, it wasn't because he wanted to cause more havoc, but because he wanted to test out some theories and find some much needed artefacts.

He wasn't stupid, he knew about the phone call, but never mentioned anything.

Stefan had begged him not to come, and that amused him. "I thought you didn't care anymore? You said that nothing else mattered,"

He sensed the lie even before it left his mouth.

"It doesn't matter, I just don't want to cause any problems,"

He ignored him and smiled. "You know what we should do? We should visit your dear girlfriend, I'm sure she's missed you, judging by the phone call,"

He's aware that Stefan is suddenly very terrified so he set out into a run towards the Gilbert Residence. Stefan followed him.

He was the one to knock but stood against the wall, leaving Stefan to be the only one visible.

The door opened at there was a strangled gasp before something very tan threw itself at his partner. He smirked and waited patiently as tears came.

"Elena, please, calm down," Stefan said and let her go.

Elena turned her head towards where he stood casually, leaning against the wall. He extended his arms and smiled innocently. "And where's my hug, sweetheart?"

She was frozen in her spot, until she pulled Stefan into the house. She tried to shut the door, but Klaus' hand caught it. "Now now, I'm in a rather happy mood, don't upset me,"

"No kidding, you just can't wait until you slaughter anyone of my friends or family thats left, can you?"

He chuckled and pushed open the door, walking in.


He rolled his eyes and didn't answer, choosing to walk forward until she was so close that he could literally taste her fear.

"If you came back just to hurt someone else, take me, you can have me, but don't hurt anyone else, please,"


He doesn't hurt anyone but Stefan and him stay. Everyone is aware of their presence but the witch doesn't try to hurt them and Damon doesn't try any of his tricks.

It's almost peaceful, until he finds that Damon is actually after Stefan for killing his human toy.

The fight is rather entertaining, and he stands back, watching. Blood is spilt but no one dies. Stefan is patient and waits until Damon finishes taking his frustrations out on him.

And then he does something unforeseeable. He hugs his brother, clinging to him.

The moment is a bit too familiar so he leaves and runs straight into his doppelganger.

"Don't go in there," He warns her as she tries to side-step him.

"What? What did you do?" She asks rapidly.

There's a fire inside her, he can see it. All sparkly and wild and full of passion. She reminds him of Charlotte more than ever.


Elena is suddenly very aware of the way he's looking at her and tries to walk around him, but he stops her with a hand on her wrist. She tires to pull but he only holds on stronger.

"For what it's worth, I never forced him into anything, he always went along with my orders,"

Elena huffs and pulls her hand away from him. He grabs her again and turns her around so she walks the other way. "Do not go in there," he snapped and picked her up, bringing her to the other side of the house. Elena gasps and pushes at his chest.

"Why the hell not? What are you planning now?"

He doesn't answer and leaves for the woods.


Elijah has had his revenge by scattering Charlotte's items around the states, leaving one of her diaries in the woods near Mystic Falls. He didn't actually need it for some stupid, 'world domination' plans, but he was just curious. He was looking for the diary she wrote in during her stay in Germany.

He could ask one of his witches, but wanted to find it himself.


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