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"What's in there?"

"Petrova blood," he answered casually and took out a pocket knife, walking towards her with the pocket-watch.

"What are you doing?" She asks and backs away, but Klaus follows her patiently until her back hits a tree.

"I need a little of your blood to make it focus," He says and gives her the pocket-watch. She holds it with it's flap open and feels a sudden surge of power.

He takes her finger when she's not looking and draws blood, making her wince. Klaus squeezes her finger lightly and over the pocket-watch. A drop of blood falls and the two hands spin like crazy. He drops the pocket knife into his pocket and slowly follows the doppelganger around the woods.

They stop in-front of a large stone with an engraved prick. Elena doesn't know what makes her prick her other finger but she does it anyway, and her blood slowly slides downwards. After a couple of seconds, the large stone shakes and snaps.

Klaus is there immediately, lifting the lid and smiling triumphantly. He lifted a worn-out leather book and smiles. Then he turns towards her, takes the pocket-watch and pricks his pointy finger to draw blood. He takes her hand and let's his blood heal her two fingers. "Thank You,"

Elena almost smiles when she sees his cheerful expression but decides against it and instead, sends him a cheeky wink. "I want to read it too!"

"What?" He was definitely not expecting that.

"Well, she was my ancestor," She explains and slowly turns around, walking back towards the boarding house. "I have a right to, I did, after all, five you my blood," She says. "Twice,"


When she enters the boarding house along with Klaus, she sees that Stefan has been trying a different way of making Caroline feel better. Her eyes don't prickle but her heart does, and she feels a hand on her lower back.

"Come here, I'll take you home,"

Stefan and Caroline turn around, guiltily watching the two.

And for the first time in her life, she steps into his embrace.


They have been reading the diary together for over a week. She felt awkward mostly, as Charlotte loved to talk about their nights together, and Klaus wasn't afraid to share his sex-experiance with her.

The end of the diary was slowly approaching and it was Klaus' turn to read it. He was reading the last passage and his fond smile faltered. Elena had been watching him, loving the way he read the diary with such emotion she didn't know he was capable of.

"... And I hope, with all my heart, that he will pass the hatred and find his true beloved..."

He trailed off and stopped reading aloud. When he finished he dropped the book and clenched his jaw. "She knew she was going to be sacrificed but she didn't tell me anything,"

"Maybe the witches cast a spell on her? Maybe it had to happen?" She tried desperately to calm him down.

"She could've mentioned something,"

"What exactly are you mad about? About the fact that she knew the witches were going to bind your werewolf side? Or the fact that she knew she was going to die?"

He turns towards her and his arms grip her shoulders. She tries not to wince. "Elena, I would give up my life to be with her again, even if it was just for one night," He mutters almost pleadingly. Elena nods and sighs.

"Stuff like this happen, Klaus. We lose the one's that we love for nothing," She answers and slowly leaves his hold. She was about to leave when she heard those two words. It was barely a whisper.

"I'm sorry,"


She comes to him in a dream that night. It feels too real and he wonders if it's a hallucination, but finds that he can't move on his own, and that the scene before him is playing like a movie.

"You've found her, finally," She says and walks forward, her beautiful straight hair fell down her shoulder and back as she sauntered forward.

The dream-him looks confused for a while until a hand behind him touches his back. He turns around and sees Elena.

"Don't be afraid to let me go, Niklaus, don't," Charlotte says as he goes to reach forward. She steps back and smiles at the girl behind him. "She's the one you truly need in this world, don't let past hatred and vengeance ruin your chance,"

He finds himself nodding as Charlotte slowly walks away. "Will I ever see you again?" She shakes her head and points towards Elena who's watching him fondly.

"Don't ruin your chance," She warns him again as both the image and her voice fade away.

When he wakes up, he's sweating and his heart aches slowly. "You were yelling, so I came down to see what was happening," A voice from the doorway says and Elena walks forward, taking a seat on the couch, beside him.

"I saw Charlotte, she came to me," He finds himself saying. "She told me hold on to the love of my life,"

"She told you to hold on to her?"

He shakes his head. "She's not the woman I need, it's someone else,"

She was clearly waiting for him to tell her, but he doesn't. He risks their already fragile friendship and reaches out to brush the hair out of her face.

There was a magnetic jolt as his lips found hers in the dark. It wasn't one of those teenage first-kisses. This one was long but simple and chaste. When it ends, she pulls away slightly and shakes her head.

"I'm not Charlotte,"

"I know," he whispers, smiling into the kiss that she influences next.


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