Tino yawned as he worked on some dinner for his 'husband', who was patiently waiting in the living room, helping Peter build something with legos, that the Swede had bought the boy on their little father-son outing they had once a week. The Fin swore at this point, the boy had enough legos to make a full-size bed with them.

He giggled at the thought as he got his hands dirty, while kneading the dough for some Kanelbullar*, the Swede had always liked a little sweet after dinner, even though he wouldn't admit it. And Peter loved all the sweets Tino made, so that was a bonus to making a desert.

The Fin stifled another yawn, he felt so tired today, and it was odd to him. He was usually bursting with energy. He had gotten to bed on time, he had slept well. He sighed softly to himself; maybe he could take a nap as soon as he gave the other two men their food...but then, Berwald might be slightly alarmed that the Fin wasn't going to eat with them, like always.

The Fin was snapped out of his thoughts when a pair of familiar, strong arms had wrapped around his middle. He let out a small squeak and giggle as he felt the Swede nuzzling up his neck to his cheek-

"S-Su-san! I thought you were playing with Peter..." He glanced up at the other as his hands stopped their work on the food.

"P'ter w'nt t' pl'y o'ts'de w'th H'na..." The Swede muttered under his breath, and nipped lightly at the skin of his wife's neck and let his hands fall lower to the blonde's hips. Tino squeaked in surprise, blush lighting up his cheeks.

"S-Su-san! N-not right now, I still have dinner to finish…" Tino turned himself around to face the taller man, but keeping his hands away, since they were still dirtied with food. The Swede, frowned softly at his wife's rejection, but he wouldn't push the matter…much.

"Mm. L'ter?" Berwald moved in, catching the Fin's soft lips for a moment, moving his hands to rest on the man's lower back. Tino sighed softly, he was a bit too tired for such activities…maybe he could take a nap, then they could afterwards? But would the Swede still be awake, it might be late once he woke up from a nap, after all, it was already six in the evening.

"…Well…I wanted to take a nap after I was finished with dinner, Su-san…" He looked up at the other, using the puppy eyes he knew the Swede could never say no to. Berwald didn't argue, he just nodded in agreement, reaching down to yet again to peck his lips. Retreating his hands to just hold the smaller man close. Tino sighed softly, reaching to peck the blonde's cheek back.

"Thank you, Su-san~" The man nodded, giving a quick peck to his wife's forehead. He thought for a moment and sighed; he grabbed the smaller Fin's hand in his own big hand, not caring if it was a little messy, and kissed the palm.

"B't th'n y' w'n't g't t' e't…" Tino thought for a moment, realizing his lover was right. But maybe he could hold off until tomorrow morning…? No, knowing the man holding him, he wasn't going to allow that, ever.

"I-I'll eat sometime in the middle of the night, okay~?" A small smile tugged at his lips, glancing into the giant's eyes, with a gentle gaze. Berwald, quirked a brow at the love of his life, doubting what he was saying. He took a quick look and saw the other making some Kanelbullar, and got an idea, but kept it to himself. He stayed quiet and nodded in agreement. "K'y th'n…" He gave the Fin's hips a small squeeze before letting him go. He caressed his wife's cheek giving him one last small, slow kiss, before he ventured off to get their son. Tino sighed softly, touching his cheek where the Swede had touched before he turned around and pulled the Fläskpannkaka* from the oven and set it out to cool.

He hummed in content, going back to the Kanelbullar mixing the ingredients for the filling in a bowl, with a smile on his face. The Swede always seemed so concerned about him, but he was always gentle and loving with anything he did. Even though he was embarrassed to say it out loud, his 'husband' was almost like a gentle giant. He seemed so tall, scary and intimidating, on the inside, he was…like a living teddy bear.

The Fin blushed at the idea, but giggled rolling up the dough with the filling, and getting them ready for the oven. The thought of his lover, at teddy bear! Tino sighed softly, setting the sweets into the oven and moving to wash his hands. His husband DID love cuddling, and his was big and warm…and soft.

Tino burst out in giggles again, Su-san wasn't a teddy bear, but to him, the Swede was. He hummed happily as he dried his hands off, and sat down at the small kitchen table there, undoing his little apron and setting it on the table. He relaxed back in his chair, blinking as he stared at the ceiling. He didn't know what had happened, but within the next minute he had a strong feeling of nausea. Within the next moments, he had bolted out of the room.


Kanelbullar : It's a traditional Swedish sweet yeasty bread coiled around cinnamon-sugar filling, it's usually served with coffee. It's the Scandinavian version of the sticky bun, only not so sticky.

Fläskpannkaka : It's also called a 'Bacon Oven Pancake'.

I've posted this on dA, so I might as well post it on here, too. It will be going by 'Parts' of months. If you understand. Ah, you'll get it eventually. = v = I hope you all like it~