Tino sighed for maybe the twenty seventh time that day. He had woken up around four in the morning, and since he couldn't fall back asleep, he decided to make some Våfflor* for breakfast, before the other two in the house woke. But that's not what he was sighing about, no. Every few seconds, he'd look down to his torso. Not saying it wasn't good looking, no, but the Fin had noticed he was getting a bit…big. Not that he minded it much. It was just…not wanted at the moment.

He was so use to be the thin, little Fin that everyone knew, and Berwald loved. But…would the Swede still like him if he was just a bit pudgy? Or would he turn away. Oh god, Tino hoped he wouldn't. As long as he fit his clothes, he'd be fine. The Swede would always love him, even if the Fin had gotten a bit bigger…right? Tino groan, using both hands to ruffle his hair, inwardly cursing and saying 'Bad mind, Bad mind! Su-san will always love you!'

The blonde huffed and pouted, separating the breakfast quickly and easily before the 2 others would come shuffling in for food. He put some jam on the Berwald's and a small dab of whipped cream on top of Peter's (just the way they liked it.). He sighed softly, hearing his own stomach growl in protest. He didn't want what the other two were having though. No, he wanted something along the lines of…carrots, pudding, steak and lobster.

He shuffled around the kitchen looking for said things, but unfortunately he only found pudding and carrots. That wouldn't do. He'd have to ask Su-san to go get the other two things after he was fully awake. He sighed as his stomach growled again, deciding he could deal with just carrots and pudding for now. He started peeling at the carrot as he heard shuffling, he stopped to notice the big Swede in the door way.

Berwald was just in his sweat pants, his glasses were probably forgotten on the nightstand. He yawned loudly, ruffling his hair a bit. Tino would never admit but seeing the other without his glasses made him look younger, but the Swede yawning was like watching a bear rawr, almost. He ignored his thoughts as the large Swede came over, wrapped his arms around his waist and craned his neck to put his head on Tino's shoulder.

Finland giggled and smiled as the other nuzzled his cheek and mumbled something along the lines of 'God morgen*'. He felt the other yawn again and rest on him a bit. He could tell the other had his eyes closed. He nuzzled the other back, smiling softly,

"Hyvää huomenta*, Su-san~" The Swede hummed in approval, rubbing the other's hips slightly. Berwald sniffed the air slightly, furrowing his brows slightly as he yawned again.

"Mm…V'fllor 'nd c'rrots…'nd….p'ddin'..?" Tino giggled and shook his head lightly. Berwald's sense of smell was always so good. He turned his head and gave the other a small morning kiss,

"No, the Våfflor is just for you and Peter. He pudding and carrots are mine~" Berwald stopped to think for a second. His little wife had been eating the weirdest things lately, he didn't even want to remember the kiss he gave the Fin after he'd eaten Peter's 'Salmiakki-Mustard-Chocolate-Mac-and-cheese' (he swore even after 30 rounds of thoroughly brushing his mouth, the taste still lingered.)

He shrugged it off, nodding lightly, giving the Fin's hips a soft squeeze and pressing a soft kiss to his neck. Tino blushed softly, shuddering the slightest at the other's touches. He tried calming himself once the other had gone to retrieve his glasses. He huffed, shredding the carrot into his pudding. Grumbling softly, he felt tingly all over, it was so weird and strange. Never had he gotten this excited just by simple touches.

He sighed, stopping in the middle of shredding and bite his lip gently. The morning was no time for…activities, and the poor Swede hadn't even eaten yet. Maybe he could try and convince him after he was done…unless Peter was awake by then. Finland groaned softly, going back to peeling his carrot into the pudding. Sometimes he felt like they couldn't just have good, old 'fun' anymore. But he couldn't blame it all on Peter.

He sighed, mixing the carrot peelings into his chocolate pudding and taking a few bites. He heard the Swede shuffling back, so he picked up the still warm Våfflor, and held it up as the other came in. Berwald took his food and pecked his little wife on the lips quickly before going to the table. Tino smiled softly, following, sitting across from him.

Berwald hummed happily as he ate, but occasionally he would glance at the smaller blonde, who was happily minding his own business and eating his…Chocolate and carrot pudding. Sweden wouldn't lie; the sound of it almost sent a shiver down his spine, and not the good kind. He wanted to admit to the Fin that he'd been acting out of his mind for the past…maybe month or two?

Just last week Berwald had to comfort the poor Fin seven times within 2 days, since he had episodes of getting so upset, he'd cry uncontrollably. And at least three hissy fits because he kept cooking something wrong, or he wanted attention while Sweden was working in his office. Not only that, but there was at least five times where Tino would wake up in the middle of the night and ask if they could go get something from the store, like chocolate donuts or a big bag of spicy chips. He couldn't deny his little wife in anyway so he just nodded and went along with it all to make the other as happy as possible.

But still…Tino seemed a bit too off. Even when he did get upset, he'd maybe let out just a tear or a few, not a stream of tears and coughing. He wouldn't throw fits, he'd just smile and comment on how bad it was that they didn't have what was wanted. But this Fin was…a bit too emotional. He was use to a happy, smiling Fin. A Fin that smiled because of him. He was use to always making the other happy but…Now the other was either miserable, angry or happy...or somehow all three.

Sweden had gotten to look the other up and down the other's top half, he didn't look any different, but the Fin never had any problem with his appearance…right? He sighed, running through other possibilities while he got up and washed his dish clean. Within the minute he felt the other hug him tightly from behind, press their bodies closely together and felt him nipping and nuzzling his shoulder.

"Berwaaaaald..~" oh that breathy voice definitely got his attention. "Can we…go back…" he felt the other's hands slide down his front and press themselves against the front of his sweatpants. "To the bedroom…~?" Even though his mind was set on figuring out what was wrong, he couldn't deny the little Fin, especially with him being so straight forward. He grunted softly in agreement, turning and scooping a giggling Fin up and carrying him to the bedroom.

As they made it to the bedroom, Hanatamago skipped in from outside with a little bird perched on her head. She yipped once and the bird tweeted.


Våfflor: Basically, homemade waffles. You can put anything on them, just like any other waffle, but I think Berwald would prefer Lignonberry jam on them.

God morgen: Now I'm not a Swedish language expert, but luckily I've at least studied Swedish greetings. Anyhow, this means 'Good Morning'.

Hyvää huomenta: I'm not an expert at Finnish, either. But it's supposed to say 'Good morning'.

BAHAHA. TAKE THAT. SMUT CLIFFHANGER. I'm just great, aren't I? ;D

No worries, I'll right the smut, hush up. :U

By the way. Random Hana is random...with a bird. CB