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Frerard Shots;
Chapter three/ 'Lazy Day'
Rated; M/ L, S (oral, fingering, anal, stroking, dirty-talk)
Set-up; Frank & Gerard have a lazy morning & a little fun in the shower.

(Frank's POV)

The first thing he did when he walked into the kitchen was close the shade on the window to block out the sun. And when I asked him if he was really turning into a vampire, he hissed at me. I laughed as he got his coffee and sat down at the table, folding his arms and burying his face in them.

"Want any breakfast?"

"It's too early for Cajun." He grumbled, a cute little quip that I burn everything.

"Cereal it is." I snorted, amused by his grunt. By the time I sat his bowl down, he had came alive enough to be on his second cup of coffee. Gerard was still in his baggy pajama pants and that old Iron Maiden t-shirt he slept in, his hair mussed and sticking up everywhere. He hadn't showered yet. Good. Neither had I.

Breakfast went by with a few grumbles and small talk. We were probably neither one much awake and even 12pm was too early for any human being to be alive and walking around. We had been up late last night, enjoying our time off. I think I remember there was bad b-rated horror movies involved and Gerard just had to paint my face because that amused him. I think I still had some white and red in my hair. I barely got the paint off before he pounced on me and ended up wrapped literally all around me. It was 5am when we went to bed. Not a big deal, but we weren't exactly kids anymore. Gerard's damn refusal to grow up be damned. I don't know why I got up. I was hungry. Gerard didn't have to, but he followed me.

I watched him as he finally got up and went off to the shower. I took the final sip of my own coffee, waited a minute and then followed. I found him already in the shower and stripped off my clothes next to his pile that lay in the bathroom floor. He squealed when I invited myself in.

"Gah, Frankie! Hi there." He trailed off into a sweet little giggle as I pressed him against the wall, kissing his smiling lips. "What'cha doing in here, sugar? Happy to see me?" He purred.

"Yes, ma'am." I chuckled at his glare and watched his lips purse into a smirk. He cocked his hip and shook his hair out of his face, the ends of his choppy black locks barely wet yet. I ran my hands up his stomach and chest, wiping away those little drops of water that adorned his pale skin.

"And what makes you think I'm a girl?"

"Cuz you do things like that." I looked up at him, licking my lips. "And make sounds like this.." I pressed my lips to his throat, kissing my way to a special spot that made Gerard whimper, his hands coming up to claw at my arms. I wrapped my arms around his waist, jerking him closer and letting my hands squeeze and knead at that ass. I could feel his hard-on pressed against me, as mine was pressed against him. Both needing friction.

"Uhm, Frank.. don't tease me.. too early.." His voice was breaking and breathy. He let out a small whine, gasping as I reached between us to take hold of his cock, stroking him. Anything to make him make more of those sounds. I moved my mouth over his, sucking at those sweet cherry lips as I flicked my wrist harder. He moaned in my mouth, arching on his toes.

I pulled away and kissed his neck and down his chest and stomach. I stopped at his belly button, crouching in the shower. I licked all around his navel, loving how he squirmed. I ran my hands up his thighs, holding his hips back against the tiled wall. I let my tongue dip inside his belly button and felt him tense, a shuddered whine escaping him as he gave a sharp tug to my hair. I grabbed his cock around the base and gave a tight squeeze.

"Nuh-uh. Don't you dare cum yet. I'll spank you."

"Fuck.. how 'bout I don't and you spank me later anyway?" He giggled, nibbling his bottom lip.

I shook my head and smiled, stroking him. My precious brat. That groan I got when I wrapped my lips around his cockhead nearly made me cum. And that little mumbled whimper and when he dug his nails into my shoulders... fuck. I shuddered, taking him further and sucking.

"Frankie.. please.. I.. ooh, you fucking tease!" He shouted as I reached around, wiggling my fingers against his pucker and indeed teasing him. I let one slip inside, slickened only by the water and feeling him deliberately clinch around it, bearing down. "Please.. please.. more.. god.." He panted. I pulled my finger back out, shoving two back inside and hearing him growl as I bobbed my head. "Bastard! Fuck, yes.. harder.. finger me.. Ooooh'ohhh!"

I tried hard not to laugh around him. It was fun working him up. I wiggled my fingers around, twisting them and digging them around until I heard that wail that let me know I hit his magic button. I felt him grab my hair and thrust forward. Oh, he's definitely earning that spanking. Slut.

"Fuck, Frankie.. gonna cum.. gonna cum.. fucking get up here and fuck me or Imma cum and you can fuck off.."

I was back to my feet in a second, shoving my tongue in his mouth and jerking his head back by his hair. He growled, arching his hips and I jerked him around facing the wall, grinding my cock into his ass and letting it slip just between his cheeks. The damn little devil wiggled back into me, moaning so sweetly, his swollen lips parted and his eyes greedy. Oh, fuck, how I loved him. I sunk my teeth into his neck, taking hold of my dick and lining up with his entrance, splitting that tight ring of muscle as I shoved inside and hearing him cry out. It was tight and blinding white hott and suffocating and I savored the pressure on my dick before pulling back out almost all the way. I did it slowly, making him feel every inch before plunging back inside, thrusting. I held on to him, licking at his wet skin and hearing his fingertips squeak against the tile as he grabbed for the nothing to hold on to.

"Uhhmmm.. ah, fuck.. oh, right there.. fuck.. harder, you bitch.. guh.. oh, my fucking god.." He bucked back, closing his eyes and shaking his wet hair out of his face where it hung down in thick black strands, the water making streaks down his cheeks. I pulled back to smack his asscheek, my cock aching at that little purred whine I received.

"You're my bitch, Gee.." I growled playfully, leaning back forward to nip at his neck. "My pretty little cunt.."

He blushed. "Fuck you.. unnnff.. fuck me.. harder.. please.."

I grabbed his hips, pounding him harder and making him scream. "Shit.. Gerard.. fuck.. you feel so good.. yeah, fuck.." I bit my lip, smirking. "How you want your spanking..? Paddle, belt, hand..? I'm gonna make you wear the cockring while I do it and not let you cum.."

"Frankie! Goddamn.."

I stopped his hand before it could go underneath him to jerk himself off. I took hold of him myself instead, pumping his cock hard and deliberately grinding against his prostate. "Like that.. fuck.. you look like such a slut.." I giggled and he flushed. "Gonna make that ass match that face, so red. Gonna smack that bottom till you can't take no more.. make you beg.."

"Ohh.. ohhh.. FUUUUUCK!" I felt him tighten up around me, trembling as his cum painted my hand and the wall. His eyes closed, lips parted as he moaned and nails digging uselessly at the wall. So fucking beautiful.

I grabbed back to his hips, fucking him harder. "Ah, fuck.. Gerard.. fucking love you.." I buried my face in his back, releasing hard into him and resting against his back, holding him as we cooled down.

Eventually his giggling made me giggle and we moved, trying to actually wash each other. Cracking up over how ridiculous we looked as we tried to wash each others hair- and without getting soap in our eyes.

I watched him as he toweled his hair off before turning the towel on me and drying me off with it. "It's chilly. Don't want you getting sick."

"I'm fine, mother." I muttered dryly, letting him dry me off anyway.

Today was a pajama day. But we put on clean pajamas. Mine was gray and had skeletons on them and my shirt was white. Gerard wore a faded black shirt with the Batman logo on it and his pajama bottoms was dark pink with skull and crossbones. He only wore these at home and only I got to see them.. well, Ray got to one time, but he just shrugged. I don't think anything Gerard did could surprise anyone anymore. They had actually been a joke gift from a friend for my "girlfriend". Gerard thought they were comfortable and it really didn't matter and I didn't mind.

I lounged back on the couch, starting another b-rated horror movie as Gerard laid on his side, head in my lap for me to stroke his hair. He'd probably fall asleep and I'd probably follow soon after. But whatever. There was nowhere to go right now and we had all day.

The Cajun thing inspired by the quote from Frank. "I burn everything and call it Cajun." It's supposed to read like a little to be snickered at inside joke. Um.. I'm used to writing graphic dirty-mouthed sex... And I put Gerard in pink pajama bottoms cuz I could. I'm still trying to find my feel with this pairing, so consider everything experimentation and just my warped fantasies :P