I'll end 2011 with this. Pop Horror, (grins)

Frerard Shots;
Chapter four/ 'It Takes Discipline'
Rated; M/ L, S (cattyness, hyperness, spankings, oral, fingering, anal, stroking)
Set-up; Frank has to 'deal with' a hyper bratty Gerard. Smut w/ an all-over-the-place plot, spankings, coffee, comics, smoothies- none in that order..

(Frank's POV)

Whenever Gerard's brother Mikey stayed over, it meant listening to those adorable brothers compete over who drinks the most coffee. 'I drink more than you.' 'Nuh-uh, I drink more than you.' 'Hey, goddammit, who got the last cup? I've only had 10! I can't face the day on just 10! Miiiiiiikey!' Or at least it felt that way to me and just how I heard it in my head. Maybe I was over-reacting. I didn't tell Gerard that it was me who got the last cup. I need my coffee too, damn it, and competing with them for it was tough.

And then there was the actual fact of dealing with coffee-fueled adorable brothers..

I was sitting on the sofa, minding my own damn business and waiting for Mikey to relinquish my shower when, "Frrrrrrrraaaaankie!" I jumped and literally swatted my comic book away, bracing myself for Gerard to pounce on me, bouncing and snuggling me impossibly tight. "Hiya, Frankie, what'cha reading? Huh? huh? Ooh, is that one mine? Naughty Frank, getting into my stash. Oh, you're so tiny and cute!" He squealed, loving on me and kissing me all over. I huffed. He would soooo pay for that comment later. I will show him tiny!

I shoved him back on the couch, poising over him and pinning his wrists to his chest. The hyper brat giggled, his jet black hair falling down in his face. He bit his lip and arched, wiggling and letting out a slutty whimper that made my cock twitch. 'If your brother wasn't in the bathroom...' He shook his hair out of his face and batted those big hazel eyes of his, puckering his damn lips. And fuck, I couldn't help it. I leaned down and attacked those lips with mine, kissing him sloppily and hungrily, tasting the coffee and cigarettes on his breath. I had just slid my hand under his shirt when, good ole Mikey freed my shower.

"Eww, that's inappropriate, you have guests, take that shit to the bedroom."

I raised up and pointed down at Gerard. "He started it."

Mikey raised an eyebrow to me, apathetic look on his face. He shook his head, carrying on his merry way.

I leaned down and kissed Gee again. "I'll get you later."

I moved off him to go to my shower. Smiling as I heard, "Heeeey, Mikey!" And the sound of a "umph!" from the other brother.


Driving them anywhere isn't easier. They piled up in the back, Mikey looking out the window and Gerard's head laying on his younger sibling's shoulder. I mused how adorable that was at the red light as I looked through the rearview mirror into the back.

Till Mikey pushed on my seat. "Light's green, asshole. Go." I did the acceptable thing to do and childishly stuck my tongue out at him in the rearview mirror. Then there was the whole "Oh, my fucking god, Frank! Use the brake! Stop! God, shorty, can't you reach the pedal?" thing that happened.

I had my own hand over my heart. Stupid asshole in the other lane cut me off and we nearly took his fucking side off. "If you can do any better, bean pole, get the fuck up here."

"Hey hey hey, stop that." Gerard scolded, sitting up in the middle kinda to tug both of our hairs. And yes, his bossy highness says stop, we stop. Gerard then returned his head to Mikey's shoulder and the little shit grinned at me in the rearview. Gerard didn't see Mikey's grin or my mumbling under my breath.


I stood behind Gerard in the comic book store as he was bent over, looking at something on the bottom shelf. His hands were on his knees and he was probably unaware that he was swaying his hips. Now Gerard's stage antics had taught me true discipline and stamina. It was because of that discipline that I didn't grab Gerard up and ravish him in public on whatever occasion. Even when I wanted to..


I watched as Gerard's lips wrapped around his straw, his cheeks hollowing as he sucked on his smoothie and his throat contracting as he swallowed. He pulled off and made an 'ah' sound, licking his lips and using his tongue to drag the straw back into his mouth for more. All day I had been plotting ways to punish him for earlier. He must of caught on to my plotting face too because he reached forward across our table and shoved me.

"Hey. I know that look. Stop it right now."

"I'll get you." I said, sitting back and crossing my arms.

"I will be on alert, Frankie." And he went back to his sucking.

I went back to my plotting.

"Cut it out!"

I flinched and blinked. How does he always know?


It was later, at home, bed time. I snuck up to find Gerard standing by the bed and that's when I made my move. Pushing him on over the side of the bed and holding the squirming man down. I yanked the back of his pajama pants down passed his ass.

"Hey, what the fuck are you..Ow!" He cried out as I began smacking his wiggling ass repeatedly with a ping-pong paddle, swatting one cheek at a time and watching them flex and tighten. "Fuck.. ow ow ow stop.. stop.. Frank.." He then growled, whimpering as I smacked him harder. "Ouch, you bastard!"

The pounding on the wall made me stop a moment. "Can you abuse my brother a little more quietly, please? Thank you."

"Mikey!" Gerard gasped. "I'll remember you, you little.." He yelped as I started smacking him again, that upturned rump turning a lovely shade of red. I giggled, hearing the music of Anthrax fill the other room to drown us out.

"Aw, Mikey not gonna save you..?" I teased, running the paddle over his bottom.

Gerard feigned a cute little sniffle. "You're both so mean.."

I swatted him again. "No, you are. And I'm not tiny. You take it back." I swatted him with each word, causing him to blink and wince.

"Okay okay.. m'sorry, you're not tiny.." He bit his lip and I didn't miss that little wry smile that twitched at the corner of his mouth. He bucked back, wiggling against the paddle. "In fact, you're so big, Frankie.." His giggle was cut off by another harsh swat to his hind end and his lips formed into a puckered pout that would have made a monk cum.

Thankfully, I, Frank, am not a monk. I have discipline when it comes to my little pixie. I tossed down the paddle, yanked his pants back up and walked around the side of the bed, tossing back the covers and sitting back against the head board. I took out my comic and intended to finish it.

I saw Gerard raise up out of the corner of my eye and I deliberately smirked. He huffed and flung his hair back, crawling up onto the bed and over to me. "My ass hurts, Ass."

I snorted. "N'aww.. Really?" I licked my fingers and turned the page.

His eyes narrowed and it took everything I had to keep from bursting out in a fit of laughter. He was too cute. Gerard looked around the room and sighed, quiet a moment, but fidgeting so I'd know he was there. I finally felt him nuzzling my shoulder. "You don't wanna kiss it better?"

"Nope. I spanked you for a reason. What would you learn if I kissed it?"

Gerard growled and I did laugh, but kept my eyes on my comic... or Gerard's comic.. whomever's it was, my eyes were on it. He sat back on his butt and I heard a small utterance of pain and felt movement. The next thing I know, Gerard's taking my comic and sitting it aside, pushing me back and straddling my hips. And look at that, his pants have disappeared. I looked down at his half-hard dick as I felt fingers in my short hair.

"What're you doing?" I had to. I have to play with him.

He wiggled that naked ass back against my crotch and I almost choked on that groan. But I have discipline, remember.

"C'mon, Frankie.." He purred, that voice just laced with honey and lust. "My ass reeeeeally hurts."

I grabbed a hold of his hips and pulled him forward, making him grind on my crotch and I knew he could feel me through my sleeping pants 'cause he grinned, moaning deliberately as I moved his hips in circles on my lap.

"I know." I jerked him closer, whispering in his ear and he shuddered. "And if you don't get your pants back on and crawl in bed I'm gonna spank you again with my belt. And this time I will make that little bottom bleed." I knew this wouldn't deter him. I didn't say it to deter him. I know he wouldn't mind. But I shoved him off anyway.

Gerard laid on the bed, one leg up in the air, it bending at the knee. He folded his arms and that was a precious sight, all spread out and half nude and pouting, his cock curving right up against his stomach and smearing precum on the end of his shirt. I could really frustrate him and take pictures. Instead I grabbed my comic back and turned back to my page. Gerard sat up and glared, pushing his hair back.

I groaned as he reached over and groped me, palming me through the thin material of my pants. Okay, I should have been prepared for this dirty under-handed trick. My resolve, I admit, was slipping. Gerard giggled, wiggling his fingers a bit and squeezing me.

"C'mon, Frankie.. you're so big and hard.." He purred, nuzzling his face in my neck and kissing and biting at my throat.

"Your brother is in the next room." I reminded.

"I know. Kinky, huh? You did not seem to mind when you were spanking me."

"I did that to punish you. Not to fuck you."

Gerard pouted again. "You can never spank me without fucking me."

"Therein lies the problem. You never learn a damn thing."

He giggled again, slipping his hand inside my pajama bottoms and curling those long fingers around my now aching dick. "You wouldn't want me to. I think you like when I'm bad..."

Before I could protest that one, his head was in my lap and he was pulling my pants down far enough to set me free and then his mouth was on my cock and fucking damn him.. goodbye, discipline, I knew you well (not really). I tossed the comic back down, it was a lost cause.

Gerard looked up, batting his eyes as he licked up the underside of my cock, lapping at the head, those pretty lips parted and that tongue swirling around the head. He pressed his lips to it in like a kiss, pulling back with a smack. I tugged his hair, urging his mouth back to work, groaning as he let his lips mold around the head, sliding down the shaft as he hollowed his cheeks and made the space tighter around my width.

"Look at you, acting like a whore.. fuck.." I'm surprised I didn't choke on those words. I almost did.

Gerard gave a little huff before closing his eyes and wrapping his fist around the base of my cock as he started to bob his head, his lips sliding up and down to meet his fist.

"Mhm, fuck.." I bit down into my finger as I heard the music stop and glanced in the direction of Mikey's room like I could magically see through the wall. Gerard chose this appropriate moment to deep throat me, gagging himself purposely on my dick and swallowing around me before giving a little whimper. "Oh, damn... shit, Gerard.."

I sighed when music started up again and relaxed against the head board. My relaxation wouldn't last as I let my eyes scan over Gerard. The little harlot raised up to his knees, spreading his legs and reaching under himself to jerk on his dangling cock. I think I've had enough. I grabbed him under his arms and pulled him across my lap. I lifted his shirt tail up and smacked that writhing bottom a couple of harsh times.

"Uhm.. Fr-Frankie.." He panted, arching into my hand as I rubbed over the curve of his ass, dipping fingers between his cheeks and squeezing his flesh. "Please.. been such a bad boy.. m'sorry.. ohhh.. I'll be good.."

"You're a lying hussy." I teased, swatting him again, admiring that flushed pale skin. I dipped my fingers back between his cheeks, massaging his pucker and hearing him wail, bucking back.

"Frank! Dammit! I'm not playing! Cut your shit out!" He literally ended in a whimper and I knew if I laughed consequences later could be dire.

So I just rolled my eyes at his childish fit and reached over to grab the bottle of lube off the nightstand. It took two seconds to pop the lid and squirt some out before rubbing it back over his opening, pushing a bit to test the resistance and loving that moan I got as I shoved two fingers inside, digging them around deep.

"God.. please.. finger me, baby.. open me up.. ahhhhhmmm'fuck.."

He grabbed his hair, shifting his legs apart as I crooked my fingers, rubbing them against his walls before scissoring them apart and fucking them in and out. I made absolute sure to brush his prostate a little more on each thrust inside just to make him flush and holler. Those little "oh oh"s and "ah ah ah ah"s of his on stage were nothing compared to the sounds he made in the bedroom.

"Shit.. harder.. ah, fuck.. right there.. so good.. fuck.. Frankie.." And his voice was so stressed and pitiful.

I pulled my fingers out and swatted him again. He raised up and turned over to his back, scooting up and wiggling around to get comfortable as I discarded my shirt and pants. His shirt was launched at my head and I caught it and threw it down, glaring at him and receiving a sweet little giggle. I crawled up between his splayed legs, laying kisses up his neck and on his face as I took hold of myself, stroking my cock and lining up with his slicked entrance. I captured his lips, swallowing his moans as I entered him, stretching his insides and feeling his nails scratch across my shoulders and down my arms. I told him I'd show his little ass 'tiny'.

Gerard pulled back, panting and arching his hips. "Fuck.. move.. fuck me.. move.."

And I didn't bother messing with him, just pulled back out, shoving back in and shifting my hips before starting a steady pace.

"Harder.. yes.. so fucking good.."

I licked at his lips. "Like that, Gee...? Pounding into you.. fucking beautiful.. uhm, fuck.."

The pounding on the wall startled me. "Keep it down, dammit. God why do I stay here?"

"So you can whack off to me fucking your brother!" I giggled and leaned down to suck on Gerard's neck, making him squeal. I swear I would love to see the look on Mikey's face right now.. but that would be awkward. Instead the music started back up.

"Fuck! Ahhm.. Fuck me fuck me.. oh, yes.. Frank, shit.. Ooooh'uhm.."

His legs wrapped around me, pulling me deeper, the heel of his foot digging into me. I groaned, kissing him hard and sucking bruises on those lips. His nails scratched up my back and I reached between us to take hold of his cock, fisting him roughly. I buried my face in his neck, breathing him in as I plunged in and out of that tight hott little hole.

"Fuuuuck.. god.. like that.. right like that.. ah ah ah.. shit.. Frank!" His legs uncoiled and I raised up to look at him as he came. And he came hard, trembling, back arched off the bed and muttering little crumbled up curses, half words and incoherent utterances. His face was squinted up and his teeth sunk into his bottom lip, his head tilted back, exposing that neck.

"Fuck, Gerard.." And my lips went back to that neck, my hands gripping at the sheets on either side of him, fucking him through our mattress and feeling his walls tighten and relax around my dick. I came with a curse and a grunt, biting at his neck and feeling his fingers run lightly up and down my spine.

I just laid there a moment, holding him. This was a favorite part, just relaxing in the sweet after-glow of sex. After finally moving to clean us up and crawl underneath the covers- Mikey's music turned off since it was safe to sleep- I lay there watching him sleep for a moment. My best friend, my mate, my lover and an amazing person. My Gerard.

I stroked his hair back and kissed his cheek before curling upside him and holding him close. I let a grin slowly creep up on my lips in thinking about how I would get him back. Just because I loved him to the ends of the world didn't mean I didn't love messing with him.


A few days had passed, Mikey wasn't staying with us this night. I held the belt in my hand, creeping up behind Gerard as he stood near the couch. With fast cat-like reflexes I grabbed him and bent him over the arm, holding him down.

"Hey! What the fuck, Frank? Dammit!" He hollered as I drew the belt back, striking him hard against his jean covered bottom again and again. He struggled, fighting and cursing me. "Ow, fuck.. fuck you.. ow, stop.. bitch.." He whimpered, his hips arching forward with every stinging blow and his fingers clawing at the couch cushions.

I laughed, striping that squirming ass as hard as I could. He was going to be mad at what I did next because his whines turned to purrs and he was arching and flushed. Yeah, he was used to me fucking him after a spanking and it always in sexy fun and never serious and I never did it with an intent to hurt him, just rile him up and taunt him. But this time would be different. This time I intended to teach the little cunt a lesson. I tossed the belt down and he panted heatedly, black hair hanging down in his blushed face in strands and a light sweat on his skin. His eyes darted around, glazed over and he waited, licking his lips. This was going to be so fucking hard.

I had my keys in my hand and darted for the door, pulling it closed before he could raise up and yell my name. I was out to the car, unlocking it with the button and getting inside to lock it back as he ran outside, pounding on the door and smacking the window and pulling on the handle. "Frankie! You bitch! Get back in here and finish your job! Frank! Goddammit! You'll pay for this!"

I laughed at him harder, waving at him and mouthing "bye-bye" before pulling out, leaving my flushing boyfriend to stomp his foot and scream at me. I watched him wrap his arms around himself and pout, that hair being tousled by the wind and I almost went back.. especially when the thought of how red and sore that ass must be entered my mind. But I drove down the street anyway, on my way to the coffee shop to let Gerard cool down. Might even do some shopping and buy him something nice to take the sting off how bad coming home would be. He was going to be so pissed. I giggled and shook my head. Eh, he'd get over it.. and find a way to get me back.

I think the brother's competing over coffee thing just inspired by all the fanart I see where they seem overly coffee addicted. It's frank looking at it in such sarcasm. I'm guessing Frank would be less cranky & would be hyper too if they let him have his share of coffee :P I didn't want it to seem like Frank & Mikey hated each other. I think they came off as a bit cranky & catty. Yeah, I have that habit of writing characters that way. Sorry. This one went every which way. It started out one way & ended up with Gerard getting spankings. Eh, big deal, they're kinky. Mikey wasn't concerned b/c he knows Frank would never hurt his brother, they were just playing. The discipline was all Frank's, cuz spanking Gerard just riles him up.