Summary: They don't eat out if they can help it. Written for comment fic at LJ.

Dinner with the Leverage Family

They don't eat out if they can help it.

Not that they don't like eating in restaurants. "Family" dinners out are fine. They're usually pretty great, fun, all that jazz.

If they can only decide on where to eat before they starve to death.

Hardison is the least choosy of the five of them. Micky D's, Olive Garden, Chinese, Mexican, whatever. Food's food, man. As long as they have orange soda. But if they don't, he's cool with that. He'll smuggle in his own drink.

Parker likes Chinese. For the fortune cookies. But she'll eat anything as long as it doesn't wiggle and doesn't have tentacles and didn't talk at one point.

Nate doesn't like fast food chains geared towards children. He turns green whenever he passes by Ronald McDonald and Wendy. He's fine eating anywhere else, though, and McDonald's is okay if it's take-out. He only asks that there isn't any cheese in his burger - He's lactose intolerant.

Sophie's a little pickier. The establishments she frequents are classier, and more often than not, the menus don't have prices on them. There's a wine list, and a special wine list. Music, candles, ambience, and of course, clean tablecloths. That's all.

Eliot's the problem.

"Did you see the kitchen in that place? Disgusting."

"He's using the wrong kind of knife to slice that lamb. Calls himself a chef."

"That guy skimps on the red wine in his boeuf Bourguignon."

"Too small. The door's in the wrong place. Bad feng shui."

"Too big. I don't like it when there are that many exits to watch. Can't enjoy the food if you're too distracted."

In the end, Eliot usually ends up herding them back to Nate's and cooking for them.

Everyone's much happier that way anyway. They actually get to eat, for starters.