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Narcissa clutched at Severus's shoulders as he deepened the kiss. He angled her head and nipped at her full lower lip. She moaned, and the sound went straight to Severus's groin. He pushed the woman against the closed door, wrapping her legs around his waist. Narcissa obliged, and pulled him closer to her by cradling his neck. One of his hands was pushed against the door, whilst the other fumbled with the buttons on her blouse. The buttons refused to give, so Severus used his wand like a knife. The shirt and her bra sliced in two pieces.

Severus pushed his lover up higher, his face level with her plump breasts. He eyed them greedily, then lowered his head to feast. His lips nibbled upon one beading nipple, then crossed to the other. He bit, he laved, he suckled and he groped. Narcissa was arching her breasts towards him, her small delicate hands grabbing his black locks, gasping her pleasure.

"Ohh!... Severus!…. I need you, Severus… I need you now!" she panted out.

Not stopping his breast examination, Severus unbuttoned his trousers and pulled his member out of his trunks. His fingers slid up her thigh and under her skirt, seeking her underwear. They encountered a soaking wet g-string, and they ripped the flimsy garment away.

His fingers resumed their previous place, and then started to delve into her womanhood. Both of them moaned in pleasure as Narcissa's slick folds cradled Severus's fingers. He pumped them slowly, letting her adjust to the intrusion. Once he had her groaning and grinding herself upon his hand, Severus removed his fingers, slid her down, and impaled his woman on his engorged manhood.

Narcissa's eyes rolled into the back of her head, the feel of this man in her so exquisite, so wonderful. Severus pushed her harder against the door, thrusting and grinding into her as his panting breath touched her neck.

"Twenty years, Narcissa," he rasped out. "I've dreamed of this very moment for twenty years. The feel of your body pressed against mine, the smell of your desire…" Severus placed his lips to her ear. "… The scorching heat of your vagina, and the way it weeps angel's tears when I caress it with my hand and with my erection." Narcissa shuddered wantonly. Severus picked up the pace, thrusting even harder into her.

"I've waited twenty years to feel your orgasm wrap itself around my cock, sucking it dry!"

And with those words, Narcissa screamed out her orgasm, her walls quickly clenching his rigid member. Her wave of pleasure caught him up, and tossed him into his own release. Chanting his woman's name, he spurted his seed into her over and over again.

Narcissa collapsed against the wall, feeling utterly boneless and blessed out. Severus rested his forehead against hers, cradling her in his arms.

"Come home with me tonight," she whispered to him. He nodded his acceptance, and she Apparated them both to her bed at Blackstone Manor.