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Puck tries to convince Quinn to let him be involved in the baby's life and gets support from the last person he would ever think.

Puck was beginning to feel desperate. He'd tried everything to prove that he would be a good dad for his baby, but Quinn was steadfast in her decision to not let him have anything to do with it. Puck wouldn't tell anyone, but he'd even brought, yes – brought, books on parenthood and had been studying up. He'd contacted his relatives to dig out any baby furniture and clothes that they would be willing to part with for her.

Hell, he'd even got his own mother to come around and is now anxiously awaiting her grand-daughter. Granted, she's not thrilled at becoming a grandmother so early, but she is there, waiting patiently for the time she gets to hold her and bring her home. His mother and his sister had even swapped Pucks and his mother's room, so he would have more room for the crib etc.

But Puck hadn't been able to bring himself to tell his mother that Quinn is refusing to let him have anything to do with the child. He can't bear to be the reason for another heart break for his mother. Instead, he deflects questions, not really having it in him to lie to her either.

But anybody who pays attention can see that there is something troubling the boy. His eyes are circled with dark bags, proof that he is not sleeping well. There is a slight haunch to his shoulders, as though all the weight of the world is there like Charles Atlas. The truly awful thing though, is the terrified look in his eyes, fast losing the fierce determination and cockiness one would usually find there. It really is no surprise that the boy is quick to lash out at anyone who provokes him, rather like a lion trapped in a cage and seeing the defeat in those eyes that no one truly cares.

If he had been able to pull his eyes up from the floor, a place they had been accustomed to, he would have seen that there was someone watching. Concern and sympathy showing in those eyes that where usually cold as ice directed at him. But Puck couldn't, he couldn't bear holding his head up and seeing the knowledge of rejection in everyone's eyes, where everyone would side with Quinn in thinking he was nothing but a deadbeat Lima Loser. Hell, most would probably think he deserved this after all the hell he'd put them through. Who knows, maybe they're right.

Puck gave a deep sigh as he closed his locker, running his hand over his hair, lamenting the loss of the 'hawk. He'd told everyone the freckle story, but in reality, he'd shaved it himself, a father must be responsible and he'd hoped that by shaving the 'hawk, people would start to look at him like he was a responsible member of society. He'd even stopped his 'pool cleaning' business the moment he'd found out Quinn was pregnant. No child of his would come into this world with a whore for a father. He'd ignored advances from everyone, apart from a brief stint of 'dating' Mercedes for a few days. But they'd never even kissed properly.

But, so far, it had all been for nothing, everyone still treated him as the same delinquent who has no feelings, and Quinn won't even let him go to the doctor's appointments. She'd never even let him see a recording of a sonagram. Puck was furious at her for keeping him out of the pregnancy, he should have been the one to do midnight ice-cream and pickle runs, he should have been the one to hold her hair back when she had morning sickness. The only thing he got to be there for her was when she bitched and complained at him for doing all that to her. But he missed all of it, and worst of all, Quinn didn't even care, it felt as though she was secretly pleased to be able to withhold this from him when he wanted it so desperately as payback for what he'd caused her to lose.

But time is running out. Quinn is due in about 6 weeks, and he knows, he read all the books after all, that she could pop within a couple of weeks. So yes, Puck was feeling desperate, it's not that he didn't feel bad for putting stress on Quinn and the baby, but he needs to. He can't wait until the baby is born, by then it will be too late, Quinn will have signed her over to complete strangers, and Puck will never get to see her ever.

With a fresh bout of determination, Puck made his way to Glee Club. He had to get Quinn to change her mind, he just had to, his entire life would be over if she didn't. Puck couldn't see how he would survive. He had a plan, he just hoped it worked. He entered the room after everyone else was already there, Quinn was sitting up front in her Gaga outfit.

"Mr Schue, I have something I need to say to Quinn, and I want everyone to hear it."

"Go for it Puck" Schue clapped him on the shoulder and went to sit down.

"Quinn, I know you don't want to keep the baby – but before you do anything, will you just listen to this song? Please?"

Without waiting for a response, Puck grabbed his guitar and sat down on a stool in front of the club. Strumming the melody, Puck continued to look at the floor as he started singing Beth. By the time of the second verse, Puck had looked up and locked eyes with Quinn, he felt a twinge of hope as he saw the tears pooling in her eyes.

When the song finished, Puck put down the guitar and approached Quinn, before anyone had a chance to react to the song, Puck spoke –

"I know you said you don't want to keep her, but I hope you will consider naming her Beth, I-I'd really like to meet her Quinn, I – I just need a chance to be involved, please" Puck begged.

Puck watched as Quinn battered the enormous pink eyelashes in a fight to keep tears from spilling over. Puck dared to hope that maybe, just maybe, he had convinced her. At least until he felt the sharp smack of her hand against his cheek. Blinking back tears of shock, Puck stared down at Quinn, who had stood up and was now shaking with rage before him.

"How dare you? How dare you embarrass me like that? How dare you be so insensitive? How dare you have the audacity to ask me to name this child that you saddled me with? You know I'm not keeping it! You know that I don't want it! You already ruined my life and now you embarrass me by reminding me of the worst mistake ever in front of my friends?"

Quinn was practically screaming now, her hands clenching and un-clenching, just itching to slap him again. Puck stared around the room in hopes of some support. He realised he should have known better. Everyone was looking at him, but none with pity or support. He saw Santana's smug smirk at him getting called out by Quinn. He's saw Finn's righteous smirk too, at least he had a right thought Puck. Everyone else was looking at him appalled, clearly on Quinn's side of the argument. Even Mr Schue was looking at him as though he was embarrassed for him Puck thought dejectedly. The only person who looked even angrier than Quinn at this moment was Kurt… but it seemed that his anger was directed towards Quinn.

Kurt couldn't believe his ears, of all the meanest things that a person could ever do or say, he never thought that Quinn would stoop this low. Kurt was seething, he'd watched over the last 7 months. He'd watched Puck try to step up and be a man about the situation, only to be rejected each and every time. He'd watched Quinn lie to everyone. He'd watched her trying to extort money out of Finn on the pretext that it was his baby. Hell, she'd even moved into his home and had Finn's mother care for her! When the truth came out, she got very little back lash from it… it was still poor Quinn. What about Puck? This was happening to him too! He took her into his home, provided for her in every way possible. Rumour has it that he sold his X-box and his electric guitar just to give her money for the doctor bills.

Looking around the room, Kurt was appalled by the expressions on his fellow Glee Clubbers faces. How could they be so unforgiving? It takes two to make a baby, and hello – two wine coolers is not enough to impair any one's judgement that much thought Kurt with a glare at Quinn's back. The final straw though, was the look of utter dejection on Puck's face, the hurt and acceptance in his eyes that he really expected this. Kurt had had enough.

"You bitch." He said lowly, low enough that it sounded louder than all the screaming that Quinn was doing.

Ignoring the looks of shock on everyone's face, Kurt continued.

"How dare you? How dare you say all those things to him? You both made a mistake in the beginning, but you, you little Prom-Queen-Wannbe-Barbie, you are the one who is a selfish bitch!"

"Kurt! That's en-"

"No Mr Schue! That is most definitely NOT enough! You should have stopped this a long time ago. It's too late now. This needs to be said."

Kurt stood up and strode to the front of the room, putting himself between Quinn and Puck. Looking around at the shock on everyone's faces only fuelled Kurt's anger.

"The only person you should all be looking at with such shock, is yourselves! Yes, they made a mistake by sleeping together. But you all seem to forget, that it was Quinn who cheated on her boyfriend, not Noah. It was Quinn who lied to all of us, especially Finn about the real parentage. Not Noah! It was Quinn who made you feel like shit Finn and made you try to provide for a baby that wasn't yours. Not Noah! "

Kurt was pleased to see that a few, Artie, Tina, Mike and Matt at least had the decency to look slightly ashamed of themselves. Turning to look at Finn, Kurt continued –

"And yes, Finn did deserve our sympathy for a bit. His girlfriend cheated on him, with his best friend. That alone would have to hurt. Then Quinn turned his whole world upside down, making him believe that the baby was his. That, was all Quinn's doing. But seriously Finn, how stupid do you have to be to believe the pathetic lie she fed you?"

At this, there were a few quiet sniggers from the rest of the Glee Club, and Finn looked torn between being grateful of the support and embarrassed by his own stupidity. Suffice to say, he still just looked confused. Kurt than turned to Mr Schue, who actually flinched momentarily before remembering that he was supposed to be the authority figure. Kurt felt a sense of pleasure rush through him, finally with the chance and enough anger to finally fill the clueless teacher in.

"I'm highly disappointed in you Mr Schue, you are supposed to be here for all of us. You tell us that Glee Club is a place where we can be ourselves without fear of rejection. How often has Noah had that luxury in the past few months?"

Here Kurt flicked his gaze back to Puck, who was standing there giving a fantastic impression of a fish out of water.

"You have been so supportive of Finn through this whole mess. Telling him you 'get it', because, let's face it, we all know you do after what that ex-wife of yours did to you. But what have you done for Noah? If you thought it was hard to lose a baby you thought was going to be yours, it would have to be a thousand times worse for Noah. It is his baby, it is his flesh and blood. And he's not just losing it. It is being ripped away from him. He's not even being given the chance to love it. I know you are probably the most oblivious teacher in the entire school, but I'd hoped that even you could have picked up on this having gone through something similar yourself."

Kurt shook his head and turned his back on the teacher. Mr Schue was opening and closing his mouth, trying to find words to defend himself when he realised, with great shame, that there were none. He'd failed his student.

Kurt didn't have time or the energy to waste comforting his teacher, he looked back out over the rest of the club.

"I'm so disappointed in all of you. Especially you Mercedes, I thought I knew you. I thought that you would have shown some level of compassion. I know you took in Quinn, but why? Why couldn't she stay at Noah's? How was she treated so horribly that she just had to get out? Oh, that's right. She couldn't eat bacon in the house. Oh dear, bring down the four horseman of the apocalypse! How dare they deprive little Quinnie of her right to eat bacon… In a Jewish house." Kurt added with a sneer for Quinn.

"How dare they not respect her enough to change their traditions and beliefs in their own home." Kurt let that sink in for a pause and glanced around the rest of them.

"Oh, sorry me… That wasn't all was it? No, Noah bothered her with his constant talk of his favourite video game. It's not like none of you guys have a favourite game is it… It's not like none of the other guys have ever bored you to death with talks of said game is it?" Kurt spoke looking between the guys and girls.

"Why couldn't Quinn just send him to his room to play said game? Oh! That's right… He sold not only the game, but entire games console. I can see all you guys looking shocked… Why would he do that you're asking yourself? Because he needed the money to give to Quinn for his baby. Yes, those actions are truly the work of a self-centred pig of a man. So no Mercedes, I don't applaud you for taking in Quinn. I see you as yet another enabler for this selfish little girl." Kurt glared at his so-called best friend.

Mercedes looked absolutely horrified and hurt at the same time. Horrified at the way Kurt was speaking to everyone, hurt at the way he spoke to her. But he could also see recognition in her eyes. Recognition of the truth and with that, Mercedes dropped her head to the floor in utter shame.

Finally turning back to Quinn, who throughout this entire spiel had been glaring murderous daggers at the back of Kurt's head, Kurt watched Quinn open her mouth.

"No, no Quinnie, it's still my turn to speak. You have had plenty of time for the last 8 months and have done quite a lot of talking already haven't you."

Quinn snapped her mouth shut with an audible click and looked ready to blow smoke out of her nose.

"So let me re-iterate for you… You have absolutely NO right to speak to Noah the way that you just did. You have even less right to say the things you said. Just because your precious mother didn't care enough about you to stop your father from kicking your lying cheating arse to the kerb, because he didn't want you, you have absolutely no right to stop that baby girl from knowing that her father wanted her."

Kurt paused for a breath, but before he could continue, there was a whoop from Brittany –

"You go baby-hands Gay!"

Sparing a brief smile for the usually clueless blonde, Kurt turned back to Quinn and continued.

"Now here are a few little fun-facts for you Quinnie. You can't stop Noah from being involved in that child's life. You can't sign that child over for adoption without his signature too. Even if you try and deny he is the father, a paternity test will prove otherwise, and if there is an ongoing paternity case, adoption can't be completed until it's finalised, because again, if proven he is the father, he needs to sign the papers too. If you really want to kick up a fuss about it, Noah can take you to court for custody rights, which he will win once the judge hears all about your lying and cheating exploits. The case will make a hit with the media too and then, you will be legally enforced to pay child support."

Kurt let those words sink in a bit before continuing. He could see the worry warring with her stubbornness spread across her face. A quick glance showed him that Noah couldn't have looked more floored even if a steam-roller backed over him a few times. But he could also see the faint glimmer of hope in his eyes. Kurt vowed then and there, that he would make sure Noah got his daughter, even if it was the last thing he ever did. Turning back to Quinn, Kurt drew on the last of his anger to finish to get it all out.

"Now the decision is yours. You can either be prepared for a fight that I will ensure happens. Or, you could give Noah the chance that he not only deserves but has been begging for. I can't guarantee that he will be fine – but who can say that about any new parent? But he at least deserves the chance! If it turns out that he can't, then he can explore other options. But you don't get to decide that for him. You don't want the chance yourself? Fine. But give him his."

Kurt turned to look at the room at large. Mr Schue and Mercedes both had their heads hanging in shame still, the rest of the room was still divided. Some, like Brittany, were openly nodding to him. Others, like Santana were looking angry still, but Kurt decided that was still just because Puck had turned her down. The rest were a mix of in between.

"I'm ashamed and disappointed in all of you, and you should be too." Turning back to Quinn with an ugly sneer and hate in his eyes he spat "But I am disgusted by you."

Snatching up his bag Kurt turned and found himself with an armful of Brittany "That was so hot!" She gave him a kiss on the cheek and a quick grope of his arse and then gave Puck a big hug.

Stalking to the door, Kurt looked over his should and flung out –

"If anyone in this room should have reason to hate Noah or feel the need to be vindictive, I should. I guess I'm just better than you" and with that, Kurt stalked out the door in a storm off that made Rachel jealous.

The room was utterly silent for a few seconds until –

"Can I play with the baby Puck?"

Puck blinked for what the felt like the first time since Quinn slapped him and looked at Brittany.

"Course you can Britt!" Giving her a kiss on her cheek and grinning, Puck turned and fled from the room.

Racing down the hall, Puck turned the corner and spotted Kurt walking towards the doors to the parking lot.

"Kurt, hey, Kurt wait!"

Kurt turned slowly and saw Puck running towards him. Feeling apprehensive and realising that he probably over stepped about a hundred lines, Kurt opened his mouth to apologise.

"Puck, look, I'm sor-" Kurt started to say, but found his air supply crushed from his body from the force of the hug as Puck tackled him.

Standing in shock for a few seconds, Kurt tentatively hugged back and waited for the rejection. Instead, he felt Puck hug him tighter. Relishing in the feel of a hug from another guy who wasn't his father for the first time, Kurt had to ask –

"This isn't going to end with me in the dumpster is it?"

Puck chuckled and stepped out of the hug. Keeping his hands on Kurt's shoulders he looked him in the eye. "No man… never, ever again."

Pulling him back into another bone crushing hug, Puck whispered "Thank you. Thank you so much."

Hugging back, Kurt replied "You're welcome, I'm just sorry I didn't do it sooner." Pulling away from the hug he looked into Puck's eyes and added "But damn if that didn't feel good!"

Puck laughed "You truly are a bigger badass than me Hummel!"

Grinning Kurt quipped "You only just realised this?"

"Listen, I wanted know if, I mean, I just… Did you want to come over to dinner at my place tonight?" Puck asked sheepishly.

"You know you're not my type right?" Kurt responded cheekily.

Puck merely laughed and threw his arm around Kurt's shoulders as they walked out the building. "Ah, you broke my heart!" laughed Puck.

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