I am pretty sure this pairing is a first, I just think they would be sweet together. I'm thinking of making this a series of short one-shots, any takers?
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Olivia's P.O.V.

I looked up from my desk, noticing someone standing at the entance to the bullpen. A man, mid thirties stood in the middle of the steady stream of rape and abuse victims. Calm and colected I made him for a cop instantly; but there was something about him, a gentleness that cops never had. He must be a specialist in some field then, an M.E. or a Fed.

I walked up to him, my curiosity piqued. He had looked short from afar, surrounded by 6ft 5" cops and criminals. Up close however, I realised he was in fact taller than me, 5ft 9" perhaps? He had black hair swept neatly back from his face. Oh his face made my breath catch. Not ruggedly handsome or hot yet overwhelming in the kindness radiating from every part of him. From his dimpled cheeks and full lips pursed in a quiet smile, to his dark, gentle eyes that twinkled with such compassion and strength that you couldn't help like him on sight.

For the first time that day I felt happy, comforted by the feeling of warm sunlight, hot cocoa and ocean shores that enveloped me. I smiled as I closed in on him.
' so what is a Fed doing here?' I asked, no malice in my voice, honestly curious for once.

' Is it that obvious?" he laughed happily, ' my name is Huang, Dr. George Huang, FBI behavioral analyst "on loan" to help you out with your alleged Paranoid Schizophrenic'

' Fantastic! We are kind of out of our depth trying to diagnose him. You're welcome to anything you need: overtaxed workers, slow computers and best of all, our terrible coffee. Where would you like to start?" I was grinning as I led him into the hart of our precinct.
' Thank you, I think I'll start with his case file if that is okay with you.'

I guided him to my desk, as I rummaged through the organized I spoke over my shoulder.
' My name is Olivia by the way, Detective Olivia Benson.'

And that is how it started.

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