AN: These are a series of drabbles I wrote for the Klaine_Games Scavenger Hunt in September. There are seven (I think), and maybe I'll keep adding over time, if the mood strikes. Feedback is lovely! I love criticism as well, because I always aim to improve!

Just A Little More (Category : Wet Dream)

There's something wrong with the air, Blaine realizes. Or maybe his eyes. Everything seems watery, distilled. He sort of recognizes his room at home, but everything is out of focus; colors running, familiar edges and shapes blurring. It's soft, comfortable in it's beauty. So pretty.

Blaine smells him first, the complicated tangle of shampoo and hairspray, moisturizers and aftershave. So many products, so much, too much for his exposed senses.

"Kurt" It's benediction, this whisper. Kurt is so close, hovering over Blaine, his bluegrey eyes bright, too bright in the muted shifting waterroom.

"Kurt." It's imploring. The heat from Kurt's body is thick on his skin, he's naked and glowing, the shimmering want burning from inside, cracking through his muscles and cells and he wants.

"Kurt." It's desperation, a helpless mess of lust and he's coming untangled under the careful weight of Kurt's fingers everywhere, Kurt's lips, whisper soft on him and god he wants more, he needs just a little more, so much more.

"Kurt" It's wracking his body, he wakes with Kurt's name on his lips, still electric and pulsing against his sheets, the ghosts of his best friends fingers still full on his skin.