A Laugh Like That (Category: Laughter)

The first thing he noticed when he pulled into the driveway was the red Toyota blocking the garage door. Blaine's red Toyota to be precise. On his driveway at 4pm in the afternoon when Kurt knew full well that the house would be empty. Well, would usually be empty: Carole and he would still be working and Finn had late football practice three days a week.

Unfortunately for his son, Burt had decided to come home early due to a cold that was kicking his ass. He'd hoped to come home and find Kurt working on dinner, or his homework; instead he was going to have to go a round with his stubborn son. Burt had to roll his eyes. Kurt could be high strung, and he really didn't want to have to go a round with him. Hell, he'd been a teenager once, and as such he realized that his sons were going to sneak around and break the rules. And the truth was that he worried, often, about Kurt and Blaine, their safety. If Finn wanted to go parking with one of his girlfriends, the worst that might happen is the embarrassment of getting caught. But this was Ohio, small town Ohio. These sorts of things were just inherently more dangerous for kids like Kurt.

So, yeah he understood, intellectually, that Kurt might be sneaking around with his boyfriend. That didn't mean that he wanted to really know about it, much less catch him at it. Christ this was his kid. He'd changed his diapers. Burt sighed, flipping through his keys for his house key, since he couldn't get in through the garage. He kind of wished Kurt was better at sneaking around, so he wouldn't have to do this.

When he opened the door, he expected to find a mostly silent house; he assumed Kurt would be upstairs in his room with Blaine. Which is why he was so surprised by the sound of Kurt's laughter, loud and rolling. For a moment he just listened. Kurt hadn't laughed like that in…Burt frowned a little. He wasn't quite sure when he last heard his son laughing like that. Following the sound, he went toward the family room, where Kurt was still laughing, arms wrapped around his stomach while Blaine continued talking, hands moving wildly in the air.

Now, normally when his kid had his arms around his stomach, something was up. It was a sort of "hands off" warning Burt had seen often enough. This was different though. Kurt was laughing so hard he was doubled over, taking gasping breaths between bouts. He was already calming down, reaching over to brush his fingers against Blaine's shoulder, still listening to his boyfriends story; something about a brownie and some birds and stiletto heels. Burt wasn't listening, really, instead standing just outside the doorway, eyes only for his son. Kurt was flushed with laughter, face splitting open with a smile. His whole body was relaxed, there was something easy and open about the way he was sitting, the way he casually touched Blaine.

Quietly, Burt backed away, leaving the boys to their story. He wanted, suddenly quite a bit, to stride back in there, take Blaine up and just hug him. Thank him, hell, he was a heartbeat away from buying the kid a new car, anything to repay this; this heart-full and just right feeling of hearing his son laugh like that.